Moshennichestvo- what's this?

fraud - is the acquisition of another property by deception.In fact, it is the theft.The only difference is that steal the money or the value of the object fails because of the credulity of the victim.In today's society it has become widespread fraud.Attackers are finding new ways and means of deception, to take possession of someone else's good.To avoid trouble, it is necessary to know the basic types of fraud.

Street games and express lottery

People have always sought to get rich quick.Attackers use this desire for a long time.The most ancient method of deception is the game in a thimble.Rules are simple.On the table are three thimble, under one of which is a ball.If the player guesses correctly, exactly where it is hidden, it will be able to get the win.And in order to play, you must first make a certain amount.The essence of fraud is that the guess at how thimble bead is virtually impossible.Initially, the attacker can bring a person to the game, that is, gives him the win.Deceived pays for several new attempts to double your winnings.But to return the money, alas, can not.

game in a thimble - is not nothing but a sleight of hand of the attacker.The ball that is under the thimble, made of plastic material.It is easily compressed and placed in his hand.It remains only to distract the man, that he did not notice this clever maneuver.

The same principle works express lottery.Initially, the person gets a ticket and gets a small prize.It appears excitement.The problem is that the drums and lottery tickets are fake.Next to win more no one can.Each attacker must be a good psychologist.One has only to find the right words to the "victim" believed in the possibility of a big win.In fact, it is a real crime.Cheating in any size punishable by law.

Most often the scam on the street a group of people are turned.One can "work" with a thimble or a lottery, the other is to lure people.It is possible that the crowd would be the person who manages to win over and over again.Rather, it is an accomplice of a criminal group.

Card games

is a traditional card fraud.As soon as the gambling, the attackers began to invent new ways of appropriation of another's property and money.There is even a thief profession.The man who deceives people with cards, called sharper.He not only plays cards well and knows a lot of manipulation and is a great psychologist, able to divert human gesture or facial expressions.The most common card tricksters do not work alone.In prisons, organizing the whole school and corporate training of professionals here.By the way, earnings lies not in the pocket of the offender, and is divided equally among group members.

Card games - a whole world with its own rules and language.In fact, the cards themselves are not an element of the crime.Although gambling is prohibited in many countries and cities, maps, perfectly develops logical thinking.Signs of fraud game gets only when one of the participants to cause material or moral damage.The desire to take risks is the biggest magnet that attracts people to the card games.After all, many people play for money or other material assets.Gambling, including card, often addictive.Get rid of that oh how difficult.Alas, it is not possible to many ...

Card games today are illegal.Despite this, people continue to get hooked fraud.There are entire institutions, where people come to "try their luck".Most often it is basements or other rooms, hidden from the eyes of the police.Such fraud in Moscow and other large cities is considered quite common.Unsuspecting citizens are often caught at stations, flea markets and other places of large gatherings of people.Modern cheats keep pace with technology.To play a card game, it is not necessary to go to a casino: you can have fun and at the computer in real time.


Many seek to know the future.Is it worth it to invest in the business?Is not it dangerous to carry out a surgical operation?When will be able to get married?Unsuspecting citizens are willing to pay any money to get answers to their questions.Guessing - is even more ancient form of "obegorivaniya" than card games.To doubt that there are really talented people, not worth it.But most of those who propose to know the future, are the most common offenders.One can cite various examples of fraud, which resulted in the victim remained virtually penniless, in fact, people were selling apartments and cars to pay a fortune.

Today, there are many ways to "predict the future".Many offer to tell fortunes by coffee grounds, some masters use in their work card.Pretty common, though not as much as before, palmistry.But in spite of such a wide range of techniques, all of these options have one thing.Whichever way or divination performed before you know the future, you must make a deposit.Meets fraud on a large scale when the visitor magical interior is obliged to make an advance payment amount in excess of, say, $ 500 ... And in fact, many agree, without bothering to think, but not too high a price for services witch?

In most cases, women are engaged in fortune-telling.Magic salon has special attributes.This is a different candles, mirrors and amulets.Fortuneteller itself may have black hair and bright makeup.On his head is most often present scarf.All this, of course, makes an impression on unsuspecting customer.A couple of well-aimed features, casually dropped remark seer, some to anything, like, a non-binding questions, and all - the victim on the hook ... The problem is that the responsibility for fraud of this kind do not always occur.The fortune teller can issue formal operations.In this case, any claims by the State can not be.After all, people decide to carry their money in a magical interior.And who can guarantee that the words of the fortune-teller of the future are true?

Financial pyramid

Similar types of fraud known since ancient years.The most vivid example is not unknown community "MMM".People are encouraged to purchase a certain amount of coupons.They had to be cut by the scheme.Those who brought the finished product, the amount paid many times more than the one that was introduced at the beginning.

With the development of information technology pyramid leaked online.There are different types of fraud, but they are united.Financial structure exists on the money of depositors.Interest is paid at the same time at the expense of attracting new clients.It turns out that the primary investors manage to earn good money.But such a structure has no financial verification.It is constructed out of thin air.Sooner or later comes the collapse of financial pyramid.Organizers disappear with all the money of depositors.And there is when the influx of new customers is suspended.

Financial pyramid can be an excellent tool earnings.Feel great, those who invest in the beginning, and have time to return the money spent (with interest) even before the collapse of the structure will occur.The point is rather risky.Before making such a way is to examine fraud schemes.You have to be prepared for the fact that money back yet fail.

Magic wallets

Once access to the World Wide Web got everyone, new examples of fraud.Many people began to transfer money to e-bills.On mailboxes began receiving letters about magic purses.The key is to send in the e-mail account a certain amount of money, but after a few days it will double.The lure gullible attackers managed simply.Initially, many were sent a small amount of money on a purse.Several times earnings managed to really get.Once listed has deceived a large sum, all information about the purse disappeared.

News magic wallets fast enough spread in social networks.Letters nobody trusted.Then the attackers had to develop new fraud schemes.The e-mails offering to trick magic purse.In most cases, the income could be obtained if an attacker to transfer a small amount of money.In fact, this is the same divorce.Gullible citizens gave the purse number and warned that he con.Cheaters can be "punished" if repeatedly send small amounts of money.The problem is that finance is not returned after the initial listing.

paying jobs at home

There are people who for some reason can not get a normal job.It can be mothers on maternity leave, or citizens with disabilities.They welcome any employment at home.And if for it will offer even high enough to pay, this is a huge plus.It is based on this and numerous methods of fraud.People offer type texts at home, collect pens, glue the envelopes.But before you get started, you should make some money.Attackers explain this maneuver simply.This payment for raw materials.What if the person will receive material to work and perform their duties not want to?Many believe such a justification fair and often get hooked.

There are also ways of fraud, which require no initial fee.People are invited to work at home, which is related to skills.Often, this type of fraud associated with copywriting.Man offering high-paying job for writing articles.But in order to start cooperation, it is necessary to send a test text, which supposedly will be paid at a lower rate.After the copywriter performs the test job, the relationship with the employer terminates.A scammer can profitably sell an article that got absolutely for free, on one of the exchanges.

products at competitive prices at online stores

Online Shop - is a great way to save.Things are often stored in warehouses.This means that the seller is not necessary to pay for retail space.Therefore, the goods offered at below-market prices.But in this sphere scammers have found their niche.They make a colorful site, download product information, which does not exist.The price offered is the lowest.The only problem is that the purchase can not be sent to the buyer on delivery.Buy a thing is possible only after full payment.Man makes money on the electronic account and my purchase and do not.These online stores often do not exist more than a month.This large-scale fraud.After a certain period of time, thanks to good sites and colorful advertising, manages to deceive many "customers."Preliminary costs quickly pay for themselves.

order not to be deceived, making online purchases, you should pay attention to some nuances.First of all it is a way of payment and delivery.If you are prompted to purchase the goods on delivery, you should use this opportunity.A good online store always has opinions about its activities.If a few months of such network yet, it is worth considering.

Toll fraud

Mobile widespread for more than ten years ago.In this area, the attackers also found many ways to get rich.There is a huge number of paid rooms that are charged is not the case, as described by the mobile operator.A person can come to an SMS message to a large gain.And to find out more information, you should call the number indicated.The "lucky" for a long time on hold.Learn about winning or failing.And after a call is interrupted, it appears that disappeared from the account of all the money.

Recognize telephone scam is simple enough.The message will contain only minimal information about the prize and the number of certificates.If the stock does exist and is held mobile operator, will be specified terms and conditions for winning.You can not become a party to such action without prior registration.

On the phone may come with a message asking for help.The man calls back and gets so hooked attacker.The money from the mobile account disappear.It is also a fraud.Withdrawals from the account may be small.In any case, it makes sense to contact the police.

Insurance Fraud

as victim advocates are not physical but a legal entity.Many companies have contracts for life insurance, property and real estate.But!The probability that an accident will be regarded as an insurance, and companies will have to pay a certain sum to an individual is negligible.

However, there is diametrically opposite of option when attackers try to deceive the agency.The composition of the fraud is that "affected" artificially creates an insurance case.If the contract relates to the car, we need only apply a little damage to the vehicle.The company pays compensation.And in order to repair the car, we need a much smaller amount.

Insurance fraud is now quite common.Simple trusting people also often faced with deception.Fans of easy money can act as insurance agents.Criminals go to their homes and offices, offering their services.What is it, dear reader, have probably already guessed.People offer insurance for life or property.Monthly payment will be minimal.The more customers trust the insurance agent, the larger will be the size of the fraud.Even in small amounts of an attacker manages to earn good money.


lending large sums of money is always attracted intruders.Therefore fraud in lending in recent years becomes a huge scale.As the attackers are most often individuals who enter into a contract with a financial institution.Even at the stage of signing of all documents they know that the loan commitment will not be performed.The calculation is quite simple.Rascal sure, I am given a small amount of the borrower's bank soon forget.At the conclusion of the transaction attacker indicates incorrect contact details.The likelihood that the offender will be able to find, is significantly reduced.

fraud in lending may also be connected with the documents confirming the identity of the borrower.There are cases when the passport is lost after a person finds out that his name features a large loan.To avoid such situations, the security of financial institutions have started specific requirements for the conclusion of contracts.To get a loan, enough to provide a passport and an income statement.Borrower photographed and asked to provide several stationary phone numbers for communication.The decision whether to issue the loan on a large scale, can be taken in a few days.

as a tool of black realtors

Often fraud in lending due to the acquisition of real estate or motor vehicles.Many people do not understand the nuances of the transactions, so enjoy using Realtors.The specialist takes over search for a suitable property as well as the preparation of documents.The client communicates with the financial institution through an intermediary.Realtor can advise the borrower that the bank refused to grant a loan.In fact, the financial institution has entered into a deal.The mediator will disappear with the "earned" money.A borrower only after some time know that the loan has been issued yet, and the debt has grown significantly.How?