Is it possible during menstruation sports?

In the twenty-first century, in an environment where society popular ideas of feminism, the fairer sex lead an active lifestyle, carefully watching her figure - that help them yoga, fitness and Bodyflex.

However, the woman wants to be beautiful always, and what to do when it is the menstrual cycle?Is it possible during menstruation sports?Do not harm the health of physical activity?These issues are highly relevant, and to understand them - our task.

It would seem that every girl should decide for themselves when and how to engage and pay the exercise time.On the question of whether it is possible during menstruation sports, defining the significance of its own observations: the nature of discomforts and regularity of their appearance during sports.A significant part of today's young ladies in "critical" days did not lose courage and vitality.

However, there is a certain percentage of girls who have a question about whether it is possible during menstruation sports, gave a negative answer, and in categorical terms.Occupied or not to engage in training during the menstrual cycle - every girl should decide.If "red" days, she is in good spirits and feels fine, so there is no need to "take time off" from the sport.At the same time, experts recommend to reduce some exercise.Is it possible during menstruation sports?Of course yes.Moreover, the training "dulled" pain and improve muscle tone.

However, it must be remembered that if the doctors have forbidden you to do certain exercises or recommended to refrain from undue stress, ignore their prescriptions did not.Very often the menstrual cycle accompanied by dizziness, profuse discharge, and if these symptoms are present, it is necessary to leave the gym and see a doctor.

However, during menstruation may engage in sports, provided that pain tolerance, exercise routine is a gentle character.

During menstruation women are less hardy, they are faster overworked, so it's better to be on the exercises with dumbbells or weights, aerobics, or shaping.Such training promotes intensive blood circulation, therefore increasing the loss of blood and the body gets tired quickly.Physical activity should be reduced by a third.We emphasize once again: what time to play sports - is an individual matter, but must adhere to the general recommendations.For example, in the first "critical" days of weight training is not recommended because of the maximum tension of the muscles of the perineum and the anterior abdominal significantly increases the amount of blood discharge.In addition, the menstrual period metabolism is activated, which leads to excessive sweating, therefore, gyms must always be aired, and clothing should be selected for training as easy.