"I'm afraid to go to the gynecologist": how we can help in this situation

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Many of the fairer sex quite wary of regular visits to a doctor who specializes in the treatment of "female" disease.

«I'm afraid to go to the gynecologist" - a common phrase.Many simply do not know how to cope with this fear.

But we should remember that a gynecologist - is the same expert, Kaki surgeon or therapist.

If you can not help thinking: "I'm afraid to go to the gynecologist" - then know the doctor under any circumstances divulge medical confidentiality.Moreover, he shows maximum sensitivity and is not evaluate "moral" part of your personal life.Keep in mind that its main task is to find out what you're sick, the correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

When you first come to the doctor, and before that had claimed: "I am not only afraid to go to the gynecologist, but shy of this," - the "stiffness" should be viewed as a natural reaction.At the same time, remember that in this situation the doctor - it is only your friend, so try him in all trust.Later, after you ensure absolute security for a medical examination, the process will be a visit to a gynecologist familiar to you, and you will no longer say, "I'm embarrassed to go to the gynecologist."

not be identified and the examination table with the place where execution is carried out over a woman.It is specially designed so that the inspection was convenient and painless.

You can tell the receptionist, "I'm going to the gynecologist for the first time" - and then you will be referred to an experienced doctor.And he will make every effort to ensure that discomfort during the medical examination did not show, and you did not have the fear of visiting a female doctor.

In this regard, it must be emphasized that a certain pain in the female genital mutilation can cause the process of introducing into the vagina cold objects, such as a speculum.But we should not forget that these medical instruments are sterilized thoroughly, and the doctor there is no way to heat them specifically to your arrival.The gynecologist is well aware that the patient's health - above all else.In the above-mentioned devices are no sharp angles, and they will not leave within the genitals absolutely no wounds.

If you do not leave the thought: "I'm afraid to go to the gynecologist" because doubt that tools will be sterilized properly, and there is a way out of this situation.The pharmacy you can buy a one-time set of viewing, which in conjunction with a conventional diaper solve this problem.

survey will take less painful, if you will comply with all recommendations of the physician.You should understand one simple thing: there is no need to waste the doctor for an examination longer than necessary, unless there is no reason.

The more detailed you describe the symptoms of his illness, the faster and more correct thing, her gynecologist diagnoses.Remember: do not hide from the physician's own health problems of intimate character.