Determining the age of a person

Sometimes a person does not look at his year.Younger or older.But experts know as accurately as possible on how to work his body as he able to work, not even looking in his passport.There are various ways.On this day our story.

calendar and biological

Usually the word "age", we mean the number of years lived.This passport information (or chronological).But we are all different!Some people lead a healthy lifestyle, others - on the contrary.Someone through heredity long retains stored energy, and nothing they do not hurt.Other early age.However, these figures, the combined, and there is a biological "seniority".A piece of paper in the paper that says little about the health and working capacity of a citizen.

As a rule, the individual characteristics of people different from the average.

Steps of the century

Before we talk about such a concept as the definition of the age, it is necessary to know what stage in its development we go.

neonatal period - the first 4 weeks.Grudnichki - from 28 days to 12 months.Early childhood - 1-3 years.Preschoolers - from 3 to 6-7 years.Then there are the younger students - 6-10, teenagers - 11-18, boys and girls - 16-20 years.Adulthood (the first period) occurs in men and women with 20 years, ending in 35. The second segment of maturity - 35-55 and 35-60, respectively.Elderly people are considered to be from 55 to 75 years.Then senile stage - up to 90 years.Over - it is long-lived.

My years - my wealth

Biological age is probably more important than chronological.It's an objective measure of how the "engine" and other parts of our "mechanism".And their "serviceability" affect both external factors, and the presence (or absence) of any abnormalities.

Heredity good or bad - this is probably the main thing.But the biological experience largely depends on living conditions.That is why in the second half of their lives, people one year of birth can greatly differ from each other in force, vitality, even mood.Younger than his passport data, they tend to look at whom everyday life is favorable.And they have a positive family history.

In recent decades, scientists in these two circumstances have added the third.This self-government.Human Consciousness to some extent it affects his body, his condition.And it turns out that these factors also play a role in our well-being and life expectancy.Heavy working conditions and living conditions, hard physical work, frequent nerves, stress and overall psychological distress than strengthen, and quickly wears out the body.

Biological age can be seen immediately.The old man in this respect are clear violations of the main vital functions, there are a bunch of diseases and higher risk to die pretty soon.

all children grow differently

Since the state of health - is not the number of years lived, and the age of the body, and the definition of biological age takes place on how to operate the individual organs.

begin with children.Every boy or girl living the same stages of development.Yes, that their rates are different.They depend on heredity - time conditions of life - two, nutrition, ecology, sports - three.And many others.

Because all different biological children of preschool age.Determination is carried out by means of tests and all measurements.

However, some kids are ahead of their peers in development, but are in exactly the same circumstances.Why is that?Biologically more mature boy or a girl is much easier to cope with their workloads - physical and mental.They are less responsive to stress, germs, colds.

experts determine the age of the child is carried out simply.Measure the height and weight, watching the pace of change, the state of bones and teeth.There

growth jumps.It is during the summer when the student suddenly increased.And there is still preschoolers Waist High jump.You want to know if your heir passed such an important step for him?Ask him to reach his right hand to his left ear.Only it should carry over your head.This test will provide information about how the nervous system has matured.And the brain is ready to perceive and process new information.

What is it?This criterion, Is your son or daughter to go to 1 class.Or let another year will spend in kindergarten.

Doctors say: Behold a graduate kindergarten seated at his desk when he school physiologically not ready.What will happen?The bad health effects before - a negative impact on mental state.Before you - the next booby.

Parents also need to keep track of data and bone age.Give a more precise definition of biological age.Analysis - X-rays of the hand and wrist.

and dental age is not less important.Keep a record of when the baby grew up and milk and permanent teeth.

Several ways

What is the definition of biological age of an adult?Use the test, different in complexity.But if short, the essence is.

The first option - the most difficult.It requires special equipment.Carry out the test in a well-equipped clinic or even in the diagnostic center.

There are two methods.Both, of course, less labor-intensive, but also without any special equipment is necessary.

But fourth method is fairly simple, because it is used more often.It is called "Methods of determining the age of Voitenko."In all conditions: at home or in the clinic, work at home or in the country - you can learn "how much" you knocked.No special diagnostic tool is not necessary.

itself the diagnostician

1. tonometry (on right hand) three times at intervals of 5 minutes, measures the pressure.Write down the smallest figure.The reading pulse - is the difference between first and second.

2. deep breath - and not to breathe!Stopwatch measuring three times with an interval of not more than five minutes, as you have held.Please note the highest value.

3. You are standing on the left leg by removing shoes.Eyes closed, arms at your sides omitted.No previous training can not be done.So three times.Break - only 5 minutes.The longest standing record time.Consider the best result of the three attempts.

4. Measure your weight.The result is also secure.

5. Calculate the index of self-assessment of your health.This can be done in one of the medical sites.

There are also a variety of tests.They can find it easy to try.

Wait a minute, you take off!

new system, which gives the definition of the age of gait, developed in Japan.We studied 4000 people of different ages.Each was cut twice in six meters back and forth.All movements were recorded on camera.As a result created a database.In them - the model walk young, old, young.The distinctive features - the length of the pitch, flapping his arms, back muscle strain.According to these indicators, the device determines how the "young" is moved or that person.

For 20-30-year-olds are not very moved his hands, as opposed to those who are 40-50.The older man or a woman, the more they hump walking.

Should this equipment in Science Museum in Tokyo.Anyone can come.It has become fashionable to determine the age of themselves and their loved ones.

You can also find the biological age of the teeth, which is particularly interested in forensics.Or by analyzing the voice, the presence of wrinkles.At the drop of blood, as do the Dutch.

Supernova technology

And the original determination of the age of the photo.This wonderful new product appeared in the digital market.The program finds in a few seconds not only age but also the sex of the person he shot.Even if it photographed a few people - all get the information.

True failures occurred.For example, one girl ... given the age of 9 years.A boy offended, saying that he - a girl.But to blame here, and lighting, and human faces.

However, despite these failures, so modern and rapid determination of a person's age is becoming very popular.