How to fix her husband's beatings?

main thing in life - it's health.However, the modern world is daily becoming more and more dangerous.And what is worse - the injury can be obtained not only in a dark alley, but also at home, among family and friends.Today, alas, not uncommon situation where the husband beat his wife.Where to go in such cases and what to do - what we look at in this article.

is punishable it?

So, people argue, then make up, then quarrel, and at some point, there is physical abuse.It must be remembered that all violence is punishable.For example, a man hit a woman on the cheek.Humiliation in this case is not considered, only injuries.A trauma surgeon will not be able to fix the face.At the same time, without the help of a specialist to the police station to handle even no sense to initiate proceedings with words alone will not.

quite another thing if the beating was brutal, accompanied by scratches, bruises, fractures of the extremities, or concussion.In this case, as a rule, it has a legal mechanism is triggered.Under the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation to include beatings and violence, applied to man, causing him physical pain, but do not involve in the short term health disorder or entail, but not more than six days.An important factor in this case is the visibility of damage caused.

Where to go to remove a beating

After a particularly severe beating, coupled with a concussion, fractures of hands, feet, immediately call "ambulance."The doctor arrives at the head of the brigade, be sure to fix the injuries.In addition, at the station hospital "emergency" shall be recorded in a special register on the date and time of departure teams.After the brutal beating of the victim is usually delivered to the hospital (unless, of course, she does not give up writing hospitalization).In such cases, it is not necessary to think where to go to take a beating, every one of them will make doctors "ambulance."In addition, they are required to report their departure to the local police, and in the hospital for the injured policeman to come.

In this situation, it is recommended not to delay the submission of the application.Try for a week to resolve a legal question.As soon felt more bearable, go to the office and write a statement.

Beats - does not mean that he loves

Many women often fall under the "hot" hand, do not even think about how to fix her husband's beatings.All of it is probably in the mentality of the Russian people.Can endure-slyubitsya.Wives are experiencing in the hope that their conscience pious wake up sooner or later.

For this reason, many are interested in the district, even to excess, "bytovuhu" not to register.Nobody wants to spoil the performance.And how many cases when battered wife first wrote the statement, and then succumbed to the entreaties, tears, pleading with flowers on her knees ... and forgiving.And the reasons are usually in the joint property, children, financial dependence, and so on. D. Still, it's wrong.We can not tolerate tyranny at home, feeling sorry for herself and her husband, hoping that all somehow itself is formed.Right in this situation is nothing more than removing the wound and apply after the first battering.Thus you protect yourself from further encroachments.

What did he get for this?

Good question.Let's order.First, you commit the removal of beating and apply to the prosecutor or the district.Most often used in practice the second option.The investigator in any case, refer the case to the prosecutor's office where you live.To initiate criminal proceedings for grievous bodily harm.For such a crime can be punished by the tyrant to fifteen days in jail (with moral and preventive talks) to imprisonment (with the direction of the colony, and the involvement in socially useful work).

For example, not so long ago in the media talking about the case when a man severely beat his pregnant wife, causing her to lose the baby.And the baby was dead, had been born.Doctors who took delivery, have determined that the child died as a result of the beatings inflicted by his mother.Thus, the actions of her husband qualified as premeditated murder.The man did not want this child, so kill him still in the womb.He carried a sentence - four years' imprisonment.

Court on the side of women?

But what if the situation is reversed?What if the question of how to remove a beating, has given a husband?After all, there are times when a hand on his pious mother raised the family.The mechanism of accountability is the same as in the case of men, but the punishment for women is much easier.As a rule, the court on the side of women.The reason is banal simple - women are much less likely to dismiss his hands.

However, in practice, there are times when my wife, for example, Ensign, and her husband - a drunkard and a mattress that look scary.And while it is constantly beating him and arranges torture, and he suffers all the tortures and "peep" afraid ...

How to prove that her husband beat?

If you still happened this misfortune, or, worse still, there is a systematic, you just need to know how to remove a beating.The main principle here - do not tighten.The longer you put off all the less likely to attract the tyrant to justice for their actions.Remember that if all the bruises will go, the show has nothing to succeed.

So, where to go to take a beating?The first step is to go to the clinic.The doctor on duty is obliged to report to law enforcement agencies that you suffered injuries that bear criminal in nature (ie. E. You have someone beat).This procedure is regulated by law - the doctor informs the police, there were recorded the call, make a report and come to your home district.In addition, you can rent a beating in the emergency room or contact an expert company operating on a fee basis.There you will be given the act sudmedosvidetelstvovaniya.This is best done in the same day after the incident.If this is not possible - for 4-5 days.

If immediately after the incident called the police, you should be sure to insist that the district medical team sent for the "fast", which will make the removal of the beatings.There are cases that for some reason this can not be done.In such situations in the day for yourself, go to the nearest emergency room for medical examination, to draw everything correctly and get your hands on the act of expertise.

can do otherwise.The very next day after the incident to go to the nearest police station.They will listen to you, take your application and tell you where to go to remove a beating.As a rule, even in the direction of the discharged sudmedosvidetelstvovanie that can go in a special expert Bureau in your city.

According to statistics, many resolved to remove a beating in the emergency room on the second day after the beating.The reason is simple - in the meantime become a characteristic blue bruises and swollen skin.As they say, "in all its glory, but so terrible."


How to fix her husband's beatings, if the day of the accident can not go to the doctor?The best way out of this situation - to take pictures of all the bruises, abrasions and visible damage, using the normal "Soap".On these pictures the camera sets the time and date.To date, all photos and videos taken in court as evidence.

as material evidence which prove the guilt of your tormentor can be any items that have been beaten.For example, there are cases where women brought to the police station a wooden stool, whose husband hit on the head.Criminal expert swabs recorded and showed the victim's blood on the tree.


Typically, such scandals do not go unnoticed.No wonder they say that "the walls have ears."In this case, this feature of your hand only.Your neighbors heard screams and the sound of a struggle?Well, draw them to his side as witnesses.The court is required to take into account their testimony.

witnessed quarrels and beatings are also children who have reached the age of ten.Of course, this is not recommended, as it may adversely affect the psyche of the child, but if there is no alternative, and my mother feels that he will be able to survive, then it is worth a try.There certainly must be remembered that to testify in court the child may only with the permission of the psychologist.

real threat

A woman how to act if there is a real threat of violence?Call the police.But sometimes the district can not find the time to just "bytovuhu."If you live in Moscow, you can ask for help in a special women's centers.They have a few around the city.They are, of course, not only in the capital.There are women lawyers, ready to support and provide professional advice, how to fix the beating, when, where and how to apply.In addition, there are centers at hospitals or service apartments, where women will be able to hide for a while.It will cost much cheaper than to take a room in a hotel.

As for threats, then you need to remember - the words and acts should be fixed.If you are threatened by phone and screaming, record on tape, and if you get a threat in writing, be sure to save.All evidentiary material will during the investigation and in court.If, during the quarrels and threats present other people, they can also be subpoenaed as witnesses on your side.

How to fix her husband's beatings, if you divorce

Beatings during divorce proceedings, alas, not uncommon.Even in cases where the husband himself was the initiator of the divorce.Problems at work or in your personal life can lead to the fact that his anger he will pluck a woman who is not his wife practically.And here it's complicated.Law enforcement agencies have an internal instruction according to which they should not interfere in the divorce process until its completion.Such are the conflicts in the Russian legislation.

How to take a beating in this case?Yes way!It is best not to bring this up.Just go away, hide at the time of the divorce proceedings.Come at the trial.And better to send a representative.After all, anything can happen.Practice shows that people are not only beaten, but blackmail, and even kidnapped.

But when you're divorced, but still live in an apartment, you are absolutely strangers to each other people.Here, in the case of injury or incitement to suicide, criminal liability arises.

Beating children

How to fix a beating when it comes to children?The first thing to do in this case, the mother - go to the police with the appropriate application.Everything has to be documented and executed.Unfortunately, many Russian women do not want to because of the incident, the family got into their lists dysfunctional.This also applies to low-income families, and people with large incomes.No one wants to wash dirty linen in public.So better that children are beaten?

But children are four years old and understand that it is wrong.A six they can happen a mental disorder.So do not delay and immediately try to protect themselves and their children from domestic violence and tyranny.There are some differences in how to fix the beatings inflicted on children.A woman with a child you must not only apply to the district, but also to apply to the local branch of the guardianship.It will take the control of your family, will inspect, take all necessary measures.And if the child has reached the age of ten, he can independently register a criminal case against his father.In this case, the shiftless dad threatens to limit the rights of the education of and communication with the child.In severe cases, when it is proven systematic beatings, immoral life, or, God forbid, to examine the scars, burns on the body of the child, the father can be completely deprived of parental rights.

little about self-defense

women are beaten, and she bear it?Can I protect myself in a similar situation?And look at all this law enforcement?

Under the law, any self-defense should be in moderation.Therefore, trying to protect a favorite, do not lose your head.Remember that grasping for a hot skillet and beat her on the head with the offender or attempting to avenge stab him with a knife - absolutely unreasonable.This can lead to dire consequences for you.

give an example.My husband regularly mocks his wife and her associates beat with heavy objects.Once she can not stand, and in a fit of anger and pain pierces his acute liver Stand for notes.Her husband beat her day and night, and she made him an invalid for the rest of your life with just one blow.There is - the excess of self-defense.And now as a punishment she is obliged to keep it, and if they divorce, pay for his treatment.

summarize, we recall once again that health - is the most important thing in life, and it should be protected.These intelligent and self-respecting woman would not allow anyone to mock him.However, such situations do occur.So now that you know how to fix the beatings her husband that it needs to do, where to go, do not delay.Remember that no one can help you as long as you do not want.