Did you know that a PMS in women?

often can be seen now, when women are unexpected mood swings, and poor health in a few minutes gives way to good.However, this has a scientific explanation.This behavior experts called premenstrual syndrome.

And it affects only women.Some people think that "cyclical syndrome" - it is nothing but an illusion and fiction, in fact, nothing like that.However, this view is wrong - a syndrome exists.The problem is that scientists have not yet learned to recognize its causes.

So, what is PMS in women?PMS symptoms usually begin to appear in the range from two to ten days before the menstrual cycle.Those who first heard that a PMS in women, will be interested to know that the syndrome causes malfunctions of the cardiovascular and endocrine systems.As well as a negative impact on the psychological state of the fairer sex.

What is PMS in women, must know every girl, because with age the probability of "sick" cyclical syndrome significantly increases.

Experts and still not ready to formulate what exactly is the source of the appearance of premenstrual syndrome.However, the general pattern of its occurrence professionals have been able to fix.First of all it affects the ladies living in Europe working in the field of intellectual labor.

It is important to understand not only what is PMS in women, and what threatens them with the risk of cyclical syndrome.And the consequences of this are often disappointing: the fairer sex fall into a state of severe depression.Woman during PMS complain of headaches private and depressed mood.All this becomes a cause of miscarriages and abortions.In addition, women pursue sexual diseases and endocrine systems.PMS may develop as a result of combined oral contraceptives.Cyclical syndrome can cause monotonous power system and a sedentary lifestyle.

should be emphasized that women's PMS symptoms are quite numerous and varied.Each ladies they appear individually.

However, all of them can be conditionally divided into three main groups.The first group is represented by disorders in the psycho-emotional level.It includes tearfulness, depression, irritability.The second group includes pathology of vegetative-vascular nature: vomiting, headaches.The third group consists of the symptoms of endocrine character swelling, itching, fever.

If you suspect that you are ill premenstrual syndrome, should immediately seek medical attention.Even if the disease is "running", you should not put off a visit to a specialist.

as measures to combat cyclical syndrome used aids that relieve the symptoms of PMS because he completely cure the illness is extremely difficult, especially when you consider that doctors have not learned to identify its causes.