Rest in Egypt was the dangerous journey to Colombia

If you are planning holidays in Egypt, it is better to abandon their plans and stay at home.In the ranking of the competitiveness of the tourism sector of the country is ranked 85th - just between Colombia and the Dominican Republic.Russia holds about 20 lines above.However, for two years, our country has fallen four positions.This is evidenced results of a study of the World Economic Forum.

leaders recognized the tourism sector, Switzerland, Germany and Austria.Spain two years rose to eighth position right up to the fourth.It is followed by the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Canada, Sweden and Singapore.The top ten has its own failures: for example, for France two years later from third place to seventh, and Sweden - from fifth to ninth.

resorts of Turkey, popular among Russians, analysts estimated the WEF also quite high: the year this country rose by four points to 46 lines.Egypt, on the contrary, was in 85 place that ten lines of less than two years ago.According to the Ministry of Tourism of the country, since the revolution of the Egyptian tourism industry in 2011 lost about 2.5 billion. Dollars.Correct this situation of power calculated by a new advertising campaign in overseas markets.However, creative PR stunt, obviously, is not able to calm the unrest.

As for Russia, this time, our country has taken 63 place in the rating of 140. The good performance achieved in the health sector (14th), air transport and TC infrastructure (33 and 37 seats), the natural and cultural resources (37and 39 lines).

Rating competitiveness of the sector of travel and tourism in 2013

1 Switzerland 5.66

2 Germany 5.39

3 Austria 5.39

4 Spain 5.38

5 UK 5.38

6 USA 5.32

7 France 5.31

8 Canada 5.28

9 Sweden 5.24

10 Singapore 5.23

... ... ...

63 Russian Federation 4.16

fully ratings can be found here

negative impact on Russia's place in the rankings have security problems (113th place): Highthe level of crime and violence, lack of confidence in the police and deaths in road traffic accidents.Low rates and due to environmental conditions (134 line), as well as political factors: the violation of property rights, lack of transparency of the state policy, strict visa regime, and more.Do not escaped the attention of researchers and the poor quality of land transport infrastructure and the still low price competitiveness.

In general, experts say, the tourism sector in Russia can be characterized as unfavorable.However, the authorities do not lose hope to develop a Russian resort to the European level.The image of "Resorts of the North Caucasus" spoiled not only the bloody history of the region, but also by numerous corruption scandals.However, according to the officials, this huge complex soon to attract tourists from around the world.Preparing for the Olympics in Sochi will cost 1.5 trillion rubles., While the proportion of money spent inefficiently, many experts estimate at 70-80%.After carrying out a large-scale sporting events in the city, too, must become the center of attraction for tourists.But while the construction of the century only creates congestion, environmental problems and unnecessarily inflate the price.And many have already lined up objects fall before they reach the arrival of foreign guests.

Index competitiveness of the sector of travel and tourism is compiled every two years, and covers 140 countries.In its preparation, it uses a combination of data from publicly available sources and information from international organizations and experts.

Alexander Volkov

Photo source: World Economic Forum

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