Greed - is a vice?

What is greed?Is it worth a person generously giving away the accumulated value?It is believed that greed is bad - greed - is a vice.And if you call greed ability to protect their savings, not squander the material and spiritual values?

one thing when a man in his greed tends to gather around him more material possessions, never helps families to think about their savings.Another thing, when the master hand multiplies his fortune, rationally related to spending, preventing unnecessary things.

What is greed?

greed - the desire to get as much as possible, giving as little as possible.The greedy person is not interested in anything other than their savings.He did not care about the health of loved ones, their problems.He was not pleased with the trip and Recreation.Such people are deaf to the suffering and problems of others.Because it takes only themselves, their savings.

There is another kind of greed - a rational economy when a person clearly defines the boundary of necessary and unnecessary things, knows for sure how much it can spend on yourself, your family, how much should be postponed for a vacation or treatment.Such a person can earn and spend, not allowing himself to excess.As a rule, it is responsive to the pressing problems of relatives and friends.

manifestations of greed

problem greed originated in ancient times, when primitive man did not have enough food, tools.The availability of these resources in others envy, the desire to have them.Much later, when there were money and precious metals, human greed has focused on them.

Greed and avarice gradually fill the mind.Pathologically greedy person saves on all to the detriment of health and comfort.Hoarding of old, useless things prevails in the house.

root of greed, lies in the lack of anything.Man begins the search for harmony and happiness through the acquisition of wealth.It can be gems or works of art, money or food.Man fills the sense of deprivation, lack of what has been hoarding.

The nature of greed

fear and insecurity.Lack of power and money in adult life, as well as a lack of love and attention as a child may gradually lead to a desire to fill the deficit of a particular resource.So starts to develop a problem of greed, fueled by envy.

Replacement attention.Young children are born with the need to love.The death of a parent or a lack of attention on their part can lead to greed.First love is replaced by toys and sweets, then offset by material goods.

Misconceptions about life.Lack of warmth and attention leads to the realization that there are certain limitations.That is not enough toys or love, or friendship meal.Therefore it is necessary to have time to take the first that others can not reach.So there is a desire to purchase a large amount of something at the expense of quality.

Children's greed

Education - a very subtle thing.Most of the problems have their roots in childhood.For adult greed can cause a lack of warmth, love as a child.Ironically, excessive generosity has the same end result.

Children's greed - it inability and unwillingness to share.The child sees the toy as part of itself, so it protects their property and personal belongings.This psychological feature begins to show from 2 years.After some time (from six months to a year), the child ceases to identify himself with his toys.The problem is solved greed overcoming child performing simple rules:

  • teach a child to share their toys or change them with other children;
  • not to take it by force trinkets, not force, not to use physical punishment;
  • praise baby for the slightest desire to share;
  • explain that his toy then necessarily be returned;
  • not blame the child if he refuses to share.So it may appear to other children's aggression.

Men's greed

Men's greed is the desire to keep everything under control.The distribution of the budget, economic - is to take care of the family.It is important to feel the line when frugality becomes true greed.

Men's greed - a reluctance to spend money on education, recreation, health, quality food and personal hygiene.This petty counting of each saved banknote.

miserly man usually takes hoarding, selfish - spend the saved money on themselves, their pleasure.The reason may lie greed and a woman.If a man is not sure of it, in their relationship, he may decide not to spend their money on it.

Women's greed Greed

women in most cases is the result of complexes.This lack of confidence in its appeal due to lack of money on clothes, cosmetics, jewelry, lack of love and attention when material values, human relations are replaced by comfort.

However, a woman committed to the welfare of the family.Most importantly, time to stop and realize that the force - love.Material goods are intended to make life relaxed and comfortable.They - not an end in itself, but a means.

How to overcome greed

First, you need to realize your problem, get rid of old, unwanted things.

Second , afford little pleasure, for example, to spend on chocolate or theater, flowers or a book.

Third, learn how to help others - to give alms, to make an unplanned gift to a friend, buy food to elderly parents.

Fourth, to constantly monitor themselves and not allow greed to dominate the manifestations of human kindness and understanding.