How to create a NLP

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In the 70s of the last century, two scholars amepikanskih - Richapd mathematician and linguist John Bendlep Gpindep created some synthetic technology Jobs with the people entitled "Programming the Heypolingvisticheskoe (NLP)."
There are many legends about how NLP was born the name.The most significant in these legends - a bottle of good wine, which the two "founding father" drank after their righteous works, when they wanted to give their offspring a name.

But before the name was coined, it took them several years to open a way to distinguish from the idiots and geniuses help to become the first second ... The main activity of associates was modeling - study of the behavior and reproduction of the "geniuses", people possessing unique abilities.

chief for the "founding fathers" was the study of the laws that allow one person to influence others.And they would not just find these laws, but also to create on their basis of algorithms such influence.
They decided to build a generalized model of effective communication not in terms of what a person says, but from the point of view - how he does it.The model program that anyone could use and get the same great results!

The basis of their activity, they have three "geniuses of communication" - Milton Erickson, a genius who revolutionized the hypnosis, the man the legend, the name given to not only the "Ericksonian Hypnosis," but the "Company therapists and hypnotists United States."Genius disabled who seek profound changes in people is incredibly simple, fast and elegant way.He allowed Bandler and Grinder few years sit behind him during his sessions.And then with them I analyzed these sessions for specific research methods and techniques of exposure.It looked something like this:

«Why do you use that word here?»

«But for something ...»

«And here is why your patient is asleep?»

«I said, this is so-andThat's ... »

familiar with the development of computer programs it is clear why everything was done that way.As with the development of software, the founders of NLP find out all the possible options and the ramifications of that lead to a particular outcome.

And the same thing they did with two "cool professionals" - the genius of family therapy and Virginie Seyter famous American philosopher and ethnographer - Gregory Bateson, author of the excellent book "Angels fear."Subsequently, all of the "holy trinity" highly appreciated the work of Bandler and Grinder.As Erickson said, "Bandler and Grinder know about my methods are much more than I do."

So when Bandler and Grinder compared the results of their research, they found that the effects algorithms Erickson, and Bateson Seyter practically the same!

coincide in all matters relating to effective communication and results ...

And when you consider that after a few years the world has lost both Erickson and Virginia, and Bateson, it becomes clear - as has been done in a timely manner, this work!

main result of cooperation was the book "The Structure of Magic."

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