How to conduct a class with a child 4-5 years?

opinions about when and how to develop their child, parents are different.Some believe that only required classes for a child 4-5 years, while others suggest that conduct such activities with the child should be much earlier, almost from birth.

first argue the opinion that childhood should be a young child: In Soviet times, there were no special systems development, with the kids grow and smart and talented.

But there is also the fact that many people at that time had not opened a unique opportunity, not by the profession at will, and on the choice of the parents or else according to the principle "which was able to do."

Every child has talents that parents should identify and help develop them.Therefore it is necessary to carry out development activities with a child 4-5 years at home.


is necessary to draw up a plan of measures to comprehensively develop the baby (that is, both physically and mentally).In addition, if you will hold classes with a child 4-5 years in all possible directions, it is much easier if it is determined that he likes what happens.Just remember, all your training lessons should be light, unobtrusive.Otherwise, these classes have a negative impact on the psychological and physical health of the baby.

together a plan to not to forget anything and do not get confused, it is necessary to plan lessons.Of course, every parent itself determines how to teach your baby.But we still give a plan that can be taken as a basis for conducting classes with a child of four or five years:

  1. physical development.This item may include a plurality of sub-items, depending on how much the kid loves the class and what level the physical development of children of parents want to achieve.But there is, of course, and mandatory items, these include exercise, swimming, walking, running and outdoor games.Just do not overdo exercise.Everything must take place in an easy, fun, playful way.Physical exercises with a child 4-5 years does not necessarily imply training.You can simply play music and move to it.For these events you can buy children's exercise machine or a hula-hoop.
  2. small motility of hands.To this point include finger games, fun in the sandbox, cubes, putting some pictures of small items, and more.
  3. Creative classes.These studies include applique, painting, sculpture and more.
  4. Recognition of shape, color and volume, memory training, as well as the development of logic.For these studies will be useful Nikitin games, checkers, chess and puzzles.
  5. Reading, through speech.It is necessary to teach the child these skills before he goes to school.During these sessions need to learn numbers, letters, learn to read on their own even a small children's stories.
  6. etiquette lessons.It gradually teach the baby household skills, household duties.

Some parents supplement lessons with a child 4-5 years of undergraduate study various sciences, for example, introduce kids to space, different countries, seas and oceans.It is also possible at this time to begin teaching units of time and measurement.

Conclusion Now that you know how to conduct classes with a child 4-5 years.We reviewed the characteristics of such events.We hope you'll have a fun and challenging workout with your baby.