Simoronsky ritual for money.

Before we come to the topic of how simoronskie rituals and comprehend what Simoron, walk through the labyrinth of the human psyche.

Why do people unhappy?

As a man realizes that he is unhappy?There comes a time when nothing pleases.Relationships with friends, parents, family strained.Money is only enough "to bleed", and so want the sea, new clothes or just a little more tasty.A negative attitude to work, and maybe it's not the work that is needed ...

To spread out your life on the shelves, there are people - therapists, who for several years for your money and all the problems sorted out.It turns out that the main reasons for which you are not lucky in life:

  1. you realize life is not enough.
  2. you psychologically illiterate.
  3. your most important enemy - it is laziness.
  4. you spiritless internally immature.
  5. your logical thinking weak.
  6. You do not have the capacity for paradoxical thinking.
  7. you cowardly and insecure.
  8. You poor health.
  9. you love all in vain.
  10. You do not have the motivation.
  11. You undeveloped intuition.

That is, to be happy, you need to dig out all your fears and rebuild their entire lives.Skukota terrible!

There are a lot of various techniques for positive thinking.No, of course, all right, but it's so hard!There is a way much better!


Simoron What exactly nobody knows (or does not confess), even those who invented it.More correctly, it sounds like: the school of wizards "Simoron."You feel slight bewilderment?Adults - and suddenly wizards.Kindergarten some!

It!Relax, become a young, blossoming, hooligan, laughable.Simoron does not require a fight, it requires creativity.First of all, think of a new name - the more absurd the better.For example, "the star corps de ballet", "Running on Waves", or simply a set of what some funny sounds.

Like any self-respecting magician, you have to be magical rituals and ceremonies.Where do we start?Let's try to rites and rituals for money.

Magic rituals to attract money

Simoronsky ritual for money - a purely personal matter.Someone needs the money to come to repay the loan.For some, it is important that things went well, and with them the money.And the third thing that money just were.That magical rituals for attracting money to get you started:

  1. to repay the loan.You can switch on (or at all) write: "Before leaving, extinguish the loan," and kept repeating it, turning off the light.
  2. to doing well, perform the ritual of "Shark Business".One day, get dressed, like a shark, fasten fins, fin to attach and go to the nearest body of water, repeating to himself: "I am a shark business, I'm going to spawn."Walk to the water, open a jar of caviar all (though squash) and "spawning" to health.
  3. To expedite cases simoronsky great ritual for money - "Call Vovan."Pick up the phone, you can dial any number and speak to an influential friend tence, who never refuses a request, and you can certainly help.You can complain about the competition, bad bosses, employees and officials.Finally, be sure to thank a friend and promised that "for you will not rust," or "off for me."
  4. to money flowing into your home, spend absolutely hooligan ritual "Red truselya."Choose the most frivolous red panties with bows, ruffles and put on his head.Walk around for a while so the room, muttering gay and poem about the "red truselya."Did you compose it yourself: "Glory to the Red truselyah ...".Throw briefs on the chandelier, shout your wish and do not worry - the money in the way.
  5. for undertaking important monetary affairs simoronsky perform the ritual for money "flag in hand drum around his neck."There is nothing complicated: a check mark in the hand drum on the neck, you can still play the pipe into anything.Holiday just the beginning of new cases was held.
  6. great ritual - "Money souls."Here and do nothing, only attitude.Taking a shower every time, imagine that you are bathing in luxury and money in your life - a continuous stream.
  7. Charge your wallet, and just by a phone charger.The plug - in socket, the other end - in the wallet.
  8. romantic and funny ritual "Reproduction of money."Make two large denominations romantic date.Put them together, they light the candles, pour 2 glasses of wine and leave it alone until the morning, hoping that they form a pair, and they will have children.


Strong rituals for money is often carried out with the semolina, the cereal is symbolized them:

  1. Keep a pot of porridge.Choose the most beautiful pot, put the bottom of the coin (seed for income), pour on top of semolina.Every morning, rub your magic pot with the words: "Varis, varis porridge."Remember, the money goes to money!
  2. Now simoronsky very important ritual for money - "lures the bank."This ritual is not new, you probably heard it as a child in the fairy tales.So, take a handful of semolina and go at the right bank.On the way back quietly sypte rump on the road - the bank must find the way to your home.
  3. easiest ritual with semolina - pour into a purse.Let him work - money lures!


I almost forgot about the key word "Yes!".This is how to put a point to say the sentence, and now everything has to be executed without delay, and no way back.For example, you decide that you are unfairly forgotten about, did not appreciate.How can you, because you are also a magician?Now all correct!Take the paint and stamped paper and wrote an order: "Immediately give such a such sum, to appoint a salary increase post."Everything has to be honest - the order number, date, stamp, signature.And at the end - "So!So!So!".

spoke these words in any ritual - "I command!So!So!So!".Now that sounds are magical and regal.


most famous ritual to attract money - from a fairy tale when Pinocchio, the fox Alice and the Cat Basilio buried the money in the field of miracles that night money grew.There is malice, deceit and deception.But maybe there is also a grain of truth.Money can soak up the power of the moon and grow with it.The main thing is to conduct rituals for the money in the new moon.Even simoronskie rituals do not joke with the moon.It is important not to confuse the money you need to grow, and the problems abated.These are different phases of the moon.

this day need to hold training for meeting the highest level.Tidy, cook the whole beautiful and best new things.If the money is better new.To communicate with the moon as the Queen of the queen, to ask for help, the money spread out on the window sill.You can create a new notebook, a pen and a nice fit to your desires.

What do I need to dream come true?

And do you know who have dreams come true?Children.Because they have a special state of mind, helping the fulfillment of desires.For adults, it was called the "state of guy."It consists of:

  1. happy mood, joyful mood.
  2. no doubts and experiences.
  3. main thing to believe and not to wait for immediate results.Another is called "the desire to let go."Dream come true itself, and she knows when.

In addition, it is noted that positive people are more healthy, physically fit, stress.Knowing that you can help make life secure, as a child with his mother.Status guy gives a sense of freedom, eternal youth.

And finally ...

last tip Newbie: I do not have to repeat and memorize the known rites, create new simoronskie rituals for themselves and their own!And may your life be infinite magic, unbridled joy, boundless imagination and continuous flight!