Strategy bets on basketball.

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Basketball, along with hockey, is classified as the most unpredictable of sports.Probably, that it attracts viewers worldwide.But just watch the game and enjoy it - is one thing.In order to guess the outcome of the match, we need a certain system.In this article we look at the most popular and effective strategy of betting on basketball.Let's get started.

strategy on total

in basketball is the most popular.In the painting match any office there are at least three different totals.That is, players can put the "less than" and "greater than" a few different outcomes.For example, both teams gain the match by 170 to 190 points.In addition, totals are taken on fouls to fourth penalty, a three-pointer, and so on. N. The largest offices have even 'market totals "on basketball players.That is, you can put on a three-pointer, fouls and penalties of each of the members of both teams.

calculation of totals

To calculate the need to analyze the five previous games considered commands.Equally important is the statistics of personal meetings.

1. To begin, calculate the amount of points that each team received for the last 5 games.The result is divided by five.As a result, we get the arithmetic mean.

2. Now that we have this figure, you can count on.Add three points to the home team total points, and one point for each game won of their last five.For the loss deducted half points.We do the same thing with the visitors.The only thing not need to add three points in the beginning.

3. The next step - the analysis of personal meetings.Again, you need to calculate the mean values ​​for each team.Then they are added to the results obtained in paragraph number 1, and divided by two.The resulting number will be the most likely match totals.Compare it with the line bookmaker, you can draw some conclusions.If you received less than the sum of totals in the line of the office, then you need to choose a total less than.And vice versa.

Betting basketball is not limited to only one total.There are other strategies.Go ahead.

Strategy Oscar grind

It is practically the only strategy with a specific purpose, namely - increase your bankroll by one.This unit is the bet.It's simple.You do not even need any software to bet on basketball.

example, your bank - 100 rubles.You put 10 rubles.The aim is to increase the assets of these 10 rubles.That is, you need to increase the bank up to 110 rubles.If the bid fails, its size increases to 20 rubles.In the case of passing the goal is achieved.This strategy is suitable for playing basketball, tote.But for its successful application requires common sense.Bet with minimum risk and maximum coefficients.

rate by a quarter (basketball)

These can be indicators of individual teams, and the total value.Players are invited to set out in a quarter of the figures shown will be higher or what value will be the largest in the whole match.In fact, the outcome of the quarter is very difficult to predict.Therefore, the strategy for the most part based on intuition and superficial analysis of the previous games teams.


All existing basketball betting strategies can not be compared with the yield on the corridor.This is the most profitable tactic.Corridor - the difference between the opposing bets on a specific event.For example, two teams are playing and they have the following rates:

  • F2 (0).
  • F1 (-5.5).
  • TM 166.
  • TB 160.

As you can see, between the TM and TB is the difference at six points.This is the corridor.If both teams can earn together from 161 to 165 points, will both bets.When the number of points scored less than 161 will take only HM.If more, the TB.

The same principle applies to the odds.There is a difference in the corridor 7 points.Both rates will be when the first team to win at the second with an advantage of 6 points (or more).

corridor on the odds are in different offices, as each of them has their opinion on the game commands.But the corridors on total there are only one bookmaker.

Time Match

As mentioned above, there is no more profitable strategy of betting on basketball than the corridor.But if it is good to learn such tactics as time match, the win may even exceed the revenues from the games of the "corridor".The essence of the time of the match that the player bets on the outcome of the entire event or of the first half.For example, in football the team plays 1 and Team 2. Do you think that the first team will win in the first half, but in the end won the second.In it you and bet.And you can select the right outcome for the two teams.

No basketball betting strategies do not give such high ratios as time-match.Despite the apparent underdog or favorite, KEF rarely falls below two.Therefore, you can earn decently, even putting in the two halves meet one winning team.


Recently bookmakers betting on basketball in LIVE mode significantly gaining momentum.In this case there are several strategies, but we will talk about the most popular.It bets at halftime, when the bookies are preparing a new line for the 2nd half of the game.And it is they have very little time.

How can you do this kind of bets?It's simple.You do not even need any software to bet on basketball.They can be done directly from the site of the bookmaker by selecting the appropriate menu item.So what is the essence of the strategy?

line in such a rate is available to the player for only a few minutes before changing kefov.As a result, he has very little time for analysis.But the bookie is in a similar position.Analysts need to quickly make adjustments, building on the results of the first half of the game.And here is where they can make a mistake by giving to the event an overvalued rate.

Consider the motivation of teams

in LIVE betting is one of the most important factors.When you open the game stavochnaya line reflects only pre-match decomposed.The line in the break can vary greatly from it.And it is important to understand the motivation of the team.As far as the game is focused on the favorite?Can he get out in the 2nd half of the game relaxed and allow catch the underdog?

often happens that, having received the lead, the team loses the motivation, despite the support of the coach and fans.For you it may be a good opportunity.On the other hand, the team can work out the bad first half and a second use for wagering.To successfully put LIVE on the second half of the event, you have to be not only Capper, but also in part psychologist, correctly assessing the habits of the team and its character.

Select bet a few games in the evening

"Eurobasket" or at night in the NBA can pass several interesting events for you.All they need to keep in mind.It may be necessary to move from one event to another in the absence of appropriate rates.Therefore, ideally, is worth watching several games and hold them information, analyze pre-match decomposed.Search


break - it is a good opportunity to think carefully about what they saw and find out why in the morning it happened that way, and not otherwise.Underestimated if the favorite contender or just had a bad day, what is the situation with fouls from key players, whether there were injuries that significantly affect the game, and so on. D. If the pre-match decomposed does not correspond to what happened in the first half of the game, then you need to findthe reason for this.Otherwise, you can not even hope for success in the betting LIVE.