Symbols of Germany.

Symbols Germany that exist today - this is not just an image, it is logos that represent the whole state.And in each of them lies a story.

German tricolor

Each country has anthem, emblem and flag.It's three attributes, without which it can not do any one state.Germany - is no exception.Each character of these went a long way and can tell a lot about yourself.

Take, for example, the flag of Germany.What do the colors of the tricolor, not everyone knows.And the beginning of his colors marked passages in the XIX century, the movement for the freedom of the Germans.All-German student association, which was created in 1818, the year, color your flag in black, red and gold.Young people have suggested that these color - a symbol of the ancient empire.After some time (namely, in 1832, the year) tricolor declared himself much more confident.By the way, under the same flag was held in 1848 and the March revolution.

After some time, "German Bundestag" confirmed that the black-red-gold tricolor - is the flag of Germany.What are the colors?This combination - a symbol of freedom and unity.There is another version of the most popular.The black color represents a dark past of the state.Red - the political situation in the country.Finally, gold - bright future wealth and prosperity.Strictly speaking, it is safe to adopt - on the date the last color, gold, fully justified their presence in the tricolor.After all, Germany today is one of the most prosperous and successful country.

flag of the German Empire and the Third Reich

Of course, Germany has not always been the black-red-gold flag.Officially, he was permanently and approved after the war 40s.Much earlier, in the days of the German Empire, it was a bit different - black, red and white.Often, in the middle of the web it has been portrayed German cross.

also can not say how was the flag of the Third Reich.The flag is red, the center is depicted a white circle, and inside it - the swastika.By the way, svastika, if translated from Sanskrit means prosperity, which is associated with the good.Because a lot of mistakes, considering it a symbol of the fascist and word origin."Swasti" - is good luck and prosperity.However, due to its use in the symbolism of the Third Reich in the vast majority of people, it was only to cause aggression.

symbol of courage

Germany Speaking of characters, the first thing I would like to mention, of course, the eagle.It has long forgotten its original origins.This symbol of Germany, which has seen a photo every second person is different centuries of history.Several hundred years ago, he did not belong there.Once upon a time the current national symbol of Germany's flaunted on the arms of the Austrian Empire.

German eagle is very similar to Roman.Rather, it is a modification, if I may say so.Back in the year 800, Charlemagne ordered to restore the fundamental symbol of the powerful poultry and then proclaimed the eagle emblem of the state.However, the image of the mascot, the German capital is, oddly enough, a bear.This animal - a symbol of Germany.And as the coat of arms it was adopted in Berlin, in the XIII century.The bear is a symbol of strength and prudence.

Oak leaves

Many have heard about the eagle, but not all know one more symbol of Germany.Oak leaf - it is about him talking about.In Germany, the oak has long been considered a "German" tree.There are a few good reasons.One of them lies in the fact that the solid wood and leaves with more pronounced lines from distant times of the existence of the Germans became full-fledged symbol of steadfastness, courage and immortality.

After some time, the oak has acquired another value, becoming a symbol of fidelity.After 1871, when it created the German Empire, oak leaves have become quite popular.They quickly spread.Almost everywhere in the state symbols, coins, medals and even the monuments can be seen that the national symbol of Germany, who successfully replace outdated bay leaf.

Earth Germany

Everyone knows that the country is divided into federal states, which are only 16. The largest is the Bayern and the smallest - Saar.Each land has its own flag and its coat of arms.And I must say, they have a much more complex picture than the state symbols of Germany.Although some flags and emblems of the lands known to everyone.

For example, the Bavarian flag - white and blue diamonds, walking in a row.After all, this emblem emblazoned on the car BMW.The coat of arms of Bavaria - two lions that hold fourfold shield.Inside it, by the way, adorns another small plate.

worth noting that almost half of the coats of arms of the German lands depicted animals.For example, the emblem of the state of Baden-Württemberg shows three griffin symbolizes the Berlin bear, Brandenburg - eagle, Essen - a lion, and Niedersachsen - horse.On other emblems adorn the building, architecture and other interesting images.Bremen can be found on the red emblem with a silver key, Hamburg - the castle with three towers, and North-Rhine Westphalia - is a river and a horse.

Every nation has its own symbols, which reflects the tradition and character of a nation that has long been formed in the course of its rich history.So picture, painting today on the arms of land, have their origin in very ancient times, and are directly related to the history of the German people.

Flower symbol

Speaking about the national symbols of Germany, I would like to mention a specific focus a little-known as cornflower.Everyone knows that every country has "their" plant.In Germany, such a cornflower - gentle and incredibly beautiful flower that grows in the fields.He is considered a symbol of a happy omen.It is interesting that during the reign of William the First, this flower was a symbol of sovereignty.Then cornflower even appeared the second name - "the flower of the Emperor."Thus, the "herbal" is a symbol of Germany even several representatives - a cornflower and the oak, which has already been discussed above.

Anthem Germany

And finally, a few words of the national anthem.After all, as has been said, the symbols of Germany - is not only the flags and emblems.It is also a hymn.This verbal symbol of the country, which is able to convey the words that best describes how the state and the people living in it.The authorship of "Song of the Germans" is owned by Joseph Haydn, the composer and the poet Hoffmann von Fallersleben.In the literal translation of the name of the national anthem is "Germany - above all else."In the song a sense of patriotism of the people, their love of their country, traditions and everything that is connected with their homeland.Perhaps it is this love and keeps this powerful and strong state.