We spread the foundation with his own hands

Erection of any construction begins with the laying of the foundation.It plays an important role in the construction, since its strength is dependent on the resistance of the building.Currently, there are several types of foundations: strip, pile, melkozaglubenny, slab, columnar, floating, solid, foundation for the fences.Selecting a particular type depends on what exactly you are going to build.If the foundation of your hands you are going to build a country house, or bath, it is possible to do melkozaglublennym tape.Building more complex buildings require the use of other types of foundation settlement and a bookmark is best to trust the professionals.

So, if you are going to make the foundation of his own hands for a bath, a country house, barn or other small structures, then you will be helpful to know how to do all the work.The following discussion focuses on how to build a strip foundation melkozaglublenny.

Before proceeding to the main operation, it is necessary to spend a little analysis of the soil of the place where you are going to lay the foundation.Special skills in this matter is required.All that is needed is to go deep into the ground about 1.5 meters and explore the structure of the soil.The ideal situation would be for the construction of gravel and sand and rocky soil, which include sand.Also note, do not lie there close to the surface ground water.In this case, the foundation will have to lay in great depth.If you studied the soil is not too dense, the melkozaglublenny foundation of their hands, most likely, will not lay as well as the strength of this structure will be very low.

Convinced of the composition of the ground, Getting Started:

  1. in a selected area to mark the according to the plan of the future building.Remove shovel top fertile soil layer depth of about 20-40 cm. Melkozaglublenny foundation is laid at a depth of 50-70 cm, in this regard, on marked perimeter transheyutakoy dig depth.What will be the width of the trench will depend on how thick the walls are built, plus 1.5-2 cm are taken to the reserve.
  2. At the bottom of the trench pour sand cushion layer 40 cm, the wall is lined with gidroizalyatsionnym any material that will be at your fingertips.Then, parallel to the walls exhibit a wooden formwork prop her special spacers that after pouring the foundation is not broke and did not lose its shape.Note that the formwork is made so that it is at least 8-10 cm above the level of the ground.If estvremya and opportunity sooruditev trench fitting them with an iron rod through her foundation with his own hands will be even stronger.
  3. now remains the last: pour concrete-sand mortar.The solution that you can cook yourself, however, if you need a lot, then there can not do without the help of a concrete mixer.Prepare a solution so by taking 1 part cement (mark not less than 400), 3 parts sand and 3 parts water.The consistency of the solution should turn out like thick cream.
  4. And yet, during the laying of the foundation do not forget to provide the location of the holes for external communications at the bottom and at the top - for ventilation.

One of the most durable pile foundation is considered to be their own hands.It is used as a rule for the construction of more complex structures, or in places where the land is not dense.To lay a foundation - it expensive and difficult, requiring precise calculations, so if the soil in your area does not allow melkozaglublenny foundation, contact a specialist who will assist and help in laying the foundation pile.