Charity - an example of the most noble feelings

How many articles written on the subject of charity.Some try to reveal the essence of this virtue, the second - to show its importance, while others deny it altogether unselfishness.Yet the essence of mercy, as before, eludes them like utreshny dream dissolved in the depths of consciousness.

And all because you can not just ordinary words to describe such a thing as mercy.Example - here's what you need for a better understanding.It is only through a clear image of the person is able to understand the thoughts of another person.Otherwise, the written text will remain only a letter on the screen.

What is charity?

explanatory dictionary gives us a pretty dry sense.According to him, goodness - this is just a manifestation of compassion for the other person.It is the ability of people to forgive each other, throwing back all the ambitions and prejudices.

It would seem that there is nothing to add to this wording.However, reading these lines again and again, gradually become convinced that something is missing.As if in the shadow left something unsaid that can put everything in its place.After

charity - it's not just a feeling within us.It is a powerful force that can administer good deeds.And if you understand it, to understand and to teach it to others, soon the world will change forever.But let's take first things first.

invisible world of our souls

so as to better understand the meaning of the word charity?Well, it needs to look inside himself.Try to consider the distant, unknown world, which is inhabited by our senses.After all, there is born and matures mercy.

But it can not survive for long one.Without love for others and kindness in the heart of compassion quickly extinguished.So merciful may be called only those who brought these virtues in themselves.This realization will help to better understand the nature of the concepts under consideration, so to speak, to see its origins.

Why charity?

Speaking on the subject of charity, it is impossible not to ask: "Is it so important in the modern world?" The question is justified.For now, the era of progress, the world is ruled by market relations, and almost all dating based on mutual benefit.Is this in the Relief Society has not lost its relevance?

The answer lies in the question itself.Yes, the world is now becoming much more severe, because capitalism and the eternal competition has made us look like predators.But it was so good and compassion are so important right now.Without them, people would long ago have gnawed each other's throats in the pursuit of their piece of happiness.

Charity - is a deterrent barrier that does not allow mankind to fall into the abyss of their own ambitions and desires.It is like a small raft, keeps us afloat in the sea of ​​sins and vices.That is why the modern world so much in need of such virtues as compassion.An example that proves the truth of this statement, you can easily find in real life.After all, every day someone commits an act of charity towards others.This may be the usual alms the poor, or the collection of money for the needs of the orphanage.

What is the difference between the Christian and secular charity

verses of mercy - the usual norm for the Christian community.Many hymns and revelations are devoted to this topic.It is not surprising, because the mercy to others - is the primary virtue for the believer.But there is a difference between an ordinary manifestation of compassion, and the fact that Christians preach?

should be understood that any Christian wants to go to heaven, otherwise what's the point in his faith?Naturally, with this statement is debatable, and yet ... there is hardly a person who wants to volunteer to go to hell.But now is not about that.Much more important is that for the manifestation of Christian charity is almost always a desire to please God.That is exactly it is the factor that affects the compassion believer.

If we talk about a secular charity, it comes directly from the heart.Its source is the personal qualities and values ​​of the individual.Such a person does not expect praise and awards from above, its purpose - charity itself.An example of this can be seen in situations where people are trying to solve certain social problems: feed the hungry, give shelter to the homeless, help the wounded, and so on.

Mercy - an example of the most noble feelings

Although it does not matter what is the source of this feeling.After all, thanks to the actions that the person performs under its influence, the world is getting better every day.Help for orphans, delivery of medicines to the hot spots, the fight against hunger in the African villages - all this has become possible only thanks to the efforts of people in whose hearts burns the flame of charity.

good news is that to see the manifestation of this virtue can not only on screen but in real life.Man helping an old lady cross the road;good woman, every day to feed the homeless dogs;an unknown writer, read fairy tales in an orphanage;thousands of volunteers who give blood for the needs of the hospital ... All of them - shining examples of human charity, dividing the usual stereotypes of the modern world.