FBI (FBI): deciphering abbreviations and areas of interest

Each country has its own law enforcement agencies.Their work is aimed at protecting the rights and freedoms of citizens, crime detection, combating offenses protecting the territorial integrity of power, the fight against terrorism.Among the functions of some of them is the organization of counter-intelligence and intelligence activities.This array of functions performed by various agencies and authorities that have a certain degree of subordination to the government's apex.The work of these bodies is needed, since the level of crime and terrorism today is great in almost all countries of the world, especially in such as the US.This state has always been famous for the presence of cumbersome bureaucracy.The Founding Fathers created a real political machine that runs for several centuries in a row.In order for this system to function properly, you need special department that will work for the good of powers and perform the function of maintaining law and order.Below, we consider one of the most important organs in the United States, which plays a pivotal role in the fight against crime and counter-intelligence.The name of this structure of the FBI.

Understanding FBI

Explanation of this concept is as follows: Federal Bureau of Investigation.This agency, referring to the US Department of Justice, but it is subject to the attorney general.The Office is part of the Intelligence community of the United States.FBI authority to investigate any violations of federal laws to protect national security and the safety of the US president.The Office also performs many other functions, such as checking the citizens who want to work in government, monitoring cyberspace in the United States.This body plays a special role in the fight against organized crime.The FBI, there are whole departments dealing with a sting in the gangs and their rapid development.There are a lot of rumors and speculation about the FBI's illegal operations, but it is written on.In no case can not be identified by the CIA and the FBI.Explanation of the name of a completely different, as the functions performed by them.

History.Bureau of Investigation

organization originates from founded in 1908 Bureau of Investigation.The initiative to create such a body gave Attorney General Charles Bonaparte.He was supported by overriding then president Theodore Roosevelt.It should be noted that the Bureau of Investigation in 1908 is very different from the modern FBI.Explanation of the name makes it clear that the current agency is the federal offenses, and the Bureau of Investigation did not have a clear list of functions.Its creation was due to the unstable political situation in the world.States were on the verge of World War I, with the activities of intelligence agencies escalated.Bureau of Investigation had to confront the threat of foreign agents, as well as to protect against the spread of communism in the United States.In addition, the Office is working to ensure the action of "dry law" in the US.

FBI in 1935

since 1935 on the list of US law enforcement appears abbreviation FBI (FBI).Director of the department became Edward Hoover.From this moment begins a completely new story department.The founder of the FBI, John Edward Hoover was a man stiff and pedantic.During his 37-year tenure as head of the department achieved significant results in the fight against organized crime and counter-intelligence.FBI activities largely went beyond the ordinary law enforcement agency.This is evidenced by the amount of authority that received special agents.This is most clearly visible activities of the FBI during the Great Depression in the United States when the country experienced a large rampant crime.During this period, many crime bosses, criminals and other representatives of immoral environment planted or killed.From them are the John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson, George Kelly, Pretty Boy Floyd and others.

FBI counterintelligence

There are plenty of public and private functions performed by the FBI.The fight against crime - is not the main task of the department.Over the priority sectors is counter-intelligence.Initially, the counterintelligence function was only to prevent the spread of communism.But after World War II, a top priority was the fight against foreign agents, in particular, Soviet.This area of ​​activity of the FBI strictly classified, so very little accurate statements.However, in the American press constantly publishes articles about the arrest by FBI agents of a foreign spy any country.

structure of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

Like any serious law enforcement agency, the FBI has its own internal structure, which includes the following elements:

- Head Office employees on employment.

- Office disciplines.

- Office, deals with all matters of the public and the Congress.

- Division of Administrative Service and counterterrorism.

- CSR (criminal-investigative department).

- Department inspection.

- Investigative Division.

- Department for National Security Affairs.

- Division training.

official name of agencies in the US FBI.Explanation of the name gives an opportunity to understand the jurisdiction of the structure, which is common in the territory of the United States.Many people think that the FBI literally takes the function of the police, but it is not.The jurisdiction of the police is common only to the state in which it operates directly, while the FBI conducts its activities throughout the Americas.Office investigates "federal crime" (kidnapping, bank robberies, terrorism, attempt on senior government officials, etc.).

Illegal activities Office

Throughout the existence of the FBI floated a lot of facts about the illegal operations department.Moreover, very often there were witnesses.For example, COINTELPRO - is the largest illegal operations conducted by the FBI.Breakdown of classified information about her led to publicity of some of the worst actions of the authorities.According to the pop-up facts, this program agents engaged in a deliberate provocation of some civil groups with a view to further liquidation.There are also many sources that indicate that Edward Hoover himself, being at the head of the FBI, cooperated with the leaders of the Italian-American Mafia families.Many US citizens have repeatedly declared illegal telephone tapping, monitoring Internet traffic.According to some rumors, the FBI wanted to use the service «Gmail» to monitor and track emails.To date, no reliable information that would confirm the illegal activities FBI.Explanation of material about the involvement of authorities to illegal actions carried out, but the secrecy from them was not completely removed.Thus, to establish the involvement of authorities is very difficult.Perhaps the US government fully covers the law enforcement authority, whose activities on his arm.

FBI Academy

to agency constantly replenished with qualified personnel, in 1972, a special FBI Academy, located at the base of the naval forces of the United States.Training centers are equipped with the latest technology.There is also a purpose-built city, which serves as a training ground for working out of the special agents in different situations.In this academy are refresher courses and training made new, "young" agents for agency FBI.Decoding or storage of any sensitive data is not made here, as this is purely a training base.So here we are invited employees of foreign law enforcement agencies to share experiences.

Conclusion So, we reviewed in detail one of the most important structures in the system of US law enforcement agencies - the FBI.Explanation of abbreviations has given us the opportunity to deal with those functions that the agency performs.In general, it should be said that the FBI - is the best example of the organization of the federal agency with jurisdiction in the entire state.Other countries with a federal territorial systems should be to build on the example of the United States.