The secret of youth from Madonna

wonderful woman Madonna tried probably all the diets and all kinds of fitness in the world.Mother of three children, she has become a real guru of healthy lifestyles, and in their 50s looks stunning.Fantastic persistence and iron will power developed its regime.

So, she spends 2-3 hours a day for classes Ashtanga yoga, pilates, swimming, biking.In her arsenal is a sports power and the Power Plate Cardio Wave, helping to work with the muscles of the pelvis.

As for power, then there is the Madonna for many years preferred a macrobiotic diet based on a combination of low calorie vegetarian foods.

To her Madonna had introduced him her husband Guy Ritchie and her friend Gwyneth Paltrow.Star very careful about nutrition and therefore rarely visited restaurants."You can never be totally sure of what's on your plate" - says Madonna.

What kind of fashionable diet of superstar?Permission is granted to have all the whole grains as much as possible of vegetables and root crops, apples, pears, fish or chicken every day, nuts, as a condiment - pumpkin, sunflower seeds.Indulge in sugar, meat, milk, grapes, bananas, black tea, coffee, soda.Below is a detailed schedule for those who wish to join the secret star.

Breakfast: oat cereal with seeds, raisins and low-fat milk, two rye bread with butter and honey.

Lunch: carrots or celery.


1 option - vegetable soup, grain muffins, apple.

Option 2 - salad of red and white cabbage, which added a tablespoon of canned green beans and sweet corn, crushed walnuts and black raisins;flavor mayonnaise, seizing grain bread.

Snack (may be waived): cup of any vegetarian soup from a bag.


1st day - fillets of cod, stewed in milk with parsley, 2-3 any root, baked apple.

2nd day - fried chicken breast without skin, 2-3 root, slice of cheese, an apple.

3rd day - 2 tablespoons of canned tuna with jacket potato or rice, salad with apples, raisins and almond nuts six.

4th day - fried chicken with vegetables and cashew nuts (the chicken can be replaced by rice), baked apple.

5th day - salmon fillet, baked in the oven with any three roots.

6th day - vegetable ragout of roasted sweet peppers, carrots, broccoli, beans, pine nuts.Flavored with soy sauce.

The 7th day you can select any version of the following dinner, and from the 8th - start all over again.

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