Wilhelmina Cooper: "the last star" era couture "

Today we begin to acquaint you with the most striking landmarks and personalities in the history of Western fashion, and our first story is about one of the most famous supermodels and modeling agents 1960-70s, an American of Dutch origin Wilhelmina Cooper (Wilhelmina Cooper).

This amazing woman has managed to brilliantly combine and develop two parallel careers, models and hostess modeling agency, for the short time achieving success in both arenas, international fame, respect and prosperity.

Wilhelmina was born in 1940 in the Netherlands, in a family Behmenburg, moved in 1954 to Chicago in search of a better life.

14-year-old Willie (as it was called relatives and friends) soon evolved from a beautiful girl into a beautiful girl, and with the help of a New York modeling agency Ford Models, became famous in the 1960s around the world under the name Wilhelmina.

Elegant and stylish beauty with chic exhibited the collection "haute couture" in the pages of respected and reputable magazines like Vogue
and Harper's Bazaar.

unique charm and artistry Wilhelmina allowed it to successfully compete in the fashion world with the British and German supermodel of the time (such as Twiggy, Jean Shrimpton and Veruschka).

In 1965 Wilhelmina married producer Bruce Cooper (Bruce Cooper), with the support of which she continued her ascent to the "fashion Olympus."

In 1967, Mrs. Cooper has already become one of the highest paid models in the world and was well acquainted with all the most influential people in the fashion business.

On top of his success Wilhelmina Cooper and her husband opened their own modeling agency Wilhelmina Models, proved to be very profitable enterprise.

parallel with the direction of his agency, Wilhelmina continued to work as a model with Ford Models, which competed at the same time as a model agent.

Known not only for his talent but also a high capacity for work, Cooper hired the best photographers of the time to work with his models in Wilhelmina Models, at the same time she continued to star for the most prestigious fashion magazines.

Wilhelmina proved to be a very experienced model agent with excellent intuition, instinct for talent and the ability to properly carry out advertising campaigns that many top models of those years (for example, Gia Carangi or Iman) owes his career to Mrs. Cooper.

still Vigelminy child modeling agency Wilhelmina Models, is one of the leading agencies in the world, retains its impeccable reputation, succeeding in the fashion industry and by working with the best of the best.

At the end of the 1970s at the Wilhelmina doctors found lung cancer (probably affected her addiction to cigarettes).However, during the illness Wilhelmina continued to work intensively until his death in March 1980 at the age of 40 years.

During his short life, Wilhelmina Cooper, one of the brightest and most recognized models of 1960-70's, appeared on the covers of fashion magazines 255, of them 27 times - in American Vogue.It was and still remains an absolute record.

Wilhelmina Cooper called "the last star" era couture "in the modeling business.

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