Beauty Secrets: Exercises for the chin and neck

"Problem areas" exist not only on the body.When overweight and low motor activity, fat is, oddly enough, it may be delayed and chin.When "relaxation" of muscles and poor skin tone and the neck loses appeal, becomes flabby, wrinkled.To maintain the beauty of this area need special exercises, for training in the gym, even under intensive approach are not able to "influence" in the shape of the face and neck muscles.

reasons for premature aging of the neck and double chin formation

neck and chin directly linked lie muscle fibers.The occurrence of any aesthetic problems in this area - especially at a young age, is associated with:

- the rapid increase in weight or losing weight;
- hereditary predisposition to a specific structure of the face;
- some connective tissue diseases;
- congenital muscle weakness;
- violation of hormonal status or metabolism;
- addictions, malnutrition.

Whatever the pathology leading to sagging or widening of adipose tissue on the neck and chin, to cope with the external problem will help to selected exercises.

General rules of gymnastics

Any exercises are performed to easy fatigue in the muscles, which means that they are working hard.Most effectively deal with twice a day, it is better - in front of a mirror.The skin should be cleaned, cosmetics - do not use.The number of repetitions of exercises - from 5 to 20. After "training" it is desirable to again clean the skin and apply the appropriate cream (moisturizing, lifting, nourishing).

Exercises chin and neck: the most effective set of

1. simplest task that can be done with a book or watching TV.It is necessary to lay your hands on one another (back-up), and then spend them on the bottom of the chin "sawing" motion.

2. Slowly and gently lift the chin up, with a force of straining your neck.

3. his tongue hanging out and make it a circular motion while pulling it to his nose.It is advisable to do this exercise up to 2 minutes.

4. Lower the lower lip to the front row of lower teeth bared.To sustain such a position of the lips for 10 seconds, relax.You can complicate the task, and - during the exercise to try to lift the corners of her mouth up and strain your neck muscles.

5. chin retain good shape, if in the curriculum to include such an exercise: to make "an angry grimace," that is - to tighten the chin to his lips, while - sticking out the bottom.Linger for 7 seconds in this state.

6. Elasticity cheeks and chin give a tingling sensation in the area of ​​the wide smile stretched.

7. Reject head back, creating tension in the muscles of the neck.Then slowly take your head to the side and look over his shoulder.Open your mouth, put forward the lower jaw, pausing for 10 seconds.

8. Put thumbs under his chin, and then open your mouth wide, while trying to overcome the resistance of hands.The elbows can rest against a table or other hard surface.This exercise is ideal for controlling the second chin.

9. Pull the jaw and chin forward as if in an attempt to see the subject of a high fence.It is necessary to slowly increase the muscle tension to the maximum.Remaining in this position for 5 seconds, you can relax.

10. place your hands on the back of his head, after which much pressure on them head to feel a strong tension in the neck.

Massage chin and neck

perfect complement to the gym will be a 5-minute self-massage "problem" areas.To do this, after the exercise program should be applied to the skin light massage gel or cream, and then perform the patting, pinching, pressing, stroking.

It is important not to stretch the skin at the same time and in the proper direction of hand movements (from the center of the chin - the ears and on the chest - chin).On the same lines, you can massage your fists or edge of his hand.In just one month of regular observance of simple guidelines state of the neck and chin will improve the appearance and regain their attraction!

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