Distribution of leaflets

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Until now, the distribution of advertisements - quite an effective method of attracting customers to the business.

Judge for yourself.The cost of the student promoter - about two hundred and fifty rubles an hour, during which time he will distribute a few flyers in a minute.

On average, goes one hundred and fifty - two hundred leaflets distributed hour promoter.One leaflet is about thirty cents.Of the one hundred and fifty distributed leaflets about fifteen percent of people who received the leaflet become your customers.You agree that all the good numbers especially if your business is in the provision of services and your expenses for the provision of minimum services.Barber for example.

Just using a tool such as the distribution of leaflets can catch people's competitors.For example, such a deal with institutions, especially commercial ones.For example it is known that from the subway Aviamotornaja to a commercial high school straight to go three hundred and fifty meters.The majority of students go on foot.

So competing university on the way to put the institution of promoters with leaflets and intercepted entrants.With the cost of education on average, fifty thousand rubles a year, multiplied by six years of training - a good figure.

Even if the day was able to "steal" only five students - a good result is obtained for rabotchego day one promoter.The cost of the promoter for the following day - two thousand rubles for the work and the promoter about cheresta rubles flyers.

important is creativity and imagination.If such a student-Africans brought to the distribution of leaflets, put on his T-shirt - I sunbathed in the solarium such and efficiency of the distribution of leaflets would be great.Since this approach to the distribution of leaflets is not an ordinary and memorable, but for some reason, little used.

That is, if the distribution of leaflets, and running out of it, you can get a good result.But for a good result you need not just a man on the street with leaflets and think as a place where there will be a student and hand out leaflets, and the actual content of the leaflets.