What they do in the decree?

financial difficulties - one of the problems experienced by many families after they have a baby.Sitting on maternity leave, many mothers ask, "How can you earn in the decree?"and "What do the decree?"

It does not matter for what reason you have decided to continue to work, with a small child.Everyone, as they say, choose your path.On the other hand, whether to five days per week to be in the office?In this case, you can skip all the most important moments in the life of your child.The kid will grow much faster than you would like.For the grace of God, you can work at home, on the job family, complying with all the role of the mother for the child.

Get a good salary can be sitting in the decree!

So what they do in the decree, and how to work to earn enough money for everything you need?I offer you a 5 theses, respect their guarantees you a hundred percent success.

  1. Do not assume that you will once big money.Of course, at the very beginning you will lose more than to receive.It is taken as a fact and it is not necessary to be upset, it's okay.Earned money for the first month may not be enough even to pay for your apartment.
  2. tradeoff is not worth.You should choose one area and bring it to perfection.No need to immediately take up a lot of things: knitting beads, tutoring and writing texts.Let some one thing for you will be the primary, and on it you'll get a great income and all the rest will be for you an additional income.
  3. Your task - to know what they do in the decree.You have to love your job.Clean, open and sincere.You should not spend it on maternity leave to spend time on something uninteresting.The mood of this does not get better, but the father and the baby probably will not appreciate my mother with displeasure on the next order.And much success can not be achieved if doing some thing against his will.
  4. your knowledge should improve.Despite the fact that you have a lot of regular customers, which every day you will be sent a job, train!Be interested in new information, communicate with people.
  5. love his "I".Pay enough attention to the figure and your skin.A rather unusual piece of advice?Certainly not.The main problem of working at home moms is just "sitting work."Lifestyle, which has no movement - degrading image.And the next time you look in the mirror you can not find yourself out of the folds of fat on your body.On the contrary - your reflection should be pleasing to the eye.Then there will be more power for the new job.

It is hoped that all the tips listed above will be useful to you, and you will know what they do in the decree.Do not even think that making maternity leave hard.You will gain new skills and knowledge, thus constantly developing their skills.Also, you can become financially independent, despite the fact that you work at home, and this is important.Many are doing very well, knowing what Activities in the decree.Do not be afraid to learn new things and make a wish.You, on the contrary, should cultivate a hardened mind and care for loved ones.And the father of the child support you in this, realizing the complexity of your situation.And remember - to make the decree - is real!