Liquidation of companies and licensing - popular legal transactions

Liquidation Company - usually thoughtful and informed decision.Acceptance of this fact comes after analyzing the situation and awareness of elimination as needed.In discussing the situation involving all members of the assembly, the decision should be taken unanimously.

how does this process as the liquidation of enterprises ( legal entities and individual entrepreneurs)?

If at the general meeting unanimously decided and approved, as provided for in our legislation, the next step will be the following actions:

- Participants of the meeting are required, by a vote, to approve a list of people who will participate in the liquidation commission.Just to be put in charge of the liquidation - the liquidator.

- Within three days after the decision to liquidate, you should notify the territorial tax office.

- Preparation of documents is the most important stage in liquidation .The main papers will be the following: minutes of the meeting the participants of the liquidation process, the decision to appoint a liquidation committee with a list of participants, the decision to appoint a liquidator of the enterprise.Depending on the situation, it may be required and other documents.

- prepare all necessary, should immediately hand over all the documents to the tax authorities.A record of the filing of documents and the beginning of the process of liquidation of the legal entity or IP will be logged in the Unified.It's worth noting that after the market, the decision to suspend the liquidation of the company may issue the arbitral tribunal.

- Further information on the liquidation of enterprises should be placed in the local press, namely in special editions.

- is also necessary to formally, in writing, notify all its creditors.It happens that the liquidated company has debts to creditors, payment of debts is in accordance with Art.64 of the Civil Code.If the enterprise is not able to pay off existing debts, his property is sold at auction.

- liquidating commission makes liquidating balance, which is approved by members of the company.

But if you're going to open his own business, you need to know in advance about all aspects of doing selected activities.Take care of the nuances, you will avoid many unexpected problems at the beginning of their work.For example, some activities involve obtaining a special permit for his work - the license.There is an approved list, which identifies all types of work for which you licensing of .

If you decide to engage in the provision of health care services, you should issue a document as medical license .Get a license for medical activities can be in the Federal Service on Surveillance in Healthcare and Social Development.

To do this, first of all, you have to collect the necessary documents.All documents should be issued by a special approving the form and submitted for consideration in due time.

Besides, your activities must strictly comply with the standards.Special education staff in good equipment, properly designed workplaces - these are the main requirements for the operation of the licensed company.

Further, if all the documents are drawn up correctly and the equipment and personnel of the company comply with all established parameters, licensing passes to the final stage.

Often, owners of health care companies prefer to apply to companies that specialize in the design of licenses.Specialists help companies and in time to prepare all the necessary documents and to contribute to the operational license.