Live beautifully

«I'm beautiful?" - Eve asked coyly.

«Do I have a choice?" - Adam thought grimly.

Beauty Part 1 for the first time

As a child, when the trees, cats and dogs were great, I was raised a good girl.I listen to mom and read a lot.Moms other girls liked me, too.Because I did not wear ribbons, lush dresses and clean nails.Always nice to meet a child who listens to his mother, but not as beautiful as yours.However, it is human nature.This is not about that.Ahead dawn of communism and a life full of adventure, the Soviet space expeditions were preparing to fly to Tau Ceti acquainted with friendly taukityanami when I met Dimitri.

We visited Dimitri senior group in kindergarten, where every day we hunted compote of dried fruits.And where we are already half a year terrorizing other children games in the Comanche brave, majors and vortexes major's daughters-mothers.And suddenly one day everything collapsed.The group came to Catherine.Bearer blond hair and cunning pupochke nose.And Dmitry floated like cake on Amazon.

the same day in the sandbox I had a catharsis.Katka that even two plus two could not be folded, said Dmitry: "Boy, help me to put sandalik."Then explain the forces on my left.I cracked shoulder blade classmate Boris, who was here the figure completely random, and clung to him only a front tooth in the leg.Bite Dmitry not dare, and Katka evoked instinctive rejection.

Dogs barking, screaming bass Boris, educators called dad.In a nutshell, the chaos and kipesh.Dmitry forgot about Katya and open-mouthed, staring at my face grimy with traces of military plastic buckets (Boris was also armed).And then he said:

- you such-and-st beautiful.

Here I realized that external beauty should be balanced inside, maybe even kipesh.

Part 2. About caterpillar

Once I grew up.Beauty has become much closer.Behind was a series of successful and not-so experiment: green hair, black nails;red hair, white nails;plus ten kilograms, minus ten kilograms;curly hair, no hair - kerchief.Finally in the mirror stabilized.Form an idea of ​​the beautiful popah and all.Then I met with this beauty for the second time.

I was lying on the case in the hospital.Around were women of varying severity.Wet cleaning, slippers, socks, fur coat in the same dull faded roses, similar to someone's ears.Waiting for a miracle.

We were in a four-way ward.Ordinary women are least concerned about their appearance.But the morning brought the heavy, just a schoolgirl.She was pretty flawless.Little neat belly, blue eyes, almost untouched lip gloss and no complaints."Thank you, I have everything."All gave birth around the same day.Three of us brought iconic infant boys.Such glossy children is rarely appear immediately.Strong cheek, confident roar of the barrel.And then they brought out of the intensive care unit, beautiful, and her - her baby girl.

The girl turned out to be a little wrinkled little face bright orange: jaundice, bilirubin above normal - sometimes.Belle started, however, pulled herself together.She kept silent, not teteshkalas until we were worn with their offspring, squeezing them like kittens ... And in the morning I'm on something woke up.It quietly.

Belle was on his knees before the incubator with her daughter.Orange muzzle nozzles, wrapped in a tight cocoon of dark green hospital sterile diapers.She smiled shyly, stroking the cheek of a girl and mouthed: "gusenichka you mine."

I cried or laughed, I do not remember.

Part 3. Baptist

Mona Lisa looked at the finished portrait, the master was standing a little aside to inadvertently miss the reaction.

- Well, well, well, what do you say?However, it is beautiful?

- Above us will laugh, Leo - sadly said Mona.- Where I am?Where are my pearls hereditary?Where are my long legs where nasurmlennye eyebrows?Where blond hair where the oval, in the end, people ?!

- Sheep you - sighed the artist.- I drew the average woman, a model of restraint and style.Sample wisdom, finally!In general, the main thing here - the landscape ...


For some "nice" - a fireplace fire through the crystal goblet, for someone - a woman on the old photos for the baby - mom to Savrasova - rooks,for math - isomorphism of the quotient by the kernel for the unemployed Ivanko - overseas Franklin or Grant crisp green paper.And for someone - just get frosty morning on the porch, slipped and fall nose in the crisp snow and see the sparkling piece of ice.And instead of the usual "yoshkin Cat" on the exhale whisper:

- Beauty-ah! ..

Yulia Maximova

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