How to become a Miss Bikini?

Every girl dreams of being a beauty queen in the school, then in college.Some, because of its natural beauty and talent it manages.However, after graduation, many of them rapidly lose their physical form and winning becomes a distant memory.

Often such rapid loss of form is due to the lack of knowledge about proper nutrition and exercise .Professional trainer bodybuilding claim that training with weights can help any girl to become a beauty queen 25 and 30 years old.And the proof, the Miss Bikini Olympia, which has been held for 3 years in the United States.

Girls Bikini - are professional athletes who are engaged in bodybuilding and CrossFit level with men only look like a goddess.Moreover, many of them have come to this nomination by accident.For example, world champion Miss Bikini Oksana Artemov came to the gym at age 21 to "pressik disappoint."On it he drew the attention of her future husband, a professional athlete, and invited her to participate in the competition.One year later, Oksana sparkled on stage well-built body, and a few years later won the contest and a gift of Olympia received a contract from the leading manufacturers of sports nutrition and

$ 1 000 000 .

If you are interested, read on and learn the recipe of becoming Miss Bikini!

For starters, you have to get used to the idea of ​​proper nutrition.This means that you will eat 5 to 6 times a day, healthy, unprocessed foods that can and need to cook every night .The main products are beef, chicken, fish, seafood, low-fat cottage cheese and yogurt.You have to train with heavy weights and 4 to 5 times a week, engage in CrossFit and use sports nutrition - protein, Creatine and fat burners.And the most difficult - have to do it constantly, and the results will come only after six months.Still reading?Then find out about the advantages you will get.

In - First , all the men in the gym will treat you with respect .Too few women who exercise regularly.Basically, all they come for a month "to pump pressik" and disillusioned, go through a month of classes.

In - Second , all the men out of the audience will pay attention to your slim and fit figure.

B - Third , if you get to Olympia - it can be assumed that the life been established!You are invited to a photo shoot fashion magazines, shoot and motivational promo video.Today in Russian fitness market is not very developed, but in America - an industry with a turnover of 500 billion dollars a year.Our girls willingly invited to work!

B - Fourth , you will always be in great shape!

Miss Bikini - it's a lifestyle.You do not have to sacrifice all their time to practice, but you'll have to sacrifice the bad habits and cultivate a new qualities - discipline, patience and consistency.We'll have to leave your comfort zone and expand world.You will also learn a lot about yourself.Because the pressure and stress are exposed all the flaws and virtues.

What do you think, is it worth for this to raise your ass off the couch and start to engage themselves?Whether it is necessary to overcome the laziness and place in life ?!