Select the type of job the person.

recognition system and predict the behavior of people in the organization takes into account the individual characteristics of employees.Supporters of this typology believe that it can help to build effective interaction at work at all levels to avoid many conflicts, solve their own problems and look into the inner world of another person

SP - "remover of accidents" - action-oriented.Pays much attention to timely detection of problems in the organization.Only solves real problems.He has talent negotiation and resolution of crisis situations.The relationship with the staff builds on the principle of cooperation.Flexible and tolerant with colleagues perceive the behavior of people as a reality with which to work.Impatient to theories of abstraction and long-term projects.
inclined to "forget" the previous decisions and commitments.He loves the game situation.It operates the following expressions: "It is important to be comfortable to work", "flexibility - our strong quality", "we are all provided."

what to become? People of this type copes with duties that require quick response - excellent firefighters, doctors and managers to work with clients.

NF - "inspirer" - people-oriented.Sets with staff personal relationships, striving for mutual understanding, harmony in relationships.Paid much attention to the climate in the organization.He suffers when violated good relations with people.He tends to make decisions based on personal likes and dislikes.Can a blind eye to the problem, hoping that all by itself solve.He has the talent to convince, inspire and encourage colleagues phrases like "people - a harmonious team", "Our team knows the meaning of," "organization - a living organism."
what to become? mastermind NF, able to work with people, it is better to become a teacher, a psychologist, an employee of the Department of Human Resources, a lawyer or spokesperson.

NT - "systems architect" - has the strategic thinking and a lot of attention to the development strategy of the organization and planning changes.It focuses on opportunities.He tries to consider all possible alternatives to management decisions.He has the talent system thinking.To seek respect for the knowledge and competence of staff.To show interest in the ideas of prospective employees.I tend not to take people's feelings as a real factor.It is committed to continuous improvement.With inspiration taken for the new, complex projects, but, unfortunately, not always completing them.Often uses the following wording: "a mechanism for the effective functioning", "overall strategic plan", "will focus on the fundamental aspect."
Who to be?Suitable analyst profession, financial, marketing, management, personnel planning department;

How to avoid mistakes?
to determine the field, try to relate their future profession with the personal qualities and temperament.Pay attention to what is said in the psychological tests on the characteristics of your character.You do all you know about yourself?I'm sure you in your own abilities?Think, can a profession that is highly recommended test really yours.Still, determining the type and the professional inclinations of the Myers-Briggs method should take into account your own preferences.Perhaps you are the exception to the rule, and you selected is not consistent with your psychological type.But in spite of everything, it brings tebeudovolstvie.Then you can hardly change anything.

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