Basic rules of decoration of dishes

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Art filing and decoration of dishes drawn primarily to the human imagination in order to create his mood and give the dish a special attraction.The ability to make the dish beautiful - one of the components of the cooking.There are special rules that help your masterpieces to make an impression on visitors.

1. Products used

for making various ornaments used both fresh and ready to eat vegetables.Some vegetables are not treated specially, since they lose the necessary "to appeal" quality.
example, raw potatoes and turnips are perfect for creating a white compositions, and beets - for the Reds.Lettuce, mint, parsley, leeks, cucumbers or peppers successfully serve as "leaves and stems of" culinary bouquet.And lemons, oranges, watermelons, melons, avocados, as if by magic, transformed into voluminous baskets, boats and ships.

2. The right combination

main rule - a dish and its decoration should complement and blend with each other.For example, potatoes as fungi or flowers perfect complement meat.A rosette of lemon decorate seafood.Color is the primary tool for creating and underscores the taste of food.When using dyes to prefer natural products can be used for coloring saffron, paprika, curry, beet juice, mayonnaise, tomato paste.

green can be colored, add chopped greens.Green transmitted by onion - leeks, cucumbers, different greens;orange - carrot, orange;red - tomato, beet;White - hard-boiled egg, fresh turnip.For the rest, trust your imagination.

4. Location

necessary to carefully consider the location of all the decorative elements in advance.Utensils should not distract attention from the food.Remember that any decorated dish arouse more interest than his "humble neighbor."Jewellery should be neat, cutting lines - clear and concise.The edges of the plate should be wiped clean before serving.

No matter how you adorn your table and their meals, as long as it was with the soul and imagination, then your guests will appreciate your work and even asked for advice to decorate your table.

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