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Ivan Turgenev forever entered the history of Russian literature, and won a place in the hearts of millions of fans of his work through poetic prose, filled with love for Russia, and permeates every line truth about the life of the people in the XIX century.Not just wrote what he saw banal paraphrase Turgenev.

┬źNotes of a Hunter" belong to the category of fiction, which is called literary poems in prose.

Such a high score - a tribute to the expressiveness and emotional richness.

publication "Notes of a Hunter" - a bright event for the Russian society

stories, trapped in this collection were created gradually.They first were published in full in 1852 (however, three stories included in "Notes" later).Popular writers in the homeland after their publication was huge.Even the Emperor Alexander II was not hugely once read that book, which was written by Ivan Turgenev ("Notes of a Hunter").The main characters of the stories vividly discussed in society and knew all educated Russia.Ivan Sergeyevich, like a master of words, managed to create a unique artistic images, and they affect people's soul.

Twenty-five stories combined personality of the same narrator.It is the landowner of Orel province, the hunter, who, going to the next hunt, incidentally sees something, take notice, talking to people.He is observant and eloquent.Undoubtedly, his mouth speaks Turgenev.Summary of the "Notes of a Hunter" - at the same time the history of their protagonists.Feature story accurate and does not imply a global draw literary images.The overall picture painted like a separate strokes.The unique lyrical picture of the life of the country, full of Russian spirit, creating stories "Polecat and Kalinych", "Kasyan" "Singers", "Bezhin meadow."Other stories are more detailed, such as "Hamlet Schigrovskogo County", "country doctor."

identity heroes "Sketches┬╗

However, the writer is sparing no effort to gritty, detailed, realistic image of the real lives of ordinary people.He manages to see the harmony even within the lord and serf relationship.Even here I noticed new shoots, not the slave, but a great human relations Turgenev.Summary of the "Notes of a Hunter" tells us how an educated, intelligent and humane Polecat is friends with his serfs Kalinych.And there is no antagonism or jealousy on the one hand, nor scorn - on the other.Indeed, such was the Russia - the country communities.And not for nothing later, many revolutionary democrats, in contrast to the Bolsheviks, she tried to draw a path to the future through education and repentance.Prerequisites for this were.About them - the story "Polecat and Kalinych."

there among the Russian people and deep, but not ostentatious spirituality!So thought a writer.His spiritual character Kasyan from the Beautiful Swords, who rules the feat of foolishness, convincing and nepovtorim.On like a church candle, illuminating all around."There is a future for this nation!", - She says Ivan Sergeyevich told us about communication teen who brought the horses at night.Each boy felt the soul, mind, communication with the native land.

However, insolvency and serfdom writes Turgenev.Summary of the "Notes of a Hunter" shows us unflattering images of impoverished, who have lost touch with the people of the landlords - Penochkin, Stegunova and Zverkov.However, the writer denies the feasibility and show the public the danger of peasant riots (story "The Knocking").Blood and violence as a means of solving social problems are unacceptable for Russia, is considered a classic.


very timely Turgenev wrote his book.Summary of the "Notes of a Hunter" leaves no doubt that they played an important role in the understanding of all sectors of society need to abolish serfdom in the public interest.Live, unique folk images Lukeria ("living power"), Arina ("Ermolai and Miller"), Yashka-Turk ("Singers"), not flirting with people, give a sense of unified national web, community, Cathedral of the Russian people.Higher skill recognition is that all the stories of Turgenev say one thing.The fact that serfdom outlived and displayed in Turgenev's characters people beautiful, unique, and by definition can not be a slave.