About Women

scrap of conversation between the two women:

- You know, Mary, you and I are different situations: your losing weight, if it is not fed, and my gain weight if his feed.And believe me, it's not the same thing!


Muscovite Glamour comes to stay in the village to the grandmother.

- Babul, where you can go there at night?

- in the bucket.


- Alla, Sveta, you Che doing now?

- Why, my boyfriend asked him to make beef stroganoff ...

- Lord!And it is still that of perversion?


- Daughter, you FIVE spoons of sugar put - that you, in love ?!

- No, Mom, I just love the sweet tea ...

- You're five tablespoons of sugar put!

- I really love the sweet tea ...

- Daughter, you put them in the soup ...


first made epilation.

After it became clear that I have a very crooked legs.

What will advise?


Daughter (curious):

- Mom!And where are inserted tampons?

Mom (choking on an apple):

- Well ... how do you say ... well there, where babies come from.

Daughter (ofigev):

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- The stork, or what? !!


I have a bad habit - when sewed up that thread, I stick the needle next to him in bed, so as not to lose.So, today, at 6 o'clock in the morning, before work sewing up a skirt, I did not have time to figure out that I was sitting on an inflatable bed ...


Two friends in a crowded subway:

- Damn, what a crush!

- Strange, yesterday in a disco atmosphere, you called it.


read in the newspaper that the pregnancy symptoms - drowsiness, confusion, lack of balance ... to conclude that I was about three years as a child.


Lonely lady acquainted with an elderly, unintelligent, unrestrained and financially needy person, having all the bad habits, to create a family for his neighbor.


Three ladies exchanged the experience.First:

- I got home, her husband becomes attached to the table and half naked in front of him go.


- This is garbage!When I got home, my husband to undress, put on a dog collar, leash, and an hour forcing me to lick his feet.


- Girls, have you compassionate, I am ashamed of you!Is it so wrong with these animals?So I - I come home, my husband becomes attached to a chair, his mouth sealed with adhesive tape, and two hours to tell him how my day has passed that said Sveta Smirnova and what discount in "World Shoe" !! ..


Talk with a pregnant girlfriend:

- Well, are you in your position you want something special?

- Of course!Every morning wildly husband wants to pour into the food diuretic, emetic and sleeping pills to understand bastard like me crappy!

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