To carry the goods in freight cars

Companies engaged in the transport of goods, used, based on the volume and range of distances, the various modes of transport.Road, rail and air transport are the most popular in terms of transportation of large and small consignments.For many carriers rail becomes the best option.Excellent capacity, prompt delivery, loyal prices for transportation and specialized freight cars comfortable majority of customers.Freight cars have variety , each designed for a particular type of cargo.

Gondola - an open version of the car, which is designed for the transport of goods that are not afraid of changes in temperature, rainfall and strong winds.The gondolas are often carried wood, metal and containers.If the car is intended for bulk materials, then there are unloading hatches through which goods are unloaded.Hatches may be on the bottom of the wagon, and in its walls.

Covered wagon for transportation of goods that require protection from the weather and other external influences.Food, animals, expensive machinery and other goods transported it in covered wagon versions.

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platform - a completely open wagon (some versions are small bead).The platform is best suited for the transport of unprocessed timber, metal and car rental.

Hopper is designed for transportation of bulk cargoes.Coal, gravel, cement, earth, grain transported in these wagons.Hoppers can be both open and closed.

Tanks are solid wagon cylindrical shape.The tank must be sealed, as it is intended for liquids such as liquefied gases, water, milk, oil, acids.The cars can be transported and solids if they require sealed storage.If the product is required to comply with certain thermal mode, then select the tank with special shielding.

Isothermal cars can be divided into several classifications:

- Upon designation cars are divided into specific, universal and wagons for perishable goods.

- By way of cooling isothermal wagons can be refrigerated liquefied gases, ice, a mixture of ice and salt, or with the engine cooling.

- If you want to load a fever, then used cars with electric heating, stoves, makeshift design, or just the walls of the car covered with material with high thermal insulation.

Isothermal cars are very convenient to carry goods a certain kind, thanks to special equipment, they allow to preserve the original freshness to the end of the trip.

general, trucking is an integral part of many companies, individuals also often use the services of transport.Many transport firms provide their services to all segments of the population: road, rail transport, water and air - a standard list of services to transport companies.

Refrigerator - a closed wagon, used for the transport of perishable goods and goods requiring specific storage conditions.Refrigerators are equipped with temperature control, air-conditioners and other appliances, which creates the required temperature of the cargo.

In freight formulations can carry any type of goods, and at any distance - you want to carry the goods from Moscow or vice versa, to the capital - for each load will always be its own kind of car .