How to achieve the goal: a diagram of proper behavior

Of course, each of us has ever thought about how to achieve the goal.And it is not surprising, since each person has been, is and always will be their aspirations, desires and dreams.

However, unfortunately, is not always possible to realize our plans.Why is this happening?What exactly do we interfere?How to learn to build their existence and their way of life so that the objectives of happening more and more frequently?

Many people wonder if there is a specific set of rules to attract good luck?The answer is yes!

those who definitely wants to reach the goal, we would advise to stick to eight simple rules.

  1. goal should be clear and understandable.It so happens that we for a long time want something, try, do we believe that all possible and impossible to achieve the goal, and the result is not.Familiar?- Decide on the purpose!- Clearly the goal is able to save a lot of time.Make it a rule daily report itself is exactly what you have done to be at least one step closer to what was intended.
  2. Down with fear.Sometimes we just are afraid to take a step toward his dream.We are afraid of changes, failures, innovations.Stop for a moment and think: "How to achieve goals?Do I really want this?What do I do in order to get it right?The ready to sacrifice for the sake of realizing the dream? "Remember that nothing has ever given to a person just like that, because, as you know, free cheese is only waiting for a mouse in a mousetrap.For all have to pay any sacrifice something for the sake of one another.Ie are not afraid!- Operate!
  3. only pursuing their own goals.And sometimes you have once the feeling that the dream of something you certainly realize, but my right?Sometimes it becomes very sorry for the children who are forced to give the music school, say, or a dance.That goes to the child, suffers.Realized a childhood dream of parents or grandparents.A child ... A child dreams about football, cross stitch, or martial arts.For myself, the answer to the question of how to achieve the goal, can be found easily, but only on condition that the purpose of this is really yours.
  4. to comprehend, often write the problem on paper.Try to describe the situation that prevents you achieve the desired: writing or orally, but must do it.Better, of course, if it will resemble the description of a list of items with original plan.Ready?- Now and abstracts for some time imagine that this problem is not yours, but let's say, a friend or relative.How would you advise him to do?
  5. adjusts positively.You know, too, because a positive attitude is very important.If you are constantly wondering how to achieve the goal, but at the same time to question the implementation, then you never will not.Remember there is a proverb: "Every dream is given to us with the strength to carry it out?"- So, forget the phrase "I can not" discard it from your vocabulary and never drink.You can!Always!We must all learn to look on the positive side, and around to find the pros.
  6. praise himself loved / favorite.Praise yourself.Praise constantly.For every timid and a tiny little step, brings you closer to your goal.
  7. concretize desired.Make it the most tangible.Ask yourself, "What will happen when I'll do this?" Mentally Step back in time, imagine that everything has already happened.- What is now your life?Like?Everything suits me?Similarly, it is important to fight for it?This game of imagination will help you establish the true value of the plan.
  8. not afraid to lose . And perhaps most importantly, do not be afraid to lose!Did not work?They stumbled and fell?- Nothing wrong!Now you have become a little wiser, and therefore, try again!The worst thing you can do - is sit back, moaning, whining, blaming all around, but to do absolutely nothing.And remember that your problem, but you personally, there is no one to solve.Proceed and you will be able to change your life and achieve the goal!