Cataracts: folk remedies treatment without surgery reviews.

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Considerable discomfort the person is able to bring such diseases as cataracts.Treatment of folk remedies (without surgery) has mixed reviews.It is believed that these methods are effective in the early stages when the disease has not progressed.There are cases where the method of treatment significantly improved the patient's condition, blurred almost entirely resolved.

Cataract.What it is?

The disease is one of the most common ophthalmic diseases.Changes the structure of the lens: the elasticity is reduced, it becomes cloudy and poorly transmits light.Visually mid eyes change color from black to gray, whitish.Because of these changes the picture as it is seen in the fog, the outlines of objects blurred and fuzzy.Because of this disrupted and other parts of the body.If time does not pay attention to these changes, run the disease, a person runs the risk of completely blind.

Possible causes

First of all it is worth noting that the disease is a consequence of cataracts aging.The functionality of the lens decrease with time, he simply wears out.This disease can appear as early as 40 years, although there are cases of its manifestations, and at a younger age.Eye injury (mechanical, chemical) are also able to trigger the disease.Ophthalmic diseases, diabetes mellitus, vitamin deficiency - that's one more reason opacities.His condition may affect factors such as radiation exposure.Negative impact on the organs of vision and direct sunlight.Eye cataracts may be the result of toxic poisoning.Also plays an important role and hereditary factors.

kinds of diseases

Depending on what caused the development of cataracts, allocate its such types.Congenital form appears shortly after birth, although in most cases there are no visible signs, sight is almost at a normal level.However, if any changes should immediately contact an ophthalmologist.Often, surgery is required.Secondary cataracts arises as a contributing factor to other diseases.These include diabetes, ophthalmic disease, previous eye surgery, the lack of a specific group of vitamins.Another type - traumatic cataract.It develops due to the trauma of view.A separate group is clouding of the lens, which is triggered by the action of radiation.

What are the symptoms of cataracts?

time to diagnose the disease, it is important to pay attention to the following symptoms.First of all, one begins to see only blurry contours and outlines of objects.It becomes hard to read, recognize faces.It becomes particularly bad vision in dark rooms and at night.Secondary cataracts can occur and increased sensitivity to light in his eyes as if there are flash glare.Congenital cataracts and clouding change manifests pupil in children, strabismus.If the child does not respond to bright toys (quiet), this is an occasion seek emergency specialist.

stages of the disease There are four stages of cataract.The initial degree is characterized by a slight clouding of the lens.Patients say the emergence of so-called flies before his eyes.Visual acuity decreases.When immature turbidity increases, the lens becomes gray or whitish color.Its fibers swell and because of this increased volume.Visual acuity continues to fall (but slow).A mature cataract is characterized by the deepening of the anterior chamber, no light lens.On its surface covered by a gray veil.Typically, in this case there is a loss of the objective.Overripe degree has such symptoms: loss of moisture from the lens decreases and shrinks, on the organs of the plaques appear.It is worth noting that the disease is fairly long period of 5-10 years.Clinic cataract is that the longer put off a visit to the doctor, the more likely to lose vision.

use eye drops

In the early stages of the disease can slow down its development, using special medications.However, it is worth noting that they do not resolve blurred, and only slow its growth.Eye drops against cataracts contain complex of vitamins and other nutrients.Assigns them exclusively ophthalmologist.The most effective are the drops "Kvinaks" (developed in Japan).They are well protected by the lens opacities.Also used drugs such as "Vitafakol" "Senkatalin".These methods are good and in the event that the operation for some reasons is not possible.Eye drops by cataracts should be applied consistently, occasionally need to do a small pause.In addition, very often they are administered immediately before the surgery.Drops stimulates the regeneration processes in the organs of vision.If the degree of illness is serious enough, surgery is performed.

Cataract.Treatment of folk remedies without surgery.Reviews

Along with conservative therapy can be used, and traditional medicines.Good practices in the use of potato sprouts.At half-liter of vodka should take about 5 tablespoons of germs (peeled and chopped).Flask was placed in a dark glass container and pushing two weeks.Take dessert spoon 3 times a day.The course of treatment - three months.It is noted that at the end of this time, the eye begins to stand out sticky liquid, it gradually cleared.

Another involves the use of medical infusion leaf peony.They pour hot (boiled) water and infuse for a while.The liquid is then taken orally four tablespoons a day.

use walnut, blueberry, calendula

If detected cataracts, treatment of folk remedies without surgery has positive reviews in the event that the disease has not acquired the mature form.There is a recipe means to bury the eye on the basis of a walnut.Its core finely crushed, pour vegetable oil.The proportion is as follows: about 1 part nuts to 10 parts oil.Mixture should insist for about a week (occasionally need to shake container).Used as follows: a mixture of two drops instilled in the eye three times daily.

Another good remedy - an infusion of marigold.15 grams of flowers filled with boiling water (500 ml) and infused for three hours.Then, taking 150 ml of the liquid (in the night).You can also wash the eye such infusion.

Blueberry - berry, extremely useful for the organs of vision.During the season it should be consumed regularly.At other times, there may be dried berries.There is also a recipe for eye instillation: blueberry juice diluted with boiling water (it should be twice as much).Use once a day for several months.

Honey and cataracts

Treatment folk remedies without surgery (reviews say about the effectiveness of the method), and includes the use of bee products.There are several recipes in which the main ingredient is honey.The first of these is: May honey diluted with distilled water (in a ratio of 1: 3).Bury need one drop.Duration of therapy - one month.The second method involves the use of the preparation of drops of green apple.At the heart of the fetus is deepening, which is filled with honey.Then the juice, which was formed, it is necessary to filter.Instilled in the eye about three times a week.There is also a recipe with onion juice.It must be mixed with honey (1: 1) and dig a couple of times a day.Another method - the use of aloe juice, honey and a silver water.Silver is placed in the water and infuse week.Then it is boiled and add chopped leaf aloe, a small amount of honey (and good quality).These drops are prepared every day.

products useful in cataract

Although only one proper nutrition is unlikely to get rid of the disease but to suspend progress is still possible.There are certain foods whose consumption is observed improvement of vision.Very useful buckwheat.Eat it can be this way: izmolot grain into flour and eat it on a tablespoon several times a day (after meals).Celebrating and benefits of green tea.Pause cataracts may cabbage juice.Everyone is familiar with the healing properties of blueberries.In order for this product is regularly present in the diet, it is best for the season namorozit nasushit or a sufficient number of berries.Positive effect on the eyes and carrot juice.Also, experts recommend to eat more fish, preferably sea.Smoking is to give up, because nicotine is a negative effect on the eyes.


If unable to stop the disease, the only way to help restore sight, is surgery.In the course of her darkened lens is removed, and in its place establish the implant (silicone, plastic).Performed and phacoemulsification.Its peculiarity is that such intervention can be carried out in the early stages of the disease.Duration of treatment is small, it is carried out on an outpatient basis and immediately discharged the patient.Vision is restored in the course of the intervention.In some cases, a laser (secondary cataract, film formation of an artificial lens).After surgery on the eyes is prohibited to lift weights, avoid hot water, use of the sauna.Also, experts recommend wearing sunglasses.