How to make an original marriage proposal

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Marriage proposal can be made, where it is necessary and how it goes.If you want to offer the beloved memories of a lifetime, it must be unusual.

original marriage proposal - non-standard request to marry.Best "counselor" in this case - a fantasy lover.If you do not have ideas, you can use the tips.

Women are more willing to accept a marriage proposal in places where a lot of beautifully dressed people and pleasant music.Because words are often uttered in charge in restaurants.

original marriage proposal in an American - it is an engagement ring in a glass of red wine.Why it is considered that the beloved, while sipping wine in small sips, he noticed the ring on the bottom of the glass, and it will be an occasion to propose to marry her.But this prelude could turn into a tragedy if she will make a few large gulps.At best, she swallowed the ring, and at worst - a symbol of love will stand her in the throat.

So ring in the glass.If you decide to make such an original marriage proposal, buy, just in case two smooth rings.Put the jewelry in champagne glasses, white or rose wine.Your fiancee will definitely notice the ring in his and your glasses, and regard it as a marriage proposal.Word befitting such a situation, you do not need to rehearse.It will be just a simple concise answers to women's issues.

If you know a woman not afraid to shock her to faint, you can make an original marriage proposal that she will remember for a lifetime.Two weeks before the dinner, arrange a pastry chef at a restaurant about making a cake in the shape of the hand that holds the heart.This cake should be decorated so that it would like to eat.It is desirable that the color of the cake match the color of your jacket on the day of the fateful date.

If the apartment the girl is not above the fifth floor, you can make a marriage proposal from the street.It will have to rent a tow truck with a lift.To the sounds of serenades you will stand in front of the window favorite.This beautiful version has some nuances.First, you have to go up in the daytime, so as not to frighten anyone.In addition, the day the curtains in the apartment are usually open and she could see you.Secondly, women love to look beautiful in a responsible and romantic moment.Therefore, pre-arrange a meeting and tell her that waiting at the bottom (at the entrance).When wearing a dress, hairstyle and almost ready for the window you came with a bouquet of flowers and make an offer.

Beautiful offer hands often goes beyond the standard behavior.If you are inspired outlined the situation and you decide to come up with a unique option, follow two rules:

1. Put yourself in the beloved.If the simulated situation, it may feel uncomfortable, better give up the plan.

2. Think about the safety of his wife and the potential of others.