The proof of life after death?

beautiful fields and forests, rivers and lakes filled with lovely fish, wonderful gardens with fruit, there are no problems, only happiness and beauty - is one of the concepts of life that continues after death in the world.Many religious people describe it as paradise, into which the man has done more evil during his life on earth.Only if there is life after death on our planet?Is there any proof of life after death?It's quite interesting and deep philosophical reasoning to questions.

Scientific concepts

As is the case with other religious and mystical phenomena, scientists have been able to give an explanation of the matter.Also, many researchers consider the scientific evidence of life after death, but they do not have material foundations.Only it later.

Afterlife (also common term "afterlife") - representation of people from religious and philosophical point of view about life, occurring after the real existence of man on earth.Almost all of these ideas are connected with the soul of man, which is in the human body during his life.

Possible afterlife:

  • life with God.This is a form of existence of the human soul.Many religious people believe that God will raise the soul.
  • hell or heaven.The most common term.This representation exists in many religions of the world, and the majority of people.After the death of a man's soul gets to hell or to heaven.The first place is for people who have sinned during life on earth.

  • new image in a new body.Reincarnation - scientific definition of human life in new incarnations on the planet.Bird, animal, plant and other forms that can inhabit the soul of man after the death of the material body.Some religions also provides life in the human body.

Some religions are evidence of the existence of life after death in its other forms, but the above are the most common are listed.

Afterlife in Ancient Egypt

Highest graceful pyramids were built more than a dozen years.The ancient Egyptians used a technology that has not yet been fully explored.There are many assumptions about the technology of building the pyramids of Egypt, but unfortunately, none of the scientific point of view does not have full evidence.

ancient Egyptians had no proof of the existence of the soul and life after death.They just believe in this opportunity.So people built pyramids and Pharaoh, provided the perfect existence in another world.By the way, the Egyptians believed that the afterlife reality is almost identical to the real world.

should also pay attention to the fact that, according to the Egyptians, the people in the other world can not fall or climb the social ladder.For example, Pharaoh can not become a simple man, and the worker is not easy to be king in the realm of the dead.

Residents Egyptian mummified body of the deceased, and the Pharaohs, as mentioned earlier, it was placed in a huge pyramid.In a special room nationals and relatives of deceased ruler placed items that will be needed for life and rule in the afterlife.

Afterlife Christianity

Ancient Egypt and the establishment of the pyramids are old times, so the proof of life after death this ancient nation refers only to Egyptian hieroglyphs that were found on the ancient buildings and pyramids, including.Only the Christian understanding of this concept existed before and exist to this day.

Judgement - the court, when the soul of man appears in court before God.That the Lord may determine the future fate of the souls of the dead - he will feel terrible torments and punishment on his deathbed, or walk with God in a beautiful paradise.

What factors influence the decision of God?

Throughout the earthly life of each person does things - good and bad.It should say at once that this view is a religious and philosophical points of view.It is for these earthly deeds judge looks at the Last Judgment.You also can not forget about life's faith in God and in the power of prayer and the church.

As can be seen, as in Christianity there is life after death.The proof of this fact exists in the Bible, the church and the opinion of many people who have devoted their lives to the service of the Church and, of course, God.

Death in Islam

Islam is no exception commitment to postulate the existence of the underworld.As in other religions, a person throughout life commits certain acts, and from them will depend on how he would die, what kind of life it will be expected.

If the person at the time of existence on Earth do bad things, then, of course, it is waiting for a specific sentence.The beginning of punishment for sins becomes painful death.Muslims believe that sinful man will die in agony.Although a person with a clear mind and a light will go out of this world with ease and without any problems.

main proof of life after death is in the Koran (Muslim holy book) and in the exercise of religious people.It should immediately be noted that Allah (God in Islam) teaches us not to fear death, because a believer who does righteous deeds will be rewarded with eternal life.

If the Christian religion at the Last Judgment God himself is present, that in Islam a decision taken by two angels - Nakeer and Munkar.They produce an interrogation gone from earthly life.If people did not believe and commit sins that are not redeemed at the time of earthly existence, that he was waiting for punishment.The believer is a person granted paradise.If you are behind a believer unredeemed sins, he faces punishment after which he will be able to get to the beautiful place called heaven.Atheists are waiting for the terrible meal.

Performances Buddhists and Hindus of death

Hinduism has no founder, who created life on Earth, and which is necessary to pray and inclined.Vedas - the sacred texts that replace God.In the Russian translation of "Veda" - "wisdom" and "knowledge."

Vedas also be regarded as the fact that there is evidence of life after death.In this case, people (to be more precise, the soul) will die, and give new flesh.Spiritual lessons that people should learn to be the cause of constant transformation.

In Buddhism, there is a paradise, but it has not the same level as in other religions, but several.At each stage, so to speak, the soul receives the knowledge, wisdom and other positive aspects, and moves on.

In both these religions there is also a hell, but in comparison with other religious beliefs, he is not eternal punishment for the soul of man.There are many myths about how the souls of the dead from hell to heaven and passed began their journey at certain levels.

views of other religions of the world

In fact, every religion their ideas about the afterlife.At the moment, it is simply impossible to name the exact number of religions, so the above were considered only the largest and main, but they can find exciting evidence of life after death.

should also pay attention to the fact that almost all religions there are common traits of death and life in paradise and hell.

nothing does not disappear without a trace

Death, death, disappearance is not the end.It is, if these words are appropriate, rather, the beginning of something, but not the end.As an example, take a bone plum, who spat people eat the fruit directly (plum).

This stone falls, and it seems it has come to an end.Only in fact it may put forth, and the light will be a beautiful bush, beautiful plant that will bear fruit and delight others with their beauty and their existence.When the bush will die, for example, it simply will move from one state to another.

What this example?In addition, that person's death is also not the end of his direct.This example can also be seen as evidence of life after death.Expectation and Reality, however, can vary greatly.

there a soul?

Throughout the time we are talking about the existence of the human soul after death, but there was no question of the existence of the soul.Maybe it does not exist?Therefore it is necessary to pay attention to this concept.

In this case it is necessary to move from the religious discourse to scientific facts.The whole world - earth, water, trees, space, and everything else - is made up of atoms, molecules.Only none of the elements is unable to feel, reason and progress.If we talk about whether there is life after death, the evidence can be taken on the basis of this reasoning.

Of course, we can say that the human body has organs that are the causes of all the senses.We should not forget about the human brain, because it is responsible for intelligence and mind.In this case one can make a comparison of the human-computer.Last much smarter, but it is programmed to certain processes.To date, actively began to build robots, but they do not have feelings, though made on human likeness.Based on the discussion, we can talk about the existence of the human soul.

also possible as another proof of the aforementioned words cause the emergence of thought.This part of human life has no scientific beginning.It can be years, decades and centuries to study all kinds of science and "sculpt" the thought of all the material means, but nothing happens.Thought has no material basis.

Scientists have proved that life after death exists

Talking about the afterlife man, you should not only pay attention to the arguments in religion and philosophy, because, in addition, there are research and, of course, the necessary results.Many scientists puzzled and puzzled over, to see what happens to a person after his death.

above mentioned Vedas.In these scriptures speak of the transmigration of the soul from one body to another.It is this question wondered Ian Stevenson - known psychiatrist.It should say at once that his research into reincarnation have made a great contribution to the scientific understanding of life after death.

scientists began to consider life after death, the real proof that he could find on the planet.The psychiatrist was able to see more than 2,000 cases of reincarnation, then certain conclusions were made.When a person is reborn in another form, then all physical defects are also saved.If the deceased had some scars, the new body and they will also be present.This fact has the necessary evidence.

During the study, scientists used hypnosis.And during one session boy remembers his death - he was killed with an ax.This feature could be reflected in a new body - the boy, who was investigated by scientists, I had a rough growth on the back of the head.After receiving the necessary information psychiatrist begins to search for the family, which may have been the murder of a man with an ax.And the result was not long in coming.Jan was able to find people in the family that in the recent past a man hacked to death with an ax.The nature of the wounds was similar to the build-up of the child.

This is not an example that may indicate that it has found evidence of life after death.So you should consider a few occasions during the research scientist and psychiatrist.

The other child had a defect on his fingers as if he chopped off them.Of course, a scientist interested in this fact, and not in vain.The boy was able to tell Stevenson that he had lost his fingers during field work.After talking with the child began to look for witnesses who could explain this phenomenon.After some time, people have been found, told of the death of a man during field work.The man died of blood loss.Fingers were chopped off thresher.

Considering these circumstances, we can say that there is life after death.Evidence could lead Ian Stevenson.After the scientist published works, many people began to think about the real existence of the afterlife, which was described by a psychiatrist.

Clinical and real death

Everyone knows that the strongest injuries can happen clinical death.In this case the person stops the heart, there is a stop of all life processes, but the oxygen deprivation of more does not cause irreversible effects.During this process, the body is in transition between life and death.Clinical death lasts no more than 3-4 minutes (very rare 5-6 minutes).

people who survived such times, talk about the "tunnel" of "white light".On the basis of these facts, scientists were able to discover new evidence of life after death.Scientists who have studied this phenomenon, make the necessary report.In their view, consciousness is always there in the universe, the death of the material body is not the end of the soul (mind).


This word refers to the freezing of human or animal body to ensure that in the future was an opportunity to revive the dead.In some cases, the state of deep cooling is not subjected to the whole body, but only the head or brain.

Interesting fact: experiments on animals carried out freezing in XVII century.Only after about 300 years, humanity more seriously think about this method of producing immortality.

possible that this process will be the answer to the question: "Life after death?"Evidence may be submitted in the future, because the science is not in place.But for the moment it remains a mystery cryonics with the hope of development.

Life After Death: The latest evidence

One of the latest evidence in this regard was the study of the American scientist theoretical physicist Robert Lanza.Why is one of the last?Because this discovery was made in the fall of 2013.What conclusion did the scientist?

It should immediately be noted that the scientist is a physicist, so the evidence is based on quantum physics.

From the beginning, the scientist drew attention to the color perception.As an example he cited the blue sky.We are all accustomed to seeing the sky was the color of this, but in reality everything is different.Why does a person see red, red, green - green and so on?In the words of Lanza, the whole thing in the receptors of the brain that are responsible for color perception.If the impact on these receptors, the skies can suddenly become red or green.

Everyone used to, says a researcher to see a mixture of molecules and carbonates.The reason for this is the perception of our minds, but the reality may be different from the common understanding.

Robert Lanz believes that there are parallel universes where all events are synchronous, but at the same time different.From this man's death is just a transition from one world to another.As evidence, the researcher conducted an experiment Young.For scientists, this method is proof that light - it is nothing like a wave that can be measured.

essence of the experiment: Lanz passed light through two holes.When the beam is passed through an obstacle, it is divided into two parts, but if he be beyond the hole, he again merge and become even lighter.In those places where the waves of light are not united into a single beam, it becomes dull.

As a result, Robert Lantz came to the conclusion that it is not the universe creates life, quite the contrary.If life ends in the world, then, as in the case with the light, it continues to exist elsewhere.


Probably, it is undeniable that there is life after death.Facts and evidence, of course, are not one hundred per cent, but they exist.As can be seen from the above information, the afterlife existence is not only in religion and philosophy, but also in scientific circles.

lodging this time, each person can only speculate and think about what will happen with him after death, after the disappearance of his body on this planet.