Summary of the "White poodle."

Before describing the summary of the "White poodle", it is necessary to meet the protagonists of the work.At the center of the story is a little wandering troupe, consisting of only three members.The most senior member of it - Grandpa Martin Lodizhkin, grinder.Martin invariably accompany twelve acrobat Serge, goldfinch, trained to pull out a special box with colorful leaves predictions and white, trimmed like a lion, a poodle named Arto.

Introducing the characters

Jukebox was almost the only material wealth Martin.Although the tool has long come into disrepair, and only two tunes that he was capable of something like play (Launer dull German waltz and the gallop of "Journey to China) were in vogue thirty or forty years ago, Martin dear to her.The organ grinder repeatedly tried to pass the barrel organ repair, but everywhere he was told that such an ancient thing better to put in a museum.But Seryozha Martyn often repeats that the hurdy-gurdy fed them for several years, and will feed more.

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so much as a tool grinder loved, perhaps only their eternal companions and Sergei Arto.The boy was suddenly in his life: in the five years before the start of the story, Martin took it from profligate, widowed cobbler, "rental", and paid two rubles a month for it.Soon, however, the shoemaker died and the boy was connected with the grandfather and soul, and household chores.

Summary "White Poodle" begins on a hot summer day.The troupe traveled to the Crimea hoping to earn some penny.In a way, Martin, who has seen many things in his lifetime, said Seryozha about unusual events and people.The very same boy with a happy old man listens, and does not cease to admire the rich and diverse nature of the Crimea.

attempts to earn

But day of our heroes is not specified: some of the places they were driven home, while others went towards the servants, and said that for the time being there are no owners.Lodizhkin man good-natured and humble, happy, even when they paid him a little bit.And even if he drove, I did not start to complain.But a lush, beautiful, and very good-looking lady still managed to get the old man out of himself.She listened to the sounds of the hurdy-gurdy for a long time, staring at the acrobatics that shows Serge, asking questions about the life of the troupe, and then asked him to wait and went into the room.Long did not appear a lady, and artists have begun to hope that it will give them something of clothing or footwear.But in the end she just threw his hat into the outstretched Seryozhi old mark erased from both sides, but still full of holes dime, and immediately retired.Lodizhkin extremely outraged that he was considered scoundrels who is able to pull a coin to someone at night.The old man throws with pride and indignation worthless coin that falls directly into the dust.

're desperate to make something, the characters stumble to the country "Friendship".Martin surprised he was frequently in these parts, but the house is always empty.But now the old organ grinder feels that they are lucky, and sends forward Sergei.

acquaintance with the inhabitants of cottages "Friendship»

summary describing the "White Poodle ', we should say a few other characters.Heroes only prepared to act as suddenly flew out of the house the boy in a sailor suit, and ran after him six adults.It was full of turmoil, people were shouting something - it was immediately clear that the cause of concern servants and masters is the boy.All six tried a different way to persuade the boy to drink the potion, but no sensible speech gentleman in gold spectacles, nor wailing mother, no shouts did not help the cause.

Martin Seryozha told not to pay attention to what is happening and begin to speak.In the garden near the garden began to spread false hoarse notes of the old gallop.The hosts and the servants rushed to chase intruders.However, here again, I recalled his boy in a sailor suit (it turned out that his name Trilly) and said he did not want the poor to leave.His mother, not stopping to lament, orders to fulfill the wish of his son.

performance took place.Artaud suffered in the teeth cap Martin to owners rewarded artists.But here the summary of the "White Poodle" again takes an unexpected turn: Trilly squeaky voice begins to require dog.Adults beckon Lodizhkin and try to bargain with them, but the old man proudly declares that the dog is not for sale.The owners continue to insist Trilly filled with hysterical cries, but Martyn, no matter what, do not give up.As a result, the entire troupe kicked away from the yard.

lady ordered bring Artaud

Finally, the heroes get to the sea and with pleasure bathe in cold water, washing off the sweat and dust.Once out on the shore, they notice that it is close to the same janitor with a garden "Friendship", which is just quarter of an hour ago, drove them in the neck.

It turned out that the lady sent the janitor to the one bought at any price Arto - a boy still did not let up.Lodizhkin several times repeated to him that would not give a faithful dog.Then the janitor trying to bribe an animal sausage, but Arto no intention to leave with a stranger.Martin says that the dog - a friend of his friends and did not sell.Although frail and weak old man barely on his feet, he exudes pride and dignity.Heroes collect their modest belongings and leave the shore.Janitor also remains standing in the same place and looks thoughtfully after them.

Next story Kuprin "White Poodle" leads us to a secluded spot near a pure stream.Here, the characters stop to have breakfast and a drink.Summer heat, the recent bathing and meal, albeit modest, artists and worn out, they lay down to sleep in the open air.Before finally fall asleep, Martin dreams about how his young friend over time, become famous and will act as one of the luxury circuses in some big cities - Kiev, Kharkov, say, or Odessa.A dream the old man had heard the Arto growls at someone or something, but he finally captured the organ-grinder nap.

When the heroes woke up, the dog was not there.The old man and the boy began to excitedly call his faithful four-footed friend, but did not answer Artaud.Suddenly, the old man found on the road a half-eaten piece of sausage, and next to him - dog tracks stretching into the distance.Heroes realize what had happened.

Hope fades

Sergei ready to rush into battle, to sue, to Artaud returned.However, Martin sighs and says that it is impossible - the home garden "Friendship" has asked whether his passport.His Martyn lost a long time ago, and when I realized that it is useless to try to recover the document, and use the offer of a friend made a fake passport.The very same organ grinder not no wimp Martin Lodizhkin and ordinary peasant, Ivan Doudkin.In addition, the old man is afraid that someone Lodizhkin may be criminal - a thief, an escaped convict, or even a killer.And then a fake passport will bring more problems.

Artists that day is no longer performed.Despite his young age, Sergei knew perfectly well how many problems can bring someone else "pachport" (this is the word the old man uttered).And because none of the invitation to the world, nor wanted Artaud did not stutter.However, the impression that the boy intently pondering something.

Without saying a word, the characters again pass by the ill-fated garden.But the gates of "Friendship" tightly closed, and out of the yard was no sound.

Serge takes matters into their own hands

heroes stopped for the night in a dirty coffee, which, besides them, spent the night the Greeks, the Turks, and several Russian workers.When all were asleep, the boy got out of bed and persuaded the owner of the coffee, the Turk Ibrahim release it.Under cover of darkness, he went out of the city, he reached the "Friendship" and started to climb over the fence.To hold the boy, however, did not succeed.He fell and was afraid to move, afraid that now rises turmoil will run a janitor.Long Sergei wandered through the garden and around the home.He began to feel that he is not only able to find a true Artoshku, but he did not get out of here never.Suddenly he heard a muffled quiet squeak.In a whisper, he called beloved dog, and he replied with a loud bark.At the same time joyful greeting this could be heard barking and anger, and the complaint, and the feeling of physical pain.The dog struggled to free himself from something that kept him in a dark basement.With great difficulty, I managed to break away from the friends awakened and come into a rage janitor.

Returning to the coffee, Seryozha almost immediately fell asleep soundly, without even having to tell the old man about his nocturnal adventures.But now all was well: a work of Kuprin "White Poodle" ends with the company, as in the beginning, in the assembly.