How to choose a chair for the computer gaming: Tips & Reviews

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All certainly have met with such things as the chair for the computer.This furniture gives us a lot of fun and provides a more comfortable environment.It is selected depending on the purpose and where it will be used, however this choice is very important and crucial.If you spend a long time at the computer, then you have a sedentary job, which requires perseverance and a good view, you must choose a comfortable chair.It is desirable that it was padded.It does not matter if you're a little bit become soft in it.This will provide additional convenience.

for the computer there are mechanisms with special handles, which can be placed on the keyboard, it allows you to relax your body and do not strain your neck muscles and eyes.

From the above we can see that science has gone too far and contributed to the creation of the mechanics of things that would be suitable for a particular job and a particular person.However, there is a huge range of other models.So, it deserves special attention and chair for computer gaming.

What is it?

I'm sure many are familiar with different types of film, such as 2D, 3D and 7D.The latter species is very realistic, it transmits all the sensations that a person might experience if was in this situation that passed in the picture.Naturally, this means that the seat transmits all the sensations are breathtaking.The most interesting and unexpected moments - is:

  • if the rain on the screen - at the viewer, too, are beginning to drip drop "rain";
  • when the wind blows, the viewer experiences the same sensations;
  • if the hero somewhere throws, then with the audience happens all too.

In short, the audience experiences all the feelings - both pleasant and not too much, which is experiencing a protagonist.The same thing happens with a gamer who moves into a parallel reality with the help of a component as a gaming chair for the computer (called autosimulator).As has been said above, their goal is to give gamers the opportunity to test himself in a new role.This movement is often a positive effect on people in the sense that it adapts to difficult situations, developing resourcefulness and confidence.During the game, one feels one with his character, experience the same fear and the rest range of feelings.

The popularity

There are plenty of reasons why computer gaming chairs autosimulators becoming every year more and more popular, and one of the principal was named above - the transfer to another reality.As in a dream, do not you understand that everything here is not present, rather, are looking for a way out of the situation.Many children dream to do extreme sports, all the time to take risks, but parents forbid it to do, because they are afraid for their child, and the consequences for a greater share of risk.Reviews say that for these parents and children avtosmulyator computer - the perfect way out.It will help to resolve all disputes and to relieve the parents fear for their offspring, because the stronger the ban, the more you want to break it.

Each gaming chair for the PC has its advantages and new opportunities.So how do you make the right choice and not to be mistaken?

first criterion for choosing a game chair - material

For upholstery usually use artificial skin.Despite the fact that it still is not real, it is necessary to pay attention to its characteristics.As they say users, is better to avoid gaming chairs are lined with cheap poor-quality materials, because during the next simulation can tear the fabric of any sudden movement and return the item will be impossible.

also mandatory to inspect the seams, which handled all the edges of the chair.

On what to pay attention?

quality stitched seams, no stitches missed;they must be precisely stitched, taped and not (since otherwise it is impossible to calculate how good yield compound).Before you buy a gaming chair for the computer, you need to read the instructions to it, there has to be clearly stated condition seat, its quality and the fabric used must be evidenced that the fabric giperallergenna and should be provided instructions for operation and maintenance.


first criterion is obvious - chair should be comfortable, both for leisure and for games.In principle, the seat must be selected depending on which games plans to "move" the user.If the owner prefers to race, you can choose a chair, on a design resembling a seat in the car rider.This means that it should be comfortable for long "zezdov" and does not cause discomfort.

«mastered" in the chair

Before you purchase a seat for avtosimulyatsy, you must get used to it, that is, to sit down in it and imagine yourself in the game.In this period, you feel all the shortcomings and advantages of this product.You must feel everything, because the wrong choice can have a negative impact on well-being, and will not get the true enjoyment of the game.

Once you get up from a low-quality chairs, you feel it all: any part of the body numb, something hurts, and so on.And how to understand that this quality gaming computer chair?If you believe the reviews, in this model is comfortable to sit, you can sleep without feeling discomfort.If something causes discomfort, the situation can be corrected - it is possible to change the angle of the pedals and tilt the seat back.


is necessary to pay attention to weight, as it affects the stability during sudden movements.In addition, heavy gaming computer chairs have a solid foundation and is therefore more likely that they will not break under the weight of the player.When buying the consultant must always find out what the maximum weight can withstand a chair, it will save on many misunderstandings in the future.Reviews say that the more weight the seat, the more likely it is that it does not fall apart and keep your balance during the game simulation.

What are the most important details in the gaming chair?

necessary that the kit included with the purchase of certain equipment.Normally, it is produced in special plants and is intended for mounting steering, pedals and gear box.

If you choose, you can pay attention to the gaming chair for computer Dxracer.It is ideal for gamers (ratings prove it), but the company has always stood for quality and has many satisfied customers.This company provides special chairs for their computer, and is not inferior to the other in this competition.

possible to make the game a chair with his hands?Judging by the reviews, you can make on its own, but it will need a deep knowledge in mechanics and technical subjects.But it should be noted that to make gaming chair for gamers and may be easier to obtain a platform for mounting a steering wheel and gear box next to the seat.You will need a welding machine and profiled tube section 20 by 20 millimeters.And patience and a little skill and imagination.

Summing up

To summarize the results must be said that the gaming chair - perfect godsend not only for children but also for adults.You can experience many lives changed many lives, to live as you want and nobody will condemn - of course, all this in a slightly different reality.It is also a gaming chair can be used by people with disabilities.In a parallel reality, they will again be able to receive a share of extreme sports that are not available in everyday life.

second outcome will touch the correct choice of gaming chairs.In fact, there are many companies that can provide high-quality model for such a pastime, but it is necessary to draw final conclusions, depending on the computer to which you plan to connect the product (as well as on its characteristics and needs of the user).Quality seat should be comfortable, made of good material, and heavy - all collateral quality of life and long-term owners.

So, we found out that this game race for the seat and how to select it.Reviews of these products indicate that they can be a great gift for those who have a passion for computer games, regardless of sex and age.