Explanatory memorandum employee

note was written about the lack of personnel in the event of one, which was held at the weekend.And the presence of all staff, of course, was a must.

Company President NNN

Mr. XXX by Senior Consultant AAA.

Explanatory note Dear Mr. President, As

Saturday and Sunday are days of rest, I do not quite understand why I have to report to the Company's management about how I spend the weekend.However, I must admit, I am flattered much attention to my modest person from senior management, so happy is ready to satisfy the curiosity of others.

So, on Saturday, I could not possibly attend the event, because on Friday evening I called my old acquaintance, and offered to meet.We had a wonderful time at the restaurant, and then decided to go to my home.It is unfortunate that you are only interested in the number 20, because the most interesting thing happened in the evening of the 19th.

Oh well.Waking up, the 20th in the morning, firmly tied to the bed with leather straps, I remembered that I was late

for team building event, so necessary our company at the present stage of consolidation of forces all employees to carry out the chosen strategy.Advocating corporate interests of the company where I work, I tried to convince Anna that I need for training, and asked me to untie his hands.But she refused to do so, arguing that the act so that it is known for a more interesting way of pastime than an event.I even tried to insist that she untied me, but only in response to received light leather whip kick on the left buttock and a gag in her mouth.So, I physically could not get out of the house and the entire first half of the day we spent in bed, doing seksoi.At one point I even thought it was more interesting than the jump from trees to the ground, but I was strong in spirit, to drive away those thoughts and think only about their colleagues, who at that time strengthened the corporate spirit.

Closer to the dinner, at the end of haggard (hmm ... only now realized all the deeper meaning of this phraseologism), I thought of Friday's report, Vice-President of the Company, Mr. UUU, the one which in the end summed up by the words "Everybody Dance".Fortunately, the idea was supported by a dance partner and I started with special zeal to carry out the disposal of the vice president.We danced non-stop all afternoon.Since the order does not explicitly state what needed to perform dances on Saturday, the repertoire I was myself.We dance samba, rumba, salsa, polka-butterfly-notch enku, waltz, rap, hip hop, dance of the small swans big dance swans and even lower break-dance in bed.So the order of Vice-President was done by me in full.I hope this explanation will suffice.If necessary, is prepared to provide a more detailed description with pictures and videos.

pity that is only interested in the 20th of the 21 th was a gangbang, it's much more interesting ...


AAA, Senior Consultant NNN

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