Jobs for Teens: What about the West?

If you recall

American films and TV series, almost every teen movie film appears on the bike thrower newspaper.This is not surprising, as the work from an early age - the usual Western practice.

By the way, in the UK, Australia, USA and Canada, the employer hired a minor to work shall comply with the following rules:

1. teenager does not have to work during school hours.
2. Afternoon classes can not exceed 3 hours in a normal school day and 18 hours per week.
3. In the days when the school does not work (eg on weekends), a teenager may not work more than 8 hours.
4. During the holidays - no more than 40 hours a week.
5. Change begins not before 7 am and end no later than 19 hours.

in Germany can work with minors 13 years of age (with parental consent), though no more than 3 hours a day to help with the harvest and not more than 2 hours, if delivered newspapers or collect balls on the tennis court.In 15 years, you can work 4 consecutive weeks, provided holidays.By the way, in Germany, young mothers trust minors to help care for your child.Also, teens can work on a construction site.True vacation they are shorter than the Russian adolescents under the law.Thus, 15 years can be calculated at 30 days, 16 - 27, 17 - 25 days.With regard to the medical examination, it pays the state.

Breaking the law threatens severe penalties.It is curious that an employer who three times was sentenced to a fine for violations of the law, deprived of the right to hire teens.

In the US each state has its own laws regarding the employment of minors.Teenagers up to 13 years of age can carry the newspaper, look after the children, also can work in the business, provided that there are occupied by his parents.At age 14, adolescents may have to work on your phone, to deliver certain products to order, carry out the dirty work in the shop and catering, as they are allowed to sell tickets in theaters.
From the side it looks perfect.However, there is in all this is a big minus: teenagers do not always dispose of the earned money: parents can either take the money themselves, or put them in a special savings account until the child reaches adulthood.

In the UK, young people can work 12 years.Most often, minors are held the British to work in shops and small cafes.

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