Guessing on the names of the guys.

name of her future husband, sooner or later tries to find any teenage girl.It was at this tender age relationship between the sexes is in its infancy, so the young creature is trying by all means to look into tomorrow and accelerate the pleasant events.One way to lift the veil on the future is a guessing on Future Man, which will give the answer to such an exciting and delicate question.

Guessing onion

very popular among young people and affordable divination.Learn the name of the guy to help ordinary bunch of onions, which is exactly one week before Christmas to buy at the nearest market.For the rite stuff we select as many as there are potential suitors, but no more than 5-6.Each bulbs write the initials of the candidates and put them in separate jars filled with water.Tanks put on the window sill, close to the light source.

Seven days later, on the night before Christmas, banks are removed from its pedestal.Girl whispering over them cherished words: "onion, onion, whisper in your ear, who is my beloved fiance!"Then measured plumes that rose on vegetables for the week.Select a bulb with the length of sprouts, and then she looks for her initials written on.This guessing on names of the guys are very accurate, since it allows to know and name the gentleman.Soaked vegetables used to prepare a delicious onion soup, which is the perfect meal after a long Christmas-fasting meal.

Guessing on the pillow

evening before Andreev day, Christmas or New Year Old Girl prepares four papers.In three of them wrote the names of acquaintances nice young people, the fourth remains completely empty.Bedtime Gad is already in bed, kneels before a pillow and poured it on paper, they are mixed thoroughly and randomly puts each in a separate corner cushions.Then takes it in his hands, twisting in a clockwise direction, saying: "The pillow-soft pillow of feathers, let me dream sweet way. Whisper in my ear, I would like to know how he would like his name!"

With the last sound uttered cushion stops.It can not move more, or guessing on names of guys Buda invalid.She goes to bed.In the morning, have not lifted her head from the pillow, she chooses any of its corner, then pulls out a hidden paper.The name written on it, and the future will belong to the boyfriend.If you got a blank piece, so the gentleman in this year is not expected.

Guessing on a gold ring

for the rite is better to take your own decoration.But if not, you can borrow my mother or sister.The main thing that the person was the mother by blood, not a widow or a divorced woman.After threading the ring.Ideally, if it is red, which symbolizes love and passion.

Then cut out of the same shape and size of small pieces of paper.The number can range from two to twenty pieces: everything depends on the availability of your life potential Knights.Each piece of writing your name, turn over the blank side up, mix and decompose in a row.These trays ring hanging on a thread.Slowly move over the surface decoration.

It guessing on names of the guys a little bit for a long time, as she should support ring on each piece of paper, while observing the amplitude of his movements.The one piece, on which ring the most "active", turn over and read the name of their future young man.

Cartomancy the guy (his love and his name)

need for ritual ordinary deck of 36 cards.Pulling out of her jacks, lay them in a row face down, with each call the name of a pretender to the hand and heart.The remaining cards shuffling horizontally: below each jack must be inverted to form a column.From it choose a pair with two tens, ladies, aces and so on.They debug the Cavaliers.Such a procedure is necessary to make three more times, and then you can turn the jacks and see which pairs of cards fell on them.

If on the other hand the hidden Man are sixes, it means that he is on his way to you, Seven - forward to meeting you he needs, the Group of Eight - expect an important call, nine - Love scores - interest, ladies - rival kings- jealousy on his part, aces - a huge passion.In silence, in the evening by candlelight and is best done tarot cards.Name Man, in front of which were two or more pairs of aces can belong to her future husband.

"Heart divination"

better to do it February 14 - Valentine's Day.Holiday lovers ideal, precisely because in the center of divination - the heart.His left hand is necessary to draw on a sheet of paper.Arbitrary size, but not too small.Then, from another sheet cut 33 small squares.They must be approximately this size to 4-5 are placed freely within the scope of the heart.On each of the pieces of write one letter of the alphabet from A to Z.

Turn them over and start to interfere with a painted heart.This can whisper a simple plot: "Hot passion, my heart, let me see my guy, secret name open, let it always be mine!"Ceases to interfere.The few squares that will be at the heart, turn back: the letters will be present in the names and the name of the future boyfriend.When guessing she should be alone: ​​so she can fully concentrate and tune in to the innermost rite.

Guessing on the first comer

will suit only for the most daring and desperate.In the evening, when it gets dark, write on paper the phrase "What is the name of the future Man, tell passer-by", crumple it and hold in your hand.Then go outside, walk exactly 300 steps from the threshold (entrance) and stop.First a stranger of the opposite sex that you meet, you need to ask, "What's your name?"This necessarily believe what he says is not his name, and your betrothed.

Guessing on the names of the guys even carried out in such a way our ancient ancestors.They believed that occasional counter - the embodiment of supernatural forces, a demon or devil.Therefore, during the divination it is necessary to take off pectoral cross.When you receive a response to your question, crossed himself and, without looking back, go home.

All of these ceremonies is definitely a bit childish and naive, but at the same time very interesting and authentic.Divination always come true if they believe.So if you are skeptical about them, it is better not to carry out the ritual.Although, who knows, perhaps invented by the ancient customs of the Slavs lies not only the mysterious content, but the content and truthful.