South Africa: The country's flag and coat of arms

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South Africa uses one of the most interesting of flags in the world.The panel is filled with color and symbolism.As the flag appeared, and that means each element?

History cloth

The flag was adopted in April 1994.It happened during the first free elections that marked the end of apartheid in South Africa.Flag develop professionals, representatives of political parties and various individuals.To review offers an impressive number of choices - more than seven thousand.The best project, which has been chosen as the flag of South Africa, was the work of Theo Stylianides and Heraldry Frederick Brownell.He was introduced to the public in early March, officially introduced on April 27 and 28th solemnly raised in public.Flag of South Africa was also raised at the inauguration of Nelson Mandela, which was held on May 10th.

modern view previous versions

used in the South African flag is the most multi-colored world.The cloth has a rectangular shape with a proportion of length to width of the three to two.It uses six colors, which, according to planned by the developers, symbolizing the country's past relationship with her present.Above right is a red inverted trapezoid.Bottom - the same figure in blue.In the middle is a green band.Flagstaff is black triangle, the edges of which outlines the yellow border.Before the advent of this character in South Africa belonged to the Union flag was red with the UK flag at the top of the hoist.The right is the coat of arms in a circular box that had several options in different years of the state.Modern South African flag, photos and images of which are known throughout the world, raised on solemn public occasions.According to the rules, he should be placed at the far right of the flagpole when used with other bunting.In such cases it is first raised and lowered last.Every citizen who observes the ceremony should stand still attached to the heart with the right hand.


color Each color has a special significance for the history of South Africa.The flag is associated with all the countries and peoples that influenced the formation and development of the state.For example, red inverted trapezoid is the United Kingdom, the former colonizer, and the population of the country is English.The bottom blue figure - the embodiment of the Boers and the State Netherlands.Under the green stripe refers to the rights of residents who were born as a result of intermarriage and professing the religion of Islam.Black Triangle, which is located near the flagpole, is a symbol of the struggle for the rights of black Africans and freedom.Flanked by his yellow border reminiscent of the Indian population, which lives in the southern part of the country.

Coat state

Representing the South African flag and coat of arms is closely linked to the history of the country.Despite the fact that both characters are used not so long ago, they clearly reflect the history of the state.As used by the South African flag, coat of arms includes a variety of colors.It is a yellow shield, framed by ocher-colored border.The same color as it depicts two human figures, faces towards each other and are joined at the elbow bent hands in salute.The shield is framed by wheat ears, and on top of it are located crossed spears and clubs.Above is a pectoral of nine triangles, executed in red, green, orange and black colors and the United ostrievidnymi five figures.They are arranged like a fan.Above is another series of triangles, this time done in sandy colors.This combination shows a protea flower.This plant of the family of artichokes is a national symbol of South Africa.Above it is the picture secretary bird that spread wings.It symbolizes growth and speed.Above - seven pieces of orange fan, and the whole composition is framed by a pair of elephant tusks, which are intended to portray the wisdom of eternity, temperance and virtue.They connect the green ribbon with the inscription on the use of language disappeared from hoisan.It reads: "Different people unite" - and thus represents a complex multi-ethnic composition of the population of South Africa, barely achieved the peaceful coexistence of its people.