What may be a surprise for the girls?

you want to diversify your relationship with your loved one or friend?Then we can not do without pleasant things and major unexpected gifts.However, before you rush to the store, is to determine with what surprise for your girl will be the most enjoyable, not to get the opposite effect.In this article we will talk about how to please a woman and how to create the impression that you are a caring and considerate guy.

pleasant surprise for the girl

no secret that all women love flowers.Your task is to find out just what it is like your girlfriend and start times to please her bouquets.There is a tradition - to give flowers on a date, but just think, it is convenient to be your girlfriend all night to nurse your bouquet and fear it hurt?

good option - bring flowers to her home, and then go for a walk, leaving a bunch of houses.Even women love it when he woke up, they see a bunch of flowers on your favorite pillow.Your lady will immediately appreciate this act, realizing that you, while she slept,

thought about it and even managed to run to the store for flowers.

Why hold surprises for the girls?

If you belong to his girlfriend seriously and want to continue the relationship, the pleasant moments should be more, or someone else will be more attentive to your girl and stole her heart.Human relationships must be built on attention and care.Make your loved one pleasant - it is a natural need of lovers, and if not, then think about the fact whether the person you're trying to build a relationship.

How often possible to arrange a surprise for the girls?

There are no clear rules and schedule.It all depends on your desire.If you want to please your darling every day, do it, but do not forget that with time that desire can take, and the habit gets a nice little presents left.At such moments, she may decide that you no longer love her, and try to make a big deal so that it can reach the parting.To avoid this, choose a less busy schedule to create any surprises keep the tempo selected at the same level.

How to come up with a surprise birthday girl?James Bond resting

where you have to become a real spy!Every woman likes something special, and if one is nice to get a gift in the perfume, the other can rejoice in the new brand sneakers.Look to her preferences and then can not go wrong in choosing the gift.

can also solve its preferences accidentally abandoned the magazine.Normally, the page with the pleasant things or take notes folded marker.

successful win-win gift - all sorts of electronics: Phones, computers, tablets, and more.Listen to what she often says, for what reason laments.

romantic surprise for the girls

Do not forget that you can make a gift with their own hands.This can be anything you want, but if you know how to paint, then let it be a portrait of her.If you have this not so, but now there are photo editors that make photos of the simulation pattern.You just have to print it out and put it in a nice frame.Do not forget about the purses, blouses, belts and shoes.This stuff is always short in the women's locker room, and if the thing is of high quality and in its taste, consider that your gift was a success!It has become very popular lately gift certificates for shopping, a fitness club and a solarium.

What a surprise for the girl should not do?

First, do not try to make it nice just because it is necessary or allowed.It was not very honest and very ugly.If you are not interested in doing it surprises and gifts, then there is another girl, for which you are willing to do everything that her heart desires.So make friends with her, and that her friend give an opportunity to find her man.

If all you do is OK, but you just can not think of anything, it is just not worth it to give her too practical things like a double boiler, cutlery, a mop or a flower in a pot.An exception can only be the case when she asks you about it!In an extreme case, give her a gift certificate for the purchase of a prestigious store, where she will be able to choose a gift.

actually difficult to choose gifts for those who attentively listen to your mate.Normally, innermost desires and needs of women are constantly voicing, and your task - to pay attention to these words and give what dreams is your friend.