Why is it necessary to believe in their child?

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All parents dream of seeing your child succeed, self-confident person, but often all our hopes and efforts are crumbling ashes, and we get a result of their education rights uncertain, sometimes even cowardly in making any decisions.How is it?And what is our fault?

I'm sure many of you have seen children who engage in conversation, begin to stutter, pull in the hands of different things, biting his lips, lowered his eyes, blush and even covered with perspiration.

Where such systems and such a lack of confidence?

Very often we parents wrongly criticize our kids.We did not hesitate to give them a negative assessment of actions, involuntarily comparing them with others."Look, all the children as children, and only you panties in the mud!" Or "Look how beautifully depicts the girl, and you ..." without even noticing, we drop our child's self-esteem lower and lower, showingthat in this world, well, just about anything better than him.

it difficult for the child to live with such a burden?

often do we put ourselves in the place of our baby?What would we have experienced, if we are constantly talking about and someone compared?At least we would have closed.This often happens with children.And even if they do something better and more talented than others, she becomes a demonstration of their talents in the trial, to cope with which not everyone can afford.And these talents and remain unsolved.Over time, the child develop fear: what if I say something wrong, I suddenly do not suddenly everyone will laugh ... The eternal doubt in themselves and their ability to make our children's lives even more difficult, do not give yourself completely to implement and createArtificial barriers to communicating with others.

We all know the harsh rules of life, it is very difficult to get weak, hold.Say more: children are very cruel, in the struggle for leadership, they often are approved by the weaker and less fortunate.And the task of parents, first of all, to instill in the child's self-confidence.The power of faith can work wonders.Maybe we'll start to notice the first part of the child best, begin to praise before you make another remark.Let's forget about the comparisons and hurtful barbs, in life there are "good" people who will do it for us, those who praise and encourage, will be much less ...

Communicating with your child, remember that it is important to develop such qualitiesas faith, confidence and will.

Keep the baby with the words: "You are my good fellow!", "I have no doubt that you will do it!", "I believe you can!" It would be great if the child will see ourselves worthy examples of other peoplewhose faith in themselves and their work led to success.Wow, if the child is a dream for which he strives to be better.

Make it a rule to make comments only after the child praise.

Even better, if the child himself will evaluate their actions and deeds.Believe me, children can often be much more critical of us.You also will only accept and support.The main thing for us - to be able to remain objective and not glorify for non-existent actions and deeds.Keep in your memory only luck your child, try to "wipe" the negative points, it is not necessary to fill in his memory negative memories.

excellent way to feeling "a team of parent-child" will be a joint-view movies and discuss them, distracted look at the positive and negative characters, which without much ado, you can express their opinions and to hear what the child thinks about it.In the case when it comes to the third person, children free to express their opinions.And we can only hear them and try to understand.

Psychologists say that children - our reflection

It is difficult to expect from a child's success, if we do not need not seek, nothing passionate about and conducting an inert way of life.We do not argue, the cases are different.It happens that in dysfunctional families talented children achieve dizzying results.

But we live in this world, so that our children know that there are people in this world who love them, accept them and any just tell them thank you for what they are.

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