How do I transfer video from disc to disc: practical tips

Today, the Internet can find a lot of videos.For a video, we even shoot yourself to leave a memory.Of course, in our time it is very convenient to watch movies and videos online or just play videos stored on your computer, but sometimes you want to save it in a collection of movies, and revise them again and again.Also, it is sometimes necessary to make several copies of the film, because of what people increasingly began to wonder about how to copy video from disc to disc.

What use discs

to rewrite the video onto a disc, you can use absolutely any discs.There are disc formats CD / DVD / Blu-ray.Each format is different amount of capacity information.For example, a CD just 700 MB of memory, and DVD - 4,5 GB.

also can not forget about the video format, it may have a size as 700 MB and 4.5 GB.The difference - in the quality and volume of the video.But for purposes such as to transfer video to a disc, it is best to use disks with large volume, since there is a possibility that you just might not be enough space for recording on the disc, which is why it will be irretrievably damaged.Therefore, before proceeding with any action or need to take care of choosing the disc.

how to copy the video onto a disc

Though modern world has almost forgotten about the media such as tape or diskette, and immerse themselves in the news industry, there are still people who do not know all the basics of using CDs and digital technologies.Before wondering about how to copy video from disk to disk, you need to learn how to initially movies and other videos to get these same disk storage.

In fact, everything is very simple.This procedure can make virtually any user personal computer to writing drive.To do this, you need to install special software that helps to burn the disc (for example, Nero), insert the disk, select the required files and click the appropriate button in the program "Burn."

how to copy video from disc to disc

To transfer video from one drive to another, you will need: a blank disc, the disc media with recorded movies and programs.To begin, insert the media with the film / roller in the drive, select the file, click on the right mouse button, select "Copy" and click on it already left mouse button.

Now your video is in the clipboard, and in order to save it, select the folder, located not in the disc medium, and the computer.Press the key combination Ctrl + V, and your movie is copied and saved in the selected folder.

Then you can remove the disk file and insert clean.If you have not figured out how to copy video from disk to disk, read on.First, you need to save all the movies and other videos to the computer, and then you can have them recorded on another disc, in which case you do not require additional devices and expensive equipment.So, after you have inserted into the drive has a new, blank media, select and drag all necessary video in the window of the disc and click "Burn."But experienced computer users are recommended to use to burn discs specifically designed for this program, such as Nero.Of course, there are many others, but this program is quite simple and straightforward, even for inexperienced users.


Unfortunately, it happens that a player simply refuses to read a disc movie.This may be due to many reasons such as: CD / DVD media is broken or badly written during the session;or the player simply does not support the file format, and thus can not play it.To do this, you need to have a special converter to transfer the file to the desired format and choose the desired resolution.For example, Movavi.Opening the program, we press "Add video" and select the file you want to convert.The next step is to choose the format in which we want to translate the file.By doing this, we press the "Start" - after a few minutes of the film / video will be translated into the desired format.

now format conversion and recording video to disc will no longer give you work, and you can enjoy your favorite movie is not just sitting in front of a computer monitor, but lying on the couch or bed watching television after inserted a disc into the DVD video player.