The secret of success or how to change your character

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«You need to change the character traits and everything will work out» - most often it is advised well-wishers when they see an old friend unsatisfied with their situation at work or attitude to yourself from other people.

Some yourself thinking about how to change your character so as to address the existing problems and prevent possible conflicts in the future.Often, this happens in married couples who cherish family relations.

At work, at home and with friends, people regularly face conversations about the character.It is said that one character helps people in life and work, and the other way around.

With these settings the question of how to change its character - becomes almost a cornerstone on the way to happiness and success at work.

If you have a question, it should be his decision.Given that this article is not an academic, considering the theory of the psyche and the psychology of human behavior is not.It is not only the practical aspects of how to change your character and what it means, in fact.

So ...

correctly when before any action people try to clearly present the result they want to achieve or obtain.

If people want to change the character traits, they also want to achieve something or get something as a result of the changes.

reasonable question arises: what it is and make or receive and what is the nature of change?

  • Consider the answer to the first part of the "reasons" of the issue through the motives of human behavior.

You can get a tattoo or piercing, you can change the color or style of dress.People can and do it.As a result, people are changing the perception of others and change their attitude.They have access to social circles, or "party", in which previously could not get.Get increase dreamed of and more.

By changing its shape, people get a credit of trust from others.

In other words, people are starting to do something with them in order to get a something new, something they do not.They seek some benefit and not necessarily to the material.

This benefit is that people tend to be priced and should be, want to be prosperous in all respects.

To achieve the benefits of new people and think about how to change your character.

  • Consider the response to the second part of the "reasons" of the issue through a model of human behavior.

In order to achieve the desired goal should be to do everything that needs to be done and no less.A person can do to achieve the goal of almost all, if the purpose and means correspond exactly to his character.

If a man chased fashion or enticed a crowd, its desired goal - false.In this case, all that man does, is doomed to failure, or give the minimum result.

The feeling of dissatisfaction arises in man when he is not engaged in the business, not on "their" place and trying to get to the decoy.

When a person seeking to ensure that there is a necessity of his innate nature, he does not achieve success and suffering.Decoy can not reach.

nature of man does not determine his success in life.You can be successful and happy in any character.The main thing is that this is necessary - it is engaged in "their" business.It is also important to find and communicate with people who accept the person as he is.

Distracted example:

Penguin will not change its character for the sake of moving to a "trendy and cool" Canary Islands, where he will die without frost and other penguins.

Everyone should be among their own kind, and be happy.

Bringing two of the answer to the "reasonable" question received:

  1. People think to change the character for that would get something in return.
  2. Get something new can be a simple way, if you are in a natural environment for yourself and go to the "typical" purpose.

possible to change the character to improve the quality of life?

There is a simple answer: why?To improve the quality of life is enough to get rid of decoys imitate other people and to find its own development path.