Most interesting foreign names for girls - list

The famous proverb says: "As the ship call, so it will float."The same thing happens in human life, because the name can not only give the child certain traits, but also to influence his fate.Modern parents pay attention to everything foreign, therefore, prefer to call the children in accordance with international trends.

As the name might affect the fate?

How to name the baby - an issue that worries parents since the first days of pregnancy of the mother.It is proved that the name directly affects the destiny of man.If you choose to pay attention to translation and consonance with the name and patronymic.Beautiful foreign names for girls like many modern parents.If your daughter would be Angelina, Sandra, Zemfira, Lillian, or Teresa, it will always stand out in the crowd and be able to make a career as an actress and singer.

5 beautiful international names for girls

Sarah. This name is found in almost every nation, because in the translation it means "Mistress," "Princess," "noble."What parent does not agree to predetermine the fate of his daughter happy and secure future?

Alina.At baptism girls, so called, is given a new name of "Allah".Translated, it means, in the first version - "noble", in the second - "other".

Angelina. so named his daughter, you give her an angelic nature, since it is based on the word "angel."Angelina Jolie - the most famous owner of the name - is fully consistent with it.

Eve. name of the first woman a positive impact on the fate of her daughter, if you want to call it that.Translated Eve means "giving life".

Rose. in the world often meet interesting foreign names for girls - modern and older who are somehow connected with flowers.Calling his daughter Rosa, you will give his daughter fragility and confidence of this plant.

most beautiful female foreign names for all letters of the alphabet

Sometimes moms and dads tend to name their child, given the consonance with the name and patronymic.Some combination of vowels and consonants can affect not only the character, but also the fate of the child.The list contains the names of beautiful girls (foreign) and their importance for all letters of the alphabet.

A. Aelita ("Air").

B. Bella ("beautiful").

B. Vivien ("live").

G. Gloria ("Glory").

D. Dominica ("belonging to the Lord").

E. Eve ("life").

J. Jasmine ("gift of the gods").

Z. Zemfira ("Air").

I. Irene ("peace").

K. Kyle ("fair").

Lillian L. ("Lily").

Melanie M. ("dark").

Nicole N. ("the winner of the people").

Olivia O. ("olive").

Penelope P. ("faithful wife").

R. Regina ("queen").

Sandra S. ("defender of the people").

Teresa T. ("protector").

U. Ursula ("bear").

F. Philippines ("loving horses").

H. Chloe ("young shoot").

Ts Cecilia ("blind").

Ch Chulpan ("Morning Star").

S. Charlotte ("man").

Emma E. ("Precious").

Justin Yu ("fair").

Ya Jasmina ("Jasmine").

most beautiful names for girls abroad (with the transfer list)

Britney. So Americans call their babies in honor of the beloved pop singer Britney Spears.Translated the name means "Little Britain."

Kimberley. girls, so called, are designed to win always and everywhere, as in the translation of the name means "The leader".

Jessica. «Stronger, higher, faster" - the motto of all the girls, named in honor of the most beautiful actresses in the world.Jessica Alba is not only an exceptional appearance, but also the positive personal qualities such as honesty, kindness, reliability.

Pamela. «Sweet as honey" - that is the significance behind the name.You can verify this by looking at the gorgeous actress and model Pamela Anderson.

Tiffany. not the most popular, but very beautiful female name meaning translated as "a manifestation of God."After the release of the film "Breakfast at Tiffany's" in 1961, a year with Audrey Hepburn in the title role, it became very common in Europe and America.

Charlotte. These were named the greatest in the history of the women, according to statistics, it ranks 10th in the list of "the most beautiful foreign names for American girls."

Marilyn. After flourishing popularity of the famous blonde in the world of the same name the girls began to call very often.Marilyn Monroe was a talented, but closed, so is worth a thousand times to think about whether to transfer those traits to her daughter.

most beautiful and unusual names for girls, Russian (my translation)

Jeanne. Baby will be a boon for parents, as translated the name means "the grace of God."So can be called art lovers daughter Jeanne Friske.

Angelina. Translated from the Greek name means "messenger", but the obvious root "angel" will affect the character of the daughter, who is a truly angelic.

Victoria. So call girls in the West and in Russia.Translated, it means the name of a royal "victory".

Evelyn. is believed that the name is a form of the name Eva.Based on the translation of the Hebrew - "life force" - it can be concluded that the girl, named, will grow an active and healthy.

Snezana.Let root "snow" in the name does not scare young parents in spite of the translation - "snow" - a girl, named, will grow actively, but balanced.

Polina. Translated the name means "sun" and "sent Apollo."Usually the girls, so called, are distinguished from childhood activity and purpose.

names for girls in the language of love

If you expect the appearance of his daughter, imagine for a moment how the character and manners of behavior you want to give it.Considering the most beautiful names for girls (foreign), pay attention to the French as the language itself is a beautiful, melodious and romantic.You can call Aurora's daughter, Beatrice, Vivian, Gabriella, Julian, Jacqueline, Ines, Claudine, Lucinda, Melissa, Nicole, Odile, Penelope, Roberta, Suzanne, Florence, Chloe, Charlotte and Edith.By the way, according to opinion polls, the French names are considered the most beautiful and melodic.

Star selection

Gwyneth Paltrow with her husband know that they will be born a girl, so with the choice determined immediately.Parents are familiar with the biblical story, so named in honor of the girl fetus fatal - Apple (Eng. - "Apple").

Julia Roberts also gave his daughter a delicious name Hazel (Eng. - "Nut").

Jessica Alba - the most charming actress and caring mother named her daughter Honor Marie.By the way, the second part in the translation from English means "honor".

Director Robert Rodriguez decided to continue the family tradition to name children's names with the letter "P".So, his four sons and daughters he called Rocket, Reyser, Rebel and Rogue.As you can see, the choice of Hollywood stars is quite original, and ordinary citizens are seldom resolved to follow their example.However, there is a beautiful foreign names for boys and girls, which are very popular.

daughter of Steven Spielberg's name is Sasha, the twins Jennifer Lopez - Max and Emma;Sophia called her favorite Lionel Richie, Ella - John Travolta, Alexandra - Dustin Hoffman, Ella Sophia - Jeff Gordon.Zoe - Lenny Kravitz, Natalia - Kobe Bryant.All these "Western" names are popular in Russia, and many are wondering about their origin.

What can tell the time of year?

tendency to name the baby according to the month in which he was born, comes from the ancient times.Beautiful foreign names for girls selected after a season in which they were born, will fully disclose the nature and influence the destiny.

«Julius" and "Julia" on the etymology has similarities with the second month of summer - July.August (Augustine) and Augustus (Augustine) - less common names, which are called the children mainly in Russia.A revolution in 1917 led to a fundamental change in people's lives.Fashion children call in October and Oktiabrina appeared nearly a century ago and is associated with this event.Russian female name Noyabrina Dekabrina called and girls born in these months.

Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt, she called her daughter Otam (Eng. - «Autumn») - because it sounds "Autumn" in English.Selecting a stellar mom is not accidental, because the baby was born on 28 September.Beautiful foreign names for girls in March and April are very common in Europe and in America.It is obvious that the name comes from the Mayan and spring months.

originality distinguished resident of Arkhangelsk, which hardly has time to change his passport.Andrey V. Khristophorov changes name 12 times a year and selects the name in honor of the relevant month, and middle name - in honor of the season.So, it was October Osenievichem December Zimnievichem.The man admits that he would like to call themselves after the day of the week and to change the name of each day, but workers registrar unlikely he would go on assignment.