What not to do in Italy

fact that in Italy it is necessary to enjoy the local cuisine, warm sea and unparalleled culture, know all the tourists, but not everyone knows what not to do.Fodor's Travel Guide offers tourists find a list of things that are not recommended in Italy.

Italy was one of the most popular countries for Russian tourists.Many of our compatriots just fall in love at first sight in the unique local cuisine, great wines, magnificent architecture and beautiful beaches.Most of those who went to Italy, will certainly come back here again and again.

Fodor's Travel Guide has decided to approach the tourists outside the box.Compilers guide offered to tourists to get acquainted with the list of things that are not recommended in Italy.

Firstly, it must be remembered that the Vatican can not appear with bare shoulders, even if the street is unbearable heat.This rule works always "negotiate" with the local guards impossible.This is especially true of St. Peter.

Secondly, tourists are advised not to forget about the rules of parking in Italy: the blue line on the pavement means that parking is paid, and yellow - which is designed for disabled parking.Tourists have to look for free parking with white lines.

Further, travelers should keep in mind that in Italy they are always surprises lie in wait - it may be closed for unclear reasons, institutions, museums, and so on.Although the schedule, the Italians could be your schedule.It is not necessary to arrange because of this scandal.

Venice Guide advises not to go to the gondoliers, because their services can be very costly for unsuspecting tourists.The service can cost more than 100 euros.It is better to take a ride on the famous canals of Venice by boat.

During the trip to the south of Italy, it is not necessary to choose the shortest route according to the map Google Maps, which can bring tourist.In this case, a very high risk to get in the outback, where just do not get.Reliability will drive along the motorway.

In addition, we must remember that in each region and the city of their own meals and recipes, so no need to order the spaghetti alla bolognese in Naples and pesto in Trento.This may offend the waiter and the host institution.Besides, most likely these meals have not.

guide also advises to stick gastronomic traditions adopted in Italy, and not to ask to bring the cheese to seafood or spaghetti with a knife trying to cut.

also important to soberly assess the quality of services.Do not always leave a tip as the service level at inappropriate locals consider such a person "stupid and unscrupulous tourist who decided to show off the money."

Then, Fodor's offers tourists not to go to Rome, if they are far away from the Eternal City - in the end, Italy is full of historical and cultural monuments, say the authors, and in Rome - the eternal queue to all the monuments.The money saved on a ticket to Rome are advised to spend on good wine.

last tip to all travelers in Italy - to learn the necessary set of Italian words and phrases that might be needed on the road, or stocks dictionary.It is better not to try to use the English language for the simplest of phrases or, for example, expressions of gratitude.The level of knowledge of foreign languages ​​in Italy is poor, you only get out of the major tourist centers.In addition, the Italians living in "non-touristic" places do not like, when to them speak English.

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