If needed urgent replacement of medical insurance policy?

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All citizens of the Russian Federation must have an insurance policy.For workers in the enterprises they were issued in the workplace.Pensioners and unemployed citizens to get insurance in the clinic.Now the situation has changed a bit.This is due primarily to the reform of the implementation of universal electronic card.But this is not a quick process, so there is no reason to worry yet.

Replacement medical insurance policy provides an opportunity to choose a company where you would like to be served.The introduction of a new type of document does not alter the policy previously.On the territory of Russia are equally entitled to both.Services provided to citizens, does not depend on the type of document, and from the list that provides a particular insurance company.

Replacement medical insurance policy provided with the change of name or change of address.Today, anyone can change the insurance company.This is done not later than November 1, but only once a year.If you are not satisfied with the service in your clinic, you can change your company.The introduction of plastic cards will make medical services uniform regardless of where they live.While in another city in Russia, you have the right to demand the same services as the residents of this settlement.

Early replacement of medical insurance policy is not required.Previously issued documents are valid.But if you want to receive e-card, you should contact your insurance company.True, they may not be new models.Therefore, you have to wait when they arrive, or go to another organization.Perhaps there is a new insurance policies are available.

Replacement medical insurance policy involves the introduction of electronic cards, which will be all the information about the owner.In the future we plan to use it to create a health card, which can be viewed via the Internet.There will be located all the medical history and a complete list of services provided.

tourist Insurance policy provides medical assistance while traveling outside Russia.Some countries refused to host the people and do not provide a visa if you do not have insurance.Get a policy through the Internet or in a travel agency.

going abroad, check out the conditions that are based on your insurance.Note also accredited by the firm in the country in which you are planning to go.In addition to the standard set of services that are specified in the insurance policy can be issued additional items.These can include not only medical aspects, but also purely human risk zone.For example, being late for a plane, or the inability to travel for some external circumstances.

insurance necessary for tourists to feel in a foreign country more relaxed.