Motocross helmets with glass: tips on choosing and reviews

There is a huge variety of helmets, but only in the cross model has an arc elongated chin, whose main task is the dissipation of energy that occurs due to shock and deformation.The peculiarity of this design will protect the lower jaw and the face of the athlete from tumbles.

Design Features motocross helmets

In practice, all helmets are designed on the same principle.The outer casing of the product is very hard and protects the head from damage.Under the shell is the inner layer, which distributes the remaining energy is not absorbed by the outer layer during the strike, and extinguishes it by tightening their own fiber.There is also a special belt with soft pillows, which is fastened on the chin, thereby a strong fixation helmet on his head.

Tinted glass (took) protects the eyes from sunlight and falling of small stones, dust and dirt.Motocross helmets with glass appeared relatively recently.Prior to this model without the protective glass, as provided for the use of special glasses.In such a shell the pilot enters a sufficient amount of air, which is so necessary in the intense driving.In addition, the design of all models equipped with a multi-point ventilation.

What layers consist

helmet Helmet for motocross bikes can be made by molding, which is carried out under pressure.As plastic materials used and various polyamides.As a rule, these products are cheaper polutorakilogrammovye multilayer laminated helmets.Such shell layers are made of a special fabric with the subsequent impregnation of each layer carbolic resins.Often it is - completely handmade, such motocross helmets with glass are considered the most reliable.

Motorcycle helmet motocross covered paints, resistant to sunlight and natural phenomena.In addition, they provide long life and prevent the destruction of the product.Already during manufacture in the front of the helmet, as well as temporal and parietal areas leave the vents.

about the inner shell motocross helmets

inside the helmet shell is used to make polystyrene foam, which is compressed as a result of various shocks and deformations.This feature can significantly reduce the space inside the helmet when falling off the bike and bounce.Thus, the head almost immobilized, and the impact force is mitigated.

should be remembered that even a minor impact on the shell can lead to the fact that the protective function of the helmet will be further minimized.Polystyrene is not returned to its original state, so if damaged shells motocross motorcycle helmet needs to be replaced.Over the inner layer lining is worn, which is a lightweight, well-ventilated material.If necessary, it can be washed and put in order.

What types of helmets can be used for off-road cross-country

for demanding off-road use lightweight helmet for motocross bikes with excellent ventilation.As the model without glasses, or cross helmet with visor has a visor that can be adjusted.It also has a protective role and prevents small items in the face of the pilot, the rays of the scorching sun and flying rain.Such a shell for a ride on difficult tracks is called a Cross helmet.It is not recommended to use it to drive in urban environments, as it is not suitable for driving in polluted areas.These same characteristics also has a children's motocross helmet, which differs only in size.

Setting quality visor (Pinlock)

shell for a ride on the road, in fact, represents a cross-helmet with visor, sun having functions.In addition, it is possible to set the Pinlock, which serves as a protective fog screen.Besides pinlok prevents fogging of the glass, which provides an excellent overview.Such cross-helmet with a visor that can be folded, easy to transport and easy to store.

most secure and easy-shell is considered an integral who prefer almost all riders.It is recommended that beginners choose bright model that will make a notable athlete on the road.Most quality is considered to be a shell of carbon fiber, the weight of which is 1 kg.

IXS Helmet Motocross c visor HX207

Feedback from fans of extreme driving, is considered to be one of the best cross-IXS helmet with glass HX207, has excellent resistance to scratching.This matt black shell is made of polycarbonate and has a heavy-duty zipper hoop type.The product is considered to be multi-functional, because in addition to heavy-duty off-road, can be used in the urban cycle.

The housing products are ventilation ducts, as well as respiratory deflector.Glass anti-mist, resistant to mechanical damage and protects the eyes from sunlight.Lining removable shell, so it is easy to be replaced and washed.Motocross helmets with glass HX207 offer maximum comfort and safety.In addition they have the high level of noise reduction.Product weight is 1.55 kg.This helmet is fully consistent with international safety standards.

multifunctional shell SOL

Motocross helmets with glass SS-1 (SOL) are in compliance with DOT and they can be used in any weather all year round.The product is used as an element of head protection while riding a motocross bike and sports, snow and off-road ATV-ATV.This helmet is made of thermoplastic material in two sizes of the outer shell, which allows the pilot to choose an ideal option.

shell has an aerodynamic shape and can be used in an aggressive environment.

The model predusmotena ability to set any screen, at its discretion, including dual-layer or electrically.In addition, instead of glass can be used at the discretion goggles motocross rider.Face the cutout helmet provides a great overview.The shells mounted removable visor type.SS-1 was tested in a wind tunnel, and established himself as a reliable means of protection.

few words about the manufacturers

For known brands, whose products are certified and tested a large number of users, should be attributed Racer, IXS, SOL Helmets, Arai and others.

High quality and reliability of these products guarantee a high level of safety pilots.For example, the company produces multikompozitnye Racer motorcycle helmets, which are used in the production of Kevlar and fibreglass.Reinforcement materials such shell strength greatly exceeds the red-hot steel.

should be very careful when choosing a brand of low-grade and beware of fakes and handicrafts in China.The manufacture of such products does not allow the use of high quality raw materials, besides, they do not meet minimum safety requirements.When you hit such shells could shatter into many small fragments without fulfilling its direct purpose.This should be remembered and not to save on their own health and safety.

Trying shell

defined the crossover model of the helmet, you must take into account that it was exactly adapted to the head.To do this, the shell must be deployed so that the visor was right in the face, and then take both hands on the straps near the places of attachment to the helmet and put it on his head.Thereafter, necessary to fasten the straps so that there was no discomfort.Then you need to move the helmet and visor in different directions, and to make sure that nothing interferes.This product should sit on your head still and inconvenience.

note that helmet will be too big to pass the flow of air while driving, and in the case of a possible emergency be virtually useless.Little shell is excessively squeezing the vessels of the head, which can affect overall health.It should also be considered when choosing a children's motocross helmet, so the choice of means of protection for the child should be conducted with great care.

Choose size crossover helmet

order to determine the necessary size of the shell, you should measure the perimeter of the head in the upper part.

This must take into account the anatomical features of the human skull, namely the length of the projections brow and occiput.Measuring circumference can be made using a centimeter.Girth should be carried out over the ears, capturing the temporal lobes, and considering the above features.The resulting figure is a centimeter in size and will be necessary.Below is a table which shows the dimensions of motocross helmets, thanks to which you can quickly choose a suitable shell.

51-52 53-54 55-56 57-58 59-60 61-62

This is considered to be the smallest size XXXS ─ 49-50 cm, and the biggest in the ─ XXL 63-64 cm. Keep in mind that a little break in the helmet, especially if the store was already a few exampleshuman.Therefore, you need to select the model that you potentially can be bought, otherwise the shell will be sitting on your head a little differently.It is recommended to wear a helmet liner for aggressive riding in the cold season.Therefore, when determining the size and fitting it should be taken into account.

How to store and look after a Cross helmet

any pilot wants his helmet remained in original condition, brand new and shiny as possible.Clean the outer surface of the shell is not recommended soap solution.For this purpose it is necessary to use wet wipes or a soft cloth moistened with a special solution.If adhering midges badly behind a glossy surface, you can attach to a helmet for a few minutes a rag soaked in hot water.After cleaning the surface, it must be polished.This procedure should be carried out with the help of wax polish car, which is sold in the form of aerosols.Spotless shine can be achieved by using cloth or microfiber.

Lining desirable to expose the hand-washing, as when using the machine, it quickly will become worthless.As the detergent you should use baby shampoo, can be diluted with a weak solution of soap.To screen visor served for a long time and ensures perfect visibility, use a mild cleaning solutions based on natural ingredients.Synthetic funds very quickly destroy the surface.The helmet is sold complete with a special pouch in which to store the cross-connecting the shell after its complete cleaning.Do not expose the helmet to direct sunlight.Also avoid falling helmet to prevent it from spoiling.