Proverbs other, or how to teach a child the rules of this friendship?

Parents should understand: they determine what the future will be their child.And it's not in gifts, clothes or school.Much more important is what the moral and spiritual values, they will be able to bring up in his Chad.After all, they will become one guiding star that will not let them stray crumbs in the future.

important point in the child's upbringing is to provide information on friendship.After all, social relationships - is an integral part of life.Agree, it's hard to imagine a happy child who is completely devoid of communication with others.Therefore it is necessary from an early age to teach your child how to properly build relationships with others.And on the other proverbs are ideal for this purpose.

Why children are lonely?

The kindergarten is very easy to make friends, because in this period, most of the children do not pay attention to clothes, social status, age and so on.But with the transition to school all changes dramatically.

reign here are quite different laws, and those who are not familiar with them, quickly find themselves among the "losers."These children - like white crows, useless and uninteresting.But worse is that over time they have become an easy target for those who want to raise their social status by humiliating others.

subsequently hunted child becomes withdrawn, he starts learning problems, and faith in people dies every day.How to avoid it?The best way to teach a child to these unwritten laws of society from the outset, that, hitting a new team, he could easily join him.And to help in this case, as corny as it may sound, common sayings about friends.

Why use proverbs?

So, the problem of closed children is that they do not know how to behave in a given situation.Therefore it is necessary from an early age the child to explain the basic rules of communication, which are based on mutual respect and trust.

ideal means to achieve this goal can become proverbial other.There are several reasons:

  • Firstly, the content provides an insight into the psychology of relationships.For each proverb - a little rule, which demonstrates the principles of friendship.For example, "he lost, and save your comrade."
  • Secondly, proverbs often consists of one sentence, that allows you to remember them without much effort.
  • Third, the use of folk art will not only enhance the knowledge of the child, but also help to develop his creativity.

basic laws of friendship

Now let's talk about friendship and most of the principles on which it is based.But we must understand that if an adult seems most said the simple truth, that the child is a dark forest.So every time he understood must be well explained, and only then move on to the next.

Let's start with the basics of friendship, namely trust.After all, who can make friends with those whom you can not trust?What sayings about each other can be used as an example?

  1. «One for all and all for one" - is ideal for children of all ages, as is easily perceived.
  2. «No friends - search, find - take care of."
  3. also a good example would be saying "An old friend of more than two new ones."

Next you need to explain to the child that the friendship is based on mutual respect.Without it, a good relationship will fail.For example, the following suitable proverb about friends.

  1. «Gus pig is not a friend" - ie do not try to be friends with someone who does not want it.
  2. «Hay is not friendly fire" - another analogy, confirming previous statement.
  3. Still there is a saying: "A best friend is in trouble does not throw."It is very simple, but it demonstrates the basics of friendship.You also need to explain to your child that if his friend let him down again, then most likely, it will be repeated in the future.

Why is it important to have friends?

During training, it is likely that a child asks a provocative question: "Why do we need friends?" It is very important at this point not to get lost and give a clear answer, that baby is correctly understood.

this will help all the same proverb other.For example:

  • «What a difficult, then friends with a laugh."
  • «Even the fastest bee alone much honey is not to coach."
  • «one hand, the node is not zavyazhesh."
  • «herd amicably and bad wolf is not terrible."

In principle, the result of such examples can be very much.But are all alone - without friends is impossible to live happily.And in order to better foregoing reached the consciousness of a child, use it as a further example, the characters of his favorite cartoon.For such imaging will greatly facilitate the process of educating your child.