Legend of the plant overcoming-grass.

If you want to live in harmony and happiness - to decorate their life flowers.That's what the ancient philosophers said.They not only loved the plants, but they also worshiped and conducted confidential talks with them.About the healing qualities of the flower tells an interesting story, which eventually turned into myths.Especially a lot of stories about overcoming-grass, queen of reservoirs, which was honored as sacred in ancient Russia and other countries.


overcoming-grass can be seen on the mirrored surface of a lake or pond.In another way, it is often referred to as water lily or water lily.The ancients identified the flower with the beautiful nymph, which evolved into the plant because of a broken heart.

Legend of the plant overcoming-grass, we know from the Greek myths, says that marvelous flower originated from a nymph body.Young creature died because beloved nymph Hercules answered her in return.In this country, water lily was considered a brother of the Egyptian lotus, a symbol of feminine beauty and oratorical eloquence.Young girls believed that for a long time to preserve youth and the lovely contours of the face and body, if they are worn on the head a crown of overcoming-grass.Flower and plaited hair and tunic adorned them, hung at the entrance to the bedroom of a young couple.

Germany also believed that the lily was once the nymph.She doted on the knight, but he remained unmoved.From grief and despair it has become a beautiful flower water.Overcoming-grass, a legend handed down from generation to generation, has become a symbol of unrequited love.


These fabulous creatures are also directly related to the water lily.Danish legend of overcoming-grass plant used Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale "Thumbelina".Remember, in the end of the story the main character found love - a handsome prince elf?He and other tiny winged creatures lived in buds of flowers, including lilies and beautiful.Danes believed that each water lily lives elf who is born and dies with the plant.Day fabulous creatures sleeping in the bud, and at night use them as a bell: swing the pestle and call the whole district.Other elves enchanted listening to music while sitting on a piece of lilies and legs dangling in the water.They are quiet and intelligent conversations that are not available to the ears of ordinary mortals.

There is another version of the legend.Overcoming-grass, the legend of which has reached our days the ancient peoples living on the territory of modern Ireland, was considered a favorite place for elves.Leaving their underwater palaces at night they show over the water and, as if on a swing, frolicking on the petals of beautiful water lilies.


Ancient legends tell that these creatures live in the deep sea, on the bottom of rivers and ponds.Many believe that the nymphs and mermaids - it's the same thing.But it is not.Nymphs, according to Greek mythology - not only the spirits of reservoirs, but also forests, fields, air.Their water representatives, molluscs, no tail.Do mermaids present.

Our ancestors believed that overcoming-grass - water lily or water lily - reincarnated in a flower mermaid.According to legend, the night buds sink to the bottom and become these lovely creatures.With the first rays of the sun mermaids rise to the surface, where once again take the shape of mesmerizing white water lilies.In ancient times, our ancestors believed that overcoming-grass - a symbol tailed beauties.It is often called "mermaid flower."Perhaps that is why botanists officially called the flower Nymphea candida, which means mermaid-nymph.

legends about mermaids and overcoming-grass there are many.Another one says that the water lilies - a haven for babies, mermaids.At night, they leave the buds and lead dances, luring in water depths of curious passers-by.Even if someone managed to escape and from the spell of these girls, he suffered and lost the mind.

Other versions

legends and stories associated with water lilies, there are other nations of the world.For example, the North American Indians believed that these flowers have arisen thanks to one great leader.Before his death, he put his lucky arrow into the sky.Two shining stars tried to seize it, but, faced in battle, were scattered into many small sparks.The lights fell over the water and turned into lilies.According to another legend, Norman, flowers overcoming-grass - children beautiful countess.Kids captivated Marsh King, who turned them into wonderful buds.

Italians have their own version of the origin of flowers.They claim that in ancient times between Pisa and Naples was a huge swamp.Hairy creature that lives in it, who want to get a wife Melinda, a young girl who often walked on the shore of the pond.To deceive the beauty he created yellow flowers Potbelly.Melinda leaned in for a closer look at the unusual flower, and at the same time a strong hand monster enticed her into the abyss.Where the girl disappeared, surfaced water lilies.Since then, Italy, overcoming-grass - a symbol of innocence and naivety, and the capsule - infidelity, deceit and flattery.

Tales Slavs

Our ancestors who lived on the territory of Kievan Rus, called the overcoming-grass lily.White buds are associated with the cold beauty of mermaids, bending petals - with excellent grace of these creatures.They compared the flexible rhizomes long mermaid tail, and the ability to fade the flower in the depths of the pond - a born with the gift of the mermaids to spend a long time at the bottom of the pond.

Legend of overcoming plant grass in Russia is also associated with nymphs.One version claims that the buds of water lilies - a wonderful mythical girl imprisoned in the shell of the plant.Only once a year they are allowed to once again regain his human form.In the first week of June, the water lilies are transformed into bold young creatures with long hair.They go to the beach, singing, dancing and sports.And God forbid a person to see the festivities!Coquettish nymphs do not miss the opportunity to tickle accidental witness their games, and carry away into the depths of the lake.

magical power pads

overcoming-grass - Slavic talisman that from ancient times our ancestors guarded by evil spirits and the evil eye.The flower was considered a protector of travelers and pilgrims.Before people went on a long journey, he wore around his neck amulet, in the middle of which was invested pressed the root of the water lily.He started talking, and then the magic power protected the traveler not only on the difficulties of a long way, but from disease, hunger and cold.Overcoming-grass got an appropriate name, since it can overcome any adversity.

Ancient healers advised to collect the plant only at night and tear it exclusively in the hanging position.Otherwise, it will lose its magical and medicinal properties.In the wake of overcoming-grass could go only to people with a pure mind and soul."Only a truly good person can find the root of the lily" - so said the Slavs.They also believed that the broth from it helps with dental pain and poisoning.He is able to melt the heart of the obstinate young man and make him fall in love.Therefore, girls often use the root of a flower for love spells and charms.Shepherds, overcoming-grass holding hands, bypassing the herd to bred cattle and did not suffer from the disease.

powerful amulet

Ancient Slavs firmly believed in the power of the various mascots and zagovorёnnyh things.They argued that an effective talisman is a double combination: a fern flower, overcoming-grass.In ancient times the two sides amulets put these plants - to attract good luck and health.Nowadays you can order from a retailer amulet opposite sides of which are decorated with symbols of these colors.

overcoming-grass is able to protect against illnesses, disability, fatal infections.Anyone who wears a locket with her picture on the chest, will be protected from the effects of the evil eye and spoilage, long and happy life he assured.It is clear that the effect of a talisman will be much stronger if, instead of drawing the symbol of grass, it will contain the dried particles of the plant.

Simultaneously color fern on the other hand man mascot promises wealth, not only material but also spiritual.Anyone who has the amulet, can find treasure and become successful in business, get a good job and become successful.And also to find pure thoughts, good intentions and good intentions.

lily medicine

detail the healing properties of the plants described in his book, a prominent herbalist Rome Akhmetov.Overcoming-grass, according to his personal experience, and conducted experiments, helps with nerve and women's diseases, it is able to deal even with such serious illnesses as cancer and tuberculosis.In our time, water lily rhizome is often used in the manufacture of medicines, pharmacists Zdrenko treated for ulcers, gastritis, disorders of the stomach and bladder.

Traditional medicine offers many recipes containing this herb.For example, from grass-roots overcoming make oil extracts, can affect tumor.Broth drink in diseases of the kidney.The drink is also able to reduce the pressure and stop the bleeding.If the root is dried and ground, it can be used as a mustard plaster at myalgia and neuralgia.The same powder sprinkled sores that do not heal and fester.

Tincture of lily petals helps with insomnia, high temperature, nervousness, anemia, heart rhythm disturbances.Liquid rubbed the sore spots for rheumatism and sciatica.But that's not all possible plant, says Rome Akhmetov.Overcoming-grass also increases the potency, cures infertility, trauma after birth, multiple sclerosis, frostbite, fungal disease and many other ailments.

Water Lily as a cosmetic

overcoming-grass in Russia was considered an effective way to preserve the beauty and youth.Girls made a decoction of the flowers, I wash his face and hands, rinsed curls.It was believed that after such procedures the skin becomes elastic, smooth and soft.Defects such as acne and dark spots will no longer disfigure the face.As for the hair, a decoction made them thicker and healthier.Their magic shine drove boys crazy and long bewitches to the owner to fine hair.

Nowadays infusion of water lily does not hand over their positions in cosmetology.It is believed that the liquid is a good external analgesic.It is able to get rid of freckles and other cosmetic skin problems.Legend of the plant overcoming-grass said that the woman who makes the treatments with petals and water lily rhizomes, will long remain young and beautiful.Until the end we believe these tales are not worth it.But in that they are based on specific examples and experiences, doubts arise.