5 real therapeutic techniques more similar to malicious jokes

Sometimes, medical methods take a very bizarre forms.

1. Cancer Treatment herpes

Usually doctors apply the principle of "divide and rule" in the fight against disease.Tell your doctor that you have food poisoning and pneumonia, you rarely hear in response: "Excellent!Let izvedut each other! "However, one of the London hospitals found that the herpes virus in alliance with chemotherapy and radiation therapy to destroy cancer cells in 93 percent of patients with head and neck cancer (some" chemistry "used the doctors themselves to think ofto such a method - history is silent).Yes, obviously, some of the disease begin to quarrel, not dividing among themselves any authority or body.Come to mind street gangs fighting for control of their areas.

During the experiment, the genetically modified herpes virus administered to cancer cells while destroying mutant herpes cancer within.The modified virus does not harm healthy cells, but announced to the presence of cancer of the immune system, which immediately resulted in the protective body on full alert.Since then, the fate of cancer would not envy the Germans at Stalingrad.

The researchers emphasize that the best effect allows early treatment, however, of the 17 test patients relapse was observed in only two experienced the healing power of super-virus.Although the experiment involves only patients with head and neck cancer (including cancer of the mouth and throat), scientists believe that over time, be able to fight herpes with any type of cancer.Currently, a technique practiced on skin cancer and even breast cancer, so that soon the "Guinness Book of Records", likely added to the new maximum length vomiting jet medical worker.

2. Eliminating depression by magnetic brain irradiation

Suppose you are applying to a medical professional that he has helped you to cope with a deep depression that turns your life into a continuous series of defeats and humiliations in the past few weeks / months / years.Do you expect that you will be referred to a therapist or propishut tablets, but can - and then, and more.But the words "healthy yadrena magnets" on the recipe would certainly new.

At the same time, the magnets the size of a child's head brontosaurus are very effective means against bipolar depression.It turned out that the electromagnetic fields generated by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), are able to positively influence the condition of the patient, maintaining normal good spirits for several days.Scientists have figured out that during the study of bipolar disorder, conducted at Harvard, using MRI when patients visited the impenetrable darkness of the hollow capsules alone (medical term), improved psychological state, even though they have not taken any drugs.

Periods improvements were observed for hours, days and in some cases - even several weeks after the MRI.It was a complete surprise to scientists.The study in no way does not imply any kind was curative effect - MRI was performed to obtain images of the brain of people with bipolar disorder, but patients suddenly for no apparent reason began to start squatting, barely leaving the scanner.

To ensure the reliability of results, it was immediately organized a further study.Patients suffering from depression are exposed to these scanners and dummies, publish identical noise, but without the formation of an electromagnetic field.Those who have been in this tomograph, report feeling better twice as likely visitors buzzing capsule deception.

Now scientists should give a comprehensive explanation of this phenomenon.It is believed that the cause of many diseases is brain neurons asinhronizantsiya thus according to the most widespread theories, electromagnetic field synchronizes the imager at the time of neurons problem, acting as an antidepressant.

Maybe someone this hypothesis may seem superficial nonsense mad scientist, but the Office of the United States to oversee the Food and Drug Administration approved the use of intracranial magnetic stimulation for the treatment of depression in case of failure of medical methods.For curative treatments used devices with magnets (as in the imaging, only more powerful) directing polarized electromagnetic waves through your skull to the feeling of joy.You can attach the magnet to her forehead promo now, because science has once again proved that there is nothing wrong with the application of new techniques, even if no one really understood how they work.

3. Using children's foreskin for the treatment of skin ulcers

study recently spent scientists from the University of Miami, showed the high efficiency of the new "skin spray" against leg ulcers.The spray contains a solution for protein folding, mixed with cells of the foreskin of infants.Let us explain."Ulcer" - an open wound, which is an open door for any infections, and "the foreskin baby" - a small leather hood over the head of the penis newborn.Thus, the "spray infant members on bleeding feet," that's what was going on.Read on.

Cells used in a spray can, as normally found in skin and connective tissue, but our method deserves mentioning because tissue samples were taken for cultivation because of neonatal foreskin.How does this idea was born, and what experiments were laid in the foundation of relevant research - murky mystery.In the most optimistic scenario, bum covered with sores feet, passing a naked baby, kicked him in the crotch, which led to the discovery of a magical healing effect.

study, which involved 228 adults with ulcers on the skin showed that the spray application of children of members every two weeks (in addition to standard oppressive hemostatic bandages) can heal ulcers without skin grafting.In addition, spray showed effectiveness in cases where conventional techniques (without the use of infant genitalia) is not working.In general, we can now drizzle dangerous liquefied sore skin of the penis with the newborn and thus save his leg from amputation.Praise Science!

4. Application of "Tylenol" against heartache

Each ever experienced what is called social emotions (depression, rejection, embarrassment draining, etc.) that can cause oppressive sense of vulnerability.However, such condition is not considered severe enough to treat them with huge doses of antidepressants, so you simply close in my room and all the rest of the evening listening to aggressive music.Pharmacies some pills upset not give, right?

And here is wrong!It turns out, pill, helps with social experiences, all this time lying under our noses.It is a miracle cure completely mundane and the public, and his name - "Tylenol".

In 2009, a team of researchers from the University of Kentucky conducted two experiments to test whether you can use acetaminophen (the active ingredient "Tylenol" and other pain relievers, OTC) for the treatment of not only physical but also emotional pain.In the first experiment involved a group of 62 volunteers, while someone gave one gram of acetaminophen, and someone - a placebo.Each subject received daily intensity of their psychological distress in a special report, affixing labels to "scale social experiences."As a result, in the group treated with the drug present, there was a gradual decrease in the level of moral anguish, while in others no changes.

In the second experiment, smaller group of volunteers was again divided into subgroups to take acetaminophen (this time - two grams), and the control subgroup.Both subgroups then forced to play a computer game simulating a situation of social exclusion (something like «Sims», where the main character is sitting in an empty house, staring at the phone).During the game made MRI brain scans of volunteers that, as we already know, considerably improved their morale.

In the end, the subgroup, the placebo, the brain areas associated with pain (mental / social and physical), bloomed in pictures like the New Year's fireworks.However, those who were given acetaminophen, the same areas were like Zen monks - their peace of mind would envy robots and serial killers (By the way, one does not exclude the other).Keep in mind the physical and social pain activate the same brain regions.Thus, to punch in the stomach, and an insult to our mind reacts similarly.

researchers concluded that drugs, such as "Tylenol", commonly used as painkillers, can effectively deal with such abstract pain of loneliness and shame, in addition to treating hangover head and menstrual pain.

5. Healing myocardial sun

Given the universal desire of Americans to obesity-related heart disease, expressed in joyful use of food, consisting mainly of deep-fried mayonnaise, we can only wonder why the "McDonalds" to each orderMore is not attached chewing aspirin and edged extender.Or maybe we should eat cheeseburgers on the street, in fact, as it turned out, the sunlight is able to counteract heart attacks and their negative consequences.

Researchers from the University of Colorado found that the effect of provoking heart attacks in laboratory mice, obviously, by feeding rodents exclusively "MacBreakfast."

to a heart attack, one group of mice spent time in the warm light of the UV lamp, and the second was in terms of lean and dull lighting characteristic of the majority of prisons and psychiatric hospitals.Scientists have noticed that the mice exposed to sunlight, recovered much faster than their counterparts, to wallow in the dark (those who survived a heart attack and went to feed the cat).

Where such a difference in the recovery period?Warmed by the sun rodents to produce more of a particular protein, which plays an important role in preventing tissue damage and in maintaining cardiac metabolism during attacks.In addition to protein, the sun also affects sleep cycles.Circadian rhythms that determine when to go to sleep, and when - to get up.In accordance with these rhythms at certain times of the day the internal organs produce certain proteins.Turn on the lamp sunlight and your body will think that now a day.And if so day, then leave in the sun.

scientist who participated in the study, believes that the observed results in the future may have an impact on the methods of treatment of patients, as"... The impact of daylight on the patient is able to greatly reduce the damage caused to human health by a heart attack."In short, hospital beds should be placed closer to the windows.

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